pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be tasty snacks for humans. They can be eaten raw, but they taste much better after being roasted in the oven with oil or butter, salt, and other seasonings. Since many people love these snacks, you might be wondering if pumpkin seeds are bad for dogs. Maybe your dog just found a pumpkin seed on the floor and swallowed it. Now what?

The good news is that pumpkin seeds, either raw or roasted, are completely safe for your dog to eat. They may actually be beneficial if they’re offered to your dog as occasional treats. However, the pumpkin seeds that you give your dog should always be plain and not include any additional seasonings or fat.

Pumpkin Seeds and Dogs

If you’d like to offer pumpkin seeds to your dog, it’s best to make them yourself. Store-bought pumpkin seeds can contain sodium and other ingredients that your dog does not need in their diet. You can add these seeds to your dog’s meals or just offer them as occasional treats.

Once you’ve pulled out the seeds from the pumpkin and cleaned off the pulp, lay the seeds on a baking tray and bake them at 160°–175°F (75°C) for 20 minutes.

Pumpkin seeds contain fiber that can ease constipation and diarrhea and even help some dogs lose weight. Adding fiber to your dog’s diet can also relieve anal gland issues by helping the glands easily and naturally express themselves.

Oils in pumpkin seeds may support urinary health, and omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat, heart health, and joint function.

The seeds also contain vitamins and antioxidants to fight inflammation and disease. Vitamin A supports healthy vision and vitamin C keeps the immune system healthy. Vitamin K is good for bone growth and strength.

These healthy snacks are great for your dog, but as with anything outside of your dog’s natural diet, it’s best to feed pumpkin seeds to them in moderation.

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Are Pumpkin Seeds Toxic to Dogs?

There is nothing in a natural pumpkin seed, either raw or roasted, that is toxic to dogs. If your dog eats one, you don’t have to do anything. This is a perfectly safe and healthy snack.

The seeds should always be plain, though. If the seeds are coated in oil or salt, your dog will probably still be fine if they eat one or two, but not if they eat the whole container.

Since the seeds contain fiber, they can cause an upset stomach or gastrointestinal distress for dogs if they eat a large number of them. Make sure the seeds are only given to your dog occasionally, to prevent any unwanted side effects.

Pumpkin seeds are a source of natural fat, so eating too many on a regular basis can lead to excessive consumption of calories and eventually, obesity.

Dogs can eat raw pumpkin seeds, but it’s important to remember that when they’re raw, they spoil quickly. Roasting them extends their shelf life, so if you want to feed pumpkin seeds to your dog for a long period, cook them to keep them edible for as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

Pumpkin seeds are perfectly safe for your dog to eat. If your dog eats one, you don’t have to worry. If the seed is raw or roasted but still plain, it can even provide health benefits to your pup. Avoid any seeds that have been cooked in butter, oil, salt, or other seasonings, as these can lead to an upset stomach or possible health issues for your dog.

Pumpkin seeds can be used as food additives for your dog’s meals to give them added nutrients or fed to your dog whole as special treats.

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