beagle with blue collar outside in the woods

Thanks to growing up with movies and cartoons of cats and dogs at odds with one another, most of us are under the illusion that these two animal species simply don’t get along. While it’s true that not every dog and cat is going to be best friends, that doesn’t mean it’s a universal issue. In some homes, cats and dogs get along great. But what about your Beagle? Will it take to a cat that’s introduced into the family?

Beagles are easily one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. Originally bred for hunting, these little dogs have made their way into our hearts by greeting us the moment we walk through the door with wagging tails, having a great disposition, and being one of the most loving breeds of dogs around. Does this mean Beagles are good with cats? Every dog is different, but overall, when it comes to Beagles the answer is yes, they are good with cats. The catch, like with every dog, is to properly introduce your Beagle to any new addition to the family so they understand the situation.

Let’s take a better look at Beagles and their relationship with cats. We’ll also give you a few pointers on how to introduce your Beagle to a new cat so they can become the best of friends.

Understanding Your Beagle

As we’ve mentioned, Beagles were originally bred for hunting. That doesn’t mean they are an aggressive dog breed. Beagles have a great disposition. They are considered one of the sweetest, most loyal dog breeds. When it comes to hunting, they were bred to do this in a pack. That means your Beagle is open to being around other dogs and in some cases, other animals. Even when they were used for hunting, it was rare for these dogs to attack prey. It’s their noses, their ability to track, and their method of flushing out prey that makes them great hunters, not aggression.

Beagles are also very social animals. They have been known to howl when they are lonely or even cry out for attention. This is most likely due to their pack mentality and the need for companionship. While they get along great with people and other dogs, when done right, there’s no reason a cat cannot fill this void. If this happens, your Beagle could see a new cat as a member of their pack and want to protect them.

happy beagle in the park
Image courtesy of Pixabay

The Cat Also Has a Say

While your Beagle may be open to bringing in a new member of the family, the cat in question also has a say in the matter. We’ve all heard the tales of cats having an attitude, wanting to be left alone, and having a few diva tendencies. This is why choosing a cat that is a great fit is so important. You want a cat that will want a relationship with your dog, even if it’s only for brief periods throughout the day.

When bringing the new cat into the home, you may not have tons of information to go on. If your kitty happens to be a rescue, make sure you ask questions. Was the cat ever around dogs? What type of situation did the cat come from? This information will help you determine whether the cat you’re adopting is suitable for life with a dog or whether their past may make it harder to get them associated with one another.

Making the Introductions

Once the perfect cat has latched onto your heart, it’s time to make the introductions. This is where things need to proceed slowly. It isn’t fair to your dog, or your new kitty, to throw them into a relationship and expect it to work. Your Beagle needs to open itself to a new family member while the new kitty needs to learn its new environment. Here are a few things you can try to make the introductions go smoother.

  • Make sure your both animals are on their best behavior when they meet for the first time.
  • Allow both animals to smell blankets or toys with the other’s scent on them before the introduction.
  • Ensure the new cat has a safe place it can scamper off to if things get stressful for it.
  • Beagles love praise so it is important to let them know when they’ve had a positive interaction with the new kitty.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to bring a new kitty home to meet your Beagle, don’t panic. Beagles are great dogs and will most likely welcome the addition with open paws. As a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to ensure the introductions go well and that both your pets feel comfortable with one another.



Featured Image Credit: Pixabay