The Best Cat Chew Toys

All cats have their own individual personalities, complete with likes and dislikes. While some cats like to pounce, stalk, and bat at their toys, others like to chew them. You won’t find a huge amount of dedicated cat chew toys, but there are plenty of cat toys that can stand up to a good chewing should the need arise. Plus, if you’d like to encourage your cat to chew more to promote healthy teeth and gums, we’ve also found some feline chew sticks and dental chews to work those jaws.

We reviewed dozens of cat chew toys to identify the best of the best. We looked at a range of features and properties, including strength, durability, material, how appealing they are to cats, and customer reviews. 

Top Pick

KONG Cat Wubba Mouse

Durable enough to chew but provides plenty more fun, too.

We searched the world of cat chew toys far and wide and, of all the options, the KONG Cat Wubba Mouse was the clear choice for Top Pick. Cats love to chew on both the main body of the Wubba Mouse and the long, trailing parts. It’s strong enough to stand up to the most determined chewers.

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Chew Toys

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall KONG Cat Wubba Mouse Catnip Filled Cat Toy 4.6
Runner Up UPSKY Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy 4.1
Best Budget Buy Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys 4.3
Best Cat Chew Sticks N/H Chew Sticks 4.3
Best Dental Chews for Cats Greenies Feline Dental Chew Treats 4.7

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: KONG Cat Wubba Mouse

Looking for a toy that will entertain your cat for hours? The KONG Cat Wubba Mouse is a prime contender! This toy comes from a respected brand and the difference shows. The people at KONG have clearly thought about how cats play and what will appeal to them, and the result is an excellent all-round cat toy.

Of course, if you’re here, you’re probably specifically looking for cat chew toys, and the Wubba Mouse fits the bill. It’s a rugged toy that can stand up to a lot of chewing. The large body of this toy is perfect for chewing, but some kitties like to chomp on the trailing “tail” parts, too. The design helps fulfill a cat’s natural urge to stalk and capture prey. It’s perfect for batting about, wrestling with, and kicking against the tail, as well as chewing.

What’s more, it contains a rattle, as well as crinkle paper in the tail, which helps keep your cat interested for longer. If that wasn’t enough, it’s infused with premium North American catnip! Retailing at less than $8, it’s a small price to pay to keep your cat happy!

KONG Cat Wubba Mouse Key Features: 

  • Rattles and crinkles
  • Soft fleece outer
  • Infused with catnip

Our Runner Up Pick: UPSKY Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

Runner Up

UPSKY Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

This fun fake fish will provide you and your cat with hours of entertainment

Looking for a chew toy that both you and your cat will love? The UPSKY Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy is it. With its realistic fish design and interactive properties, this toy is bound to quickly become a favorite of the both of you.

So how does it work? Thanks to its built-in motion sensor, this toy will come to life once your cat touches it. They’ll love chewing and playing with it as it realistically flops around on the floor (or in your cat’s mouth!). The toy is fully USB chargeable, so you won’t need to worry about buying batteries to keep it up and running. As an added bonus, each fish comes with a packet of quality catnip that you can stuff it with. There are three different types of fish designs to choose from: carp (pictured), goldfish, and idellus.

UPSKY Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy Key Features: 

  • USB chargeable
  • Free pack of catnip
  • Durably made

Best Budget Pick: Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

Best for Budget

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys

These catnip-filled chew toys help keep kitty’s teeth clean

If you’re on a tight budget, or you don’t like to spend too much on cat toys because your feline friend quickly loses or gets bored of them quickly, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Just select from one of the many designs available in the Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys line.

The particular toy pictured above, called ‘Dental Chew,’ is actually a set of two toys. But if the design isn’t to your liking, there are so many unique designs you can choose from, including a cute avocado, banana, cheese wedge, and more! To make these toys satisfying to chew, they’re filled with catnip. Plus, each toy in this line is made with a special material that’s designed to gently cleans soft plaque and tartar off your cat’s teeth.

In addition to being great for chewing, they’re designed to be fun for your feline friend to bat around or carry. With a price tag around the $6 mark, you don’t have to spend out a lot to keep your kitty in chew toys!

Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys Key Features: 

  • Filled with catnip
  • Durable and well-made
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums

Best Cat Chew Sticks: N/H Chew Sticks

Best Chew Sticks

N/H Chew Sticks

The catnip-like effects of these chew sticks are adorable to watch

While buying ‘sticks’ for your cat to chew on may seem like an odd suggestion, silver vine sticks have an effect similar to catnip on many felines. Enter the N/H Chew Sticks. Not only can chewing on these sticks help with dental health, but they can also send cats into a euphoric state, causing them to exhibit behaviors such as licking, rolling, meowing, and chin and cheek rubbing.

These cat chew sticks are completely natural and unprocessed, so you don’t have to worry about them containing anything harmful for your feline friend. You get two in each order for only $13, making them great value.

Much like catnip, not all kitties react to them. Some aren’t interested in chewing them and others don’t seem to have a euphoric reaction, even if they do chew them. However, it’s worth a try to see if your cat is one of the large percentage of felines that go wild for them!

N/H Chew Sticks Key Features: 

  • Improves dental health
  • Provokes a euphoric reaction in cats
  • 100% natural

Best Dental Chews for Cats: Greenies Feline Dental Chew Treats

Best Dental Chews

Greenies Feline Dental Chew Treats

A tastier alternative to brushing your cat’s teeth

If you’re looking for cat chew toys less because your kitty enjoys chewing and more because you want to improve his dental health, consider picking up some dental chews. It can be tough to encourage a cat to chew toys, but most will happily munch down on a dental chew treat! Our favorite of all the dental chews on the market are Greenies Feline Dental Chew Treats.

While there are always some picky eaters out there, the vast majority love the taste of these dental chews. That said, there are six flavors available, so there’s bound to be one your cat likes, even if she’s fussy.

The shape and texture of these chew treats is specially designed to scrape tartar off your cat’s teeth, keeping them clean and healthy. They might not be as effective as brushing your cat’s teeth, but many kitties won’t tolerate tooth-brushing, so this is passable alternative. In fact, they work well enough that they’re the number one veterinarian-recommended dental chew treat.

These dental chews will set you back somewhere between $5 to $20, depending on the flavor and the package size.

Greenies Feline Dental Chew Treats Key Features: 

  • Help clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Six flavor options
  • Low calorie

Who Should Buy a Cat Chew Toy

Sick of your feline friend chewing on your furniture and leaving little bite marks in anything she can sink her teeth into? If so, you definitely need some cat chew toys! Not only will cat chew toys help your cat direct her chewing onto something more appropriate, it will also provide her with fun and stimulation. If you’re looking for more ways to keep your cat engaged and entertained, check out our review of the best interactive cat toys.

Cat chew toys are also great for cats that don’t like to have their teeth brushed (so, basically, all cats), as they cat help to remove soft tartar and stimulate gums, to improve overall dental health.

Top Pick

KONG Cat Wubba Mouse

Durable enough to chew but provides plenty more fun, too.

Important Features to Consider

A cat chew toy should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a chew toy for your cat:

  • Durability. A cat chew toy has to be tough enough to take a pounding from your kitty’s teeth. Look for chew toys made from durable materials with strong stitching or hidden seams.
  • Design. Your cat won’t mind much whether his new chew toy looks utilitarian or so cute you could die, but you might!
  • Cat-friendly features. Look for features that will encourage your cat to play or keep her interested longer, such as rattles, crinkle paper, or having catnip inside.
  • Dental health properties. Some cat chew toys are specifically designed to remove as much tartar as possible, which is good news if kitty’s teeth need sprucing up.
  • Other play possibilities. Is your chosen toy only good for chewing, your cat pounce on it, wrestle it, and kick it while he tussles with it? Feline chew toys with other play possibilities are likely to get more use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cat chew toys?

As the name suggests, cat chew toys are toys for cats to chew. Some are specifically designed to be chewed on, whereas others have different primary purposes, but can be used for chewing, too.

Do cats like to chew on things (like dogs)?

Cats don’t have the same natural urge to chew as dogs do, but all cats are individuals, and there are plenty out there that get their kicks out of chewing!

How do you stop cats from chewing on things?

If your cat is chewing on items he shouldn’t be, there are a couple of things you can try to get him to stop. First, try buying him some extremely tempting chew toys to direct his attention to should he get in the chewing mood. If this doesn’t work, you can find bad-tasting sprays that you can apply to objects to deter your cat from chewing them.

Do cats need teething toys?

You may find your kitten gets extra bitey when she’s going through teething. Teething can be uncomfortable, and chewing and biting helps relieve this discomfort. As such, it’s a good idea to buy teething toys for your kitten.