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If you own a cat, you probably took the time to buy them tons of colorful cat toys to pique their interest and get them to play. While this is great, have you ever wondered if your cat is color blind, like dogs are said to be? Will some colors attract your cat’s attention more than others?

Before we go any further, the answer is no, cats are not color blind.

So how do cats see the world? Are some colors easier for them to spot? Can they see as well as humans? We’ll answer all these questions and more in the article below.

Do Cats See Everything in Black and White?

For years, it was and still is commonly thought that dogs and cats see things only in black and white. But, while they certainly can’t see a rainbow of colors like humans can, they do see many more colors than just black and white.

In fact, cats do see colors, just not in the same way that we do. So, how is cat vision different from our vision?

Cat Vision Vs. Human Vision

Cats have fewer cones in their eyes than humans do, meaning they can’t see the rainbow of colors that we can. In fact, cats have 10x times fewer cones than we do, and this causes them to be unable to differentiate between all of the colors.

To make up for that difference, cats have higher concentrations of light rods in their eyes, which makes it easier for them to see at night and detect movements that humans can’t. This is why you’ll see your cat walking through a dark house with ease while you’re bumping into anything that gets in your way.

Humans can see between 100 and 200 feet away from them. On the other hand, cats can only see up to a 20-foot range.

Humans have a cornea that is 50% smaller than cats. These are just a few of the differences between humans and cats when it comes to seeing, but that in no way makes the cat color blind—cats just don’t see the same colors that we do.

In other words, cats aren’t color blind. They just see colors much less vibrantly than humans.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay

What Colors Do Cats See?

If your cat isn’t color blind, but it can’t see the array of colors you can see, then you’re probably wondering what colors a cat does see.

The truth is we still have no answer to that question—at least not a concrete one. Some experts think that cats see only in shades of grey and blue. However, other experts disagree and think they can see yellow and green colors as well.

However, it has been proven that your feline pal can’t see pink or red hues, so those are colors you’ll want to avoid when buying cat toys.

Are Blue-Eyed Cats Blind?

You may have heard the rumor that blue-eyed cats are blind. Also, have you heard the rumor that white cats are always blind as well? The great news is that these rumors aren’t entirely true. However, having a white coat does increase the chance that the cat will be deaf, especially if the cat also has blue eyes.

So, if your adorable white kitten has blue eyes, there’s a greater chance the cat will be deaf but not blind.

There are many rumors out there about cats that aren’t entirely true. You just have to do your research to determine which ones to believe and which rumors to ignore.

What Does Being Color Blind Mean for Your Cat?

Knowing that your cat can’t see all of the colors in the rainbow might make you feel bad for them. However, there’s no reason to! Your cat has superior night vision to make up for this fact, something most humans wish they had.

However, you might want to rethink the colors of the cat toys you’re purchasing for your pet so they can enjoy playing with them even more.

What Color Toys Should You Purchase for Your Cat?

Cats will see, be attracted to, and enjoy playing with toys that are blue and yellow the most. Pink, red and purple toys are least likely to catch their attention as they don’t see those hues.

However, just because the toys you purchase for your cat are colors that they don’t perceive well doesn’t mean that you can’t give your cat those toys. There are toys that make noises when your cat touches them, have smells, and even movements that will attract your cat and keep its attention without it being a color they can see,

Wrapping Up

This answers the question of whether cats are color blind and how they see the world around them. Never fear, however, as cats more than make up for their being unable to see every color with their superior night vision and being able to see things we can’t.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay