veterinarian examining a sick Rhodesian ridgeback dog

If your dog often tilts their head, has tremors, walks in circles, paralyzes, or has seizures, they may be suffering from a neurological condition. The most common neurological issues in dogs are epilepsy, intervertebral disc disease, Wobbler syndrome, stroke, meningitis, and encephalitis. Not all neurological conditions have the same clinical signs. As a result, they… Read More

an african pygmy hedgehog in owners hands

Hedgehogs are undeniably cute. These unique and inquisitive creatures make wonderful pets for owners who are willing to put in the work to keep their prickly animals happy and healthy. In order to make sure that your hedgehog is well looked after, you need to provide it with the right housing and environment, exercise, and… Read More

dog drinking water from bowl

Question: Why is my dog drinking excessive water and drooling a lot, and what can I do to help her? My dog has been acting differently, drinking a lot more water than usual, drooling a lot (she’s never drooled before), and sleeping a lot more. Her nose is also running. She’s seven years old. I’m… Read More

Dog on Training Pads

Question: Why is my housebroken dog urinating in my house still? I have a 5 and a half month old Cavoodle. We crate-trained her for the first few months. Then we placed a pen fence around her crate but gave her access to the doggy door to go outside. She picked up toilet training well…. Read More

yorkie opening its mouth

Question: My dog has a black mole in his mouth that is growing. Should I be concerned? My dog Maverick has a mole in his mouth that is increasing in size as he grows older. Should I have it checked out? -Michael Answer: Dear Michael, Thank you for submitting your question about Maverick! Anytime that… Read More

Cats fighting

Question: My cats no longer get along after getting into a fight. What is causing this and what can I do? I have two cats. They have been living with each other for about 10 years. One of them noticed another cat outside and attacked my other cat. Now, my other cat is very aggressive… Read More

Dog lost tooth

Question: Is it normal for dogs teeth to fall out? Should I feed my dog with missing teeth wet or dry food? I have a 5-year-old Havanese. She lost 2 to 3 teeth at 5 months of age, and the vet told me that this is not unusual for a small dog. Now, I think… Read More

Cat and PIlls

Question: My hyperthyroid cat won’t take his medicine, which is in pill form. Can you tell me how to give a cat a pill? My 15-year-old cat has hyperthyroid, and he’s supposed to take medicine. I’m having major issues giving him the pill. I tried to crush it in food, and now he won’t even… Read More

shetland sheepdog lying on a trunk

Question: Why does my female dog hump me? After being alone for a couple of hours or being around other people and excited, my female dog humps me just like a male dog would do. I have never heard of or seen a female do this before. Why is she doing this? -Maribeth Answer: Dear… Read More

Cat meowing

Question: Why is my kitten’s voice hoarse, and what can I do about it? I adopted a stray cat when he was 6 weeks old now he is 7 weeks old. His name is Leo. He has had a hoarse voice since this morning, he is quite playful and active though. Can you help me… Read More

Rabbit Eating

Question: How can I stop my bunnies from eating their poop? My bunnies eat their poop every time they are about to poop. How should I stop this? -Mavis   Answer: Dear Mavis, Rabbits are herbivores, meaning they eat fibrous plant material for the bulk of their calories. It’s amazing that they can maintain their… Read More


Question: Why is my dog licking his skin all the time? My dog has been licking himself consistently and I noticed his skin is red. I decided to put a cone on him to help stop licking himself. What could this be caused by, and how do I treat it? -Nilka Answer: Dear Nilka, Thanks… Read More

A happy dog

Question: Why does my dog’s breath smell so bad? My Lab is 9 years old. His breath is horrible. It smells rotten. You can smell it when he walks up to you. We have looked at his teeth and they all look good. He is eating fine and acting normal. What can I give him… Read More

what can I give my cat for hairballs?

Question: What can I give my cat for hairballs? Cat has a severe hairball problem. My question is in the old days we used to give them mineral oil. Is there anything we can do to help her pass them any easier? –Edward   Answer: Dear Edward, Thanks for writing in about your cat’s hairball… Read More

Dog with itchy ears

Question: Is my dog’s thyroid condition making him itchy? My dog has a thyroid problem and takes meds. Can this condition cause him to scratch a lot? do I need to increase his meds levothyroxine 0.2mg 1 a day? -Arleen Answer: Dear Arleen, Hypothyroidism is a pretty common problem in dogs. The most common cause… Read More

Cat with cyst

When you’re cuddling with your cat, you expect to feel soft, smooth fur, not lumps and bumps! It’s alarming to feel unidentified bumps under your cat’s skin. If you’ve been told by your vet your cat has a sebaceous cyst, you may still be a bit confused about what it is and how to treat… Read More


