Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States

For many hikers, and even for many people in general, the Grand Canyon is somewhere on their bucket list. However, if you have a dog that goes everywhere you go, you might worry that you can’t take your furry friend into the Grand Canyon with you. Luckily, the answer is yes: dogs are allowed in the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon National Park is a dog-friendly environment, meaning your canine is welcome in certain areas. We’ll talk more about dogs and the Grand Canyon and tell you what you’re allowed to do with your dog in this national park.

Where Can You Visit with Your Pet?

There are plenty of pet-friendly campgrounds where you can have your pet along the South Rim of the canyon. There are also pet-friendly hotels in Flagstaff and Williams, which are towns near the canyon.

Where Are Pets Permitted on the South Rim?

While pets are permitted on the South Rim, certain rules apply. Dogs on a leash are allowed to be on the trails above the rim, Desert View Campground, Mather Campground, Trailer Village, and in the developed areas.

Yavapai is an in-park lodge and is the only one that will allow pets in the rooms. It’s also possible for you to board your pet during your stay at the Grand Canyon Kennel.

Where Are Pets Not Permitted on the South Rim?

There are a few places pets aren’t permitted on the South Rim. For example, dogs are not allowed below the rim on any inner canyon trails. In addition, dogs are not permitted on the shuttle buses and are not allowed in park lodging, and the only exception is for dogs whose owners are staying in pet-friendly rooms.

Dawn on the S rim of the Grand Canyon
Dawn on the S rim of the Grand Canyon (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic)

Are Vaccinations Required?

You will need proof of vaccination if you’re planning to board your pet while you’re at the Grand Cannon. Dogs need vaccinations for rabies, DHLP, parvo, and Bordetella.

Where Are Pets Allowed on the North Rim?

Pets on a leash are only allowed on the bridle trail on the North Rim of the park. They are also allowed on the Arizona Trail, but only on the portion that is north of the park entrance station.

What Dog-Friendly Activities Are There at the Grand Canyon?

Now that you know dogs are allowed and where they are allowed at the Grand Canyon, you might be wondering what dog-friendly activities there are. We’ll talk about a few of them in our next section.

Take a Drive to Desert View

The drive to the Desert View is one that everyone who visits the Grand Canyon should experience. Make sure to stop at Moran Point, Grandview Point, Navajo Point, and Lipan Point along the way as well for the spectacular views and to let your pup out of the car for a bit. Remember, dogs are allowed on the paved lookouts in the area.

Take a Walk Along the Rim Trail

Of course, most people who visit the Grand Canyon intend to walk the Rim Trail, and it’s more gorgeous than you can imagine. While it would be impossible for most people and their dogs to walk the entire trail in one sitting, you can take in the sights and colors over time if you have it.

Remember, dogs have to be on leashes at all times, and the leash must be no longer than six feet in length for the safety of your dog, you, and others on the trail.

Grand Canyon South Rim Trail
Grand Canyon South Rim Trail (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Grand Canyon

As with anywhere else you take your dog when you travel, it’s essential to know how to keep your dog safe when you’re visiting the Grand Canyon National Park.

As previously stated, start by keeping your pet on a leash at all times, and the leash should be no longer than 6 feet. Some of the canyon’s drops are huge, and you don’t want your pet to be injured or worse by falling from one of them.

If you’re visiting during the summer, keep an eye on the temperature, as it can get extremely hot on the trails. Also, make sure to check how hot the pavement is when taking your dog for a walk, as you don’t want the pavement to burn his paws.

Finally, make sure that you always take water for yourself and your pet on the trails, and let someone know when you’re leaving, where you’re going, and when to expect you back for the best results and the safety of you and your furry friend.


Yes, dogs are allowed in the Grand Canyon and some park areas. So make sure to keep an eye on your pet and follow the park rules to have a great time in one of our country’s biggest treasures.

Featured Image Credit: Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, United States, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International