bombay cat sitting on a table

Bombay cats are a rare breed. They haven’t been around for that long, which is why there are so few of them. They were bred to resemble panthers, so they are completely black and often quite active. However, this look also makes them desirable and drives up the price. Usually, when a Bombay kitten is born, there are several potential buyers already standing in line.

This breed was originally created in 1953 in Kentucky. Today, the breed is only bred by a few cat enthusiasts. Now, you’ll have more luck finding this breed across a larger geographical range, though they are still concentrated on the US eastern coast.

We don’t know exactly how many Bombay cats there are. New kittens are being born regularly, so the number of cats is usually ticking upward. However, it typically isn’t ticking up fast enough to meet the high demand for these felines.

Luckily, this feline is extremely similar to the Burmese, which is less rare. Therefore, those who want a similar cat may be able to settle on a Burmese instead.

How Much is a Bombay Cat Worth?

Often, you can purchase a Bombay cat for around $500 to $700. Typically, this price ranges substantially depending on the quality of the kittens. Many breeders provide health testing, training, and other services when they sell their kittens. The services they provide often determine the price of the kittens.

While you may be tempted to purchase a cheaper kitten, we don’t recommend this. Very cheap kittens usually don’t have parents that have undergone health testing. The kittens may also not receive proper nutrition and health care, which is where much of a kitten’s price comes from.

Therefore, while you may spend less upfront, you may end up spending more money on vet bills later.

For Bombay cats with the show ring in their future, you may pay as much as $2,000. Kittens with breeding rights will be more expensive, as you’re paying for the future earning potential of the cat, as well.

Overall, Bombay cats tend to be on the more expensive side. However, there are a lot of variances in their prices. When you’re shopping, keep this in mind.

bombay cat sitting on grass outdoor
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Are Bombay Cats Exotic?

Bombay cats may look exotic, but they really aren’t from a faraway land. In fact, these cats are simply an American Shorthair mix that was bred in Kentucky. They were originally bred to resemble panthers and for other solely aesthetic reasons.

Overall, these cats are also playful and endearing. They act a bit differently from what you’d typically expect a cat to act like. For instance, you can train them to walk on a leash and perform tricks. They are often described as “dog-like.”

Therefore, these cats may look and act exotic. However, they are not from a “faraway land” at all.


Bombay cats are on the rarer side. You aren’t likely to find one of these cats in a shelter. Therefore, to adopt one, you’ll need to head to a breeder that specializes in them. Sadly, these breeders aren’t all that common. Plus, the demand for this breed is much higher than the supply, so kittens tend to be substantially expensive.

Despite their name, these cats are not very exotic. They were originally bred in the USA to look like panthers, which is likely why they are so popular today. This breed wasn’t created until the 1950s, which also contributes to their rarity. It just takes a bit for a breed to get off the ground.

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