dried bully sticks

If your dog is like most dogs, they love to gobble down treats anytime they have the opportunity. They also like to chew on non-edible things, including your shoes and furniture, especially if they don’t have access to enough chew toys. One edible chew toy that has become extremely popular among dog owners is the bully stick. This treat is commonly sold in pet shops and online. So, are these chew treats good for dogs? Should we be offering bully sticks to help curb our dogs’ yearning for chewing? The short answer is yes! Read on to learn more about bully sticks and their benefits for dogs.

Yes, Bully Sticks Are Healthy Treats for Dogs!

Bully sticks are great for dogs of all ages to chew on, whether they’re light or extreme chewers. These sticks are solid and do not break apart or sliver, so there is no need to worry about your dog choking on their bully stick. These sticks’ tough consistency makes for a long chewing experience for small and large dogs alike.

Bully sticks are also edible and easily digestible for dogs, so their digestive system shouldn’t be affected after consuming these treats. Bully sticks also happen to offer a natural source of protein and taurine, both of which are important for good health. These treats can also help scrub plaque off teeth and help improve your pooch’s overall dental health as time goes on.

Here’s What Bully Sticks Are Made Of

Bully sticks are made with just one ingredient: a steer or bull penis. Nothing else is added! These treats are sold raw, cooked, and dried. They also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to accommodate different-sized dogs. There are no added colors, artificial flavors, or grains, which makes for a concentrated flavor and texture that dogs seem to love.

dog eating bully stick on couch
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Here’s When Bully Sticks Can Be Bad for Dogs

While bully sticks are generally healthy for dogs to chew on, there are certain instances when they could be detrimental to their health. First, bully sticks that are not properly stored could collect bacteria that your dog ends up consuming. Make sure to keep your dog’s bully sticks in a dry, airtight container to minimize the risk of bacterial growth.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that bully sticks are high in fat and calories. Therefore, they should be offered only occasionally as snacks, not as part of a regular meal plan. Eating too many bully sticks, just like any other snacks, could result in weight gain and problems like obesity and diabetes.


You can safely give your dog a bully stick as an occasional treat. They will help keep your pooch busy and from chewing on your personal and household belongings. They’re full of nutrition, and they help make dental hygiene management easier for you and your dog. Just be sure to watch out for bacterial growth and overfeeding!

Featured Image Credit: Dmitriev Mikhail, Shutterstock