Question: My diabetic cat is eating tissues and plastic at night, what should I do? Adult diabetic cat on a controlled diet. Eating plastic and tissue at night. Can anything be given at night to make the cat feel full till morning? -Gary Answer: Dear Gary, You’re wise to be concerned about your cat eating… Read More

Vet checking dog's mouth

Most of my clients are somewhere between horrified and confused when little pink nodules sprout in their puppy’s mouth. If your best buddy has come down with warts, you probably want to know how to remove warts on dogs. First, let’s talk about what causes warts and how your dog got them in the first… Read More

A dog

Question: Why does my dog keep coughing after being treated for kennel cough? My dog was treated for kennel cough still has this same cough. Seems to happen as soon as we go outside it is winter here so I couldn’t see allergies being the issue. – Hunter Answer: Dear Hunter, You’re wise to be… Read More

Cat with constipation

Constipation is a condition in cats where they have trouble emptying their bowels and is usually associated with abnormally hard feces. Constipation happens occasionally even in healthy cats, but when it happens more than once a month, there may be a more serious problem. Let’s discuss why cats get constipated and what can you give… Read More

brindle cane corso

Question: Why does my dog constantly lick the air? My baby is a 4-year-old Maltezer cross Toy Pom. Abbi. She started licking “air” since she was 1 year old. She is constantly sticking her tongue out and licking at nothing. She stops when we ask her. She looks happy while doing it. I’m just afraid… Read More

The two cats: Hope and Pete

Question: Why do my cats have dry, brown spots on their noses? We have moved to a new country and our cats have developed these dry patches on their noses. What are these and is there a home remedy to get rid of it? Thank you! – Nana   Answer: Dear Nana, Thanks for sending… Read More

Sick and sad cat

Why does my cat have diarrhea? Surprise! Your kitty left you a slimy, stinky mess to clean up at 3 a.m. But why? Let’s talk about a few of the more common causes of diarrhea in cats. I’ll also discuss some safe home remedies you can try for mild cases. Types of Diarrhea in Cats… Read More


Question: My dogs refuse to eat their dry dog food. What can I do to get them to eat? I have two female Dachshunds age 2 years. Recently they have both walked away from their dry dog food. I have been giving them the Healthy Weight Hill’s Science Diet for small breeds for about 1 year…. Read More

Dog at Vet

Question: What are these worms in my dog’s stool? I found a worm crawling out of my dog’s butt. The day after, I found multiple worms in her stool. How do I find out what type of worm she has? –Brianna Answer: Dear Brianna, In our civilized world, we are often lulled into a false… Read More

Cat held by owner

While dryness may not seem like a dire problem, the state of a cat’s skin can tell you a lot about their overall health. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is the easiest to observe. What appears there can hint at what is simmering under the surface. Flakes are the most obvious way… Read More

Cat sneezing

Most cat owners have observed their pets sneezing from time to time. Just like with people, an occasional sneeze is natural and not a cause for concern. It’s only when the sneezing becomes excessive or is combined with additional symptoms that you need to look into the problem further. Why Do Cats Sneeze? Cats reflexively… Read More

cat squinting

Question: My cat is squinting. Is anything wrong with her? Today we brought in a stray kitten to my house. I already have a cat and my cat didn’t like the kitten. I noticed today when I got home that she was squinting a lot and it was light pink around her eye. Is anything… Read More

tabby cat lying on bed

You’re not weird if you look at your cat’s poop. You’re a responsible kitty guardian. What would you do if one day, when you’re cleaning the litter box, you notice some of the stool has slimy, red clumps of blood on it. Don’t panic! Let’s talk about what to do if your cat has blood… Read More

dog with cherry eye

Question: What is cherry eye and is it dangerous if left untreated? We are looking into adopting a dog from a rescue. He has a cherry eye. The vet they work with recommended they leave it alone with no treatment. I don’t know how long he’s had it as he is a rescue, is there… Read More

Dog Sleeping

With approximately 20% of adults in the Western world being sleep deprived (Stranges, et. al, 2012), melatonin supplements have grown in popularity. Some folks find it helps them get a good night’s sleep without harsh side effects. Pet owners have experimented with it to treat their pets, too. But is melatonin safe for dogs? What… Read More

Dog sneezing

My dad used to have a sweet brown Chihuahua named Taco. That little guy would start sneezing like mad anytime he thought he was going for a ride in the car! It was his way of communicating that car rides were a very special event for him. As cute as happy dog sneezes are, it… Read More

Person petting a dog in pain

Seeing your dog in pain can be almost unbearable, especially when the suffering stems from a chronic condition that can only be managed and not cured. When working to alleviate your dog’s discomfort, keep in mind that medication is not the only remedy. Supplements and complementary therapies are also available. The first step in any… Read More

Woman Cleaning a Cat's Ears

Head shaking and ear scratching — it’s noticeable when your cat’s ears are bothering him. The cause can be harder to determine, however. Ear mites are a relatively common type of ear problem in cats, but thankfully, they’re also quite easy to treat. If you think your cat might be suffering from this particular pest,… Read More

Question: Why does my cat have irritated, weepy eyes? My cat Bindi’s eyes have been weeping lately. I noticed today that they look more irritated than they have in the past. Another thing I’ve noticed is that they don’t weep when she is inside. Only outside. I’m wondering if I should have a vet take… Read More

Dog sniffing a flower

“I swear this just started a few hours ago. He was fine yesterday! What happened?” The nice lady was clearly worried about her beautiful Golden Retriever, Boomer. He sat in front of me, panting and trying to rub a sore on the side of his neck about the size of a small dinner plate. The… Read More

Sick Cat

Arthritis is a common, progressive, and painful disease in cats, but there is some good news on the feline arthritis front. Treatments are now available that can relieve pain and maybe even slow the progression of arthritis, especially when a number of them are used simultaneously. Arthritic cats, with proper care, can still enjoy a… Read More

Hungry Dog

While we all want to spoil our dogs with a little bit of human food at times, many foods that are perfectly safe for people may be harmful, and even deadly for dogs. Here are 10 foods to avoid giving your dog, even when he is begging relentlessly for a taste. 1) Chocolate The toxic… Read More

Puppy Pug curve tail

Question: My 10-month-old pug (female) sometimes eats her poop. Why? –Glenda Answer: Dear Glenda, Thanks for sending your question. Your pup is adorable, but I bet it makes you wary of puppy kisses when she has this strange habit! The official term used to describe the eating of feces is coprophagia. Dogs engage in coprophagia… Read More

Dog with bloat

The word “bloat” is not appealing even under the best circumstances. When it’s applied to a medical condition in dogs, it takes on a deadly meaning. Before I answer the question, “What are symptoms and treatment for bloat in dogs?” let’s discuss what is meant by the term bloat. Definition of Bloat or GDV in… Read More

Dog with stinky ears

Question: My puppy has an odor inside his ears. Can you tell me what’s wrong? I have recently bought a Chiweenie he’s 8 weeks old and his name is Jackson, Jax for short. I noticed that he had an odor inside his ears. I’ve given him baths and cleaned it out with Q-tips and warm… Read More

Dog Chipped Tooth

Question: My dog has a line on one tooth and the other one is chipped. Is this an emergency? Hi! I’m on vacation with my dog and noticed a line on his tooth. I think it might be cracked? I called a local vet and they suggested to wait until I get home to take… Read More

Question: Why does my puppy have blood and mucus in her stool? My new puppy Too Too has had blood and mucus in her stool, not all the time but it’s happened twice now. She’s still playful and has an appetite and drinks water. I thought worms might be the problem. Sometimes it sounds like… Read More

himalayan cat lying on the floor

Question: What is a good food for a cat with hyperthyroidism? My 16-year-old cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He is currently on methimazole tablets. He has lost a lot of weight and is barely 8 lbs. I am looking for a good dry and canned food for him. I also have 4 other cats and… Read More

A female dog

Question: My female puppy is in heat. How long will it last? My 6-month-old new female puppy is in heat. How long will this last? How do I deal with this besides crating or just leaving her in a confined area? –Kathy Answer: Dear Kathy, Thank you for writing with your question about your puppy…. Read More

Cat not eating

Question: I just moved to a new place and now my cat won’t eat. How can I help him? So I just moved in with my boyfriend on Sunday and I brought my cat along of course. For some reason, he is not eating or drinking of what I know of. Food/water hasn’t been touched…. Read More

Dog at veterinarian

Question: Which vaccines does my 11-year-old dog really need? My mini Schnauzer is 11 yrs old he has been diabetic since he is 3 yrs old. What shots does he need at this age? He is never boarded and he is inside all day except for his walks. I do not want to give him… Read More

A rabbit that enjoys being outdoors

Question: Is it safe for a rabbit to stay outside when it’s 88 degrees F? Hi, we are rabbit-sitting for a friend for 3 weeks. They told us the rabbit recently went through an ear infection and completed a course of antibiotics. He is normally kept in a cage indoors, but my son built a… Read More

hand holding red dog ears

Question: How can I ease the pain of my dog’s ear infection? We just brought a foster dog home. He has terrible ear infections, the left one is worse. He is taking prednisone, neomycin polymyxin sulfate with hydrocortisone, ciprofloxacin. He is in a lot of pain. I was wondering if I could put ice on… Read More

hot spot on dog's neck

Question: What are these scabs and bumps on my dog’s skin? We have taken my dog to numerous vets to get more opinions but they all want to give us the same medication (Cephalexin) to “treat the problem.” It doesn’t treat anything. All it does is give him diarrhea and puke up his food. Onyx… Read More