CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

You’ve probably heard of CBD or Cannabidiol, but what can it do for dogs and how much should you give them? CBD is an active ingredient from the marijuana plant, which seems to have medical benefits and is non-psychoactive, so won’t leave your dog feeling stoned. One concern some pet parents have is over the correct CBD dosage for dogs, but it isn’t hard to work out how much to give your dog, as long as you know her weight.

While there aren’t yet many studies into the effects of CBD on dogs, some pet owners hail it as a miracle drug, making a huge difference to their dogs’ quality of life.

Why Might Dogs Need CBD?

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If you’re wondering whether or not CBD is right for your pet, here are some of the conditions that CBD might be helpful for, though there are varying degrees of research to back them up.

  • Anxiety. Some products are even specifically marketed as calming, such as these HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats +Stress & Anxiety Relief.
  • Arthritis. A study by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine suggests that CBD products reduce pain from arthritis and increase movement levels.
  • Noise phobias. Many dogs are scared of loud noises, such as those made by fireworks and thunderstorms, but CBD shows a calming effect that can decrease dogs’ reactions to these sounds.
  • Epilepsy. In a study from Colorado State University, researchers found that 89 percent of dogs receiving CBD in their clinical trial had a reduction in the number of seizures they experienced.
  • Loss of appetite. CBD can stimulate appetite, but if your dog isn’t eating much, it’s best to try it in liquid form (such as Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs), rather than in treats that your dog may well refuse.
  • General pain. CBD seems to be a good general pain reliever, so if your dog is in any type of pain, you can try CBD as relief. It’s very safe on the whole, but we’d recommend consulting your dog’s vet first, especially if the pain is ongoing and you aren’t sure of the source.
  • Hot spots. If your dog is prone to hot spots or skin irritation, a topical CBD treatment might help. In fact, NaturVet Hemp Hot Spot is a product specifically designed for this issue.

Appropriate CBD Dosage for Dogs

Dog licking CBD oil from dropper

It’s important to give your dog the right amount of CBD for her size. Obviously, a 6 pound Yorkie will need far less than a 150 pound Saint Bernard. According to the Canine Journal, a safe and effective CBD dosage for dogs is 0.2 mg per pound of body weight per day. So, a 10 pound dog would need 2 mg of CBD per day, whereas a 50 pound dog would need 10 mg of CBD per day. If you don’t know how much your dog weighs, most veterinarian’s offices allow you to use their scales free of charge.

Some CBD products list the amount of CBD per dose, such as these Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats, which contain 2 mg of CBD a piece. Others tell you the amount of CBD in the who container overall, such as the American Shaman 300 mg CBD Dog Tincture. This product contains 300 mg of CBD in the whole bottle. Since the bottle contains 30 ml, you just need to divide the total CBD content by 30 to get the amount of CBD per ml; in this case it’s 10 mg per ml.

Types of Canine CBD Products

Two dogs sniffing a pack of CBD dog treats

We’ve already touched on some of the CBD products on the market, but it’s useful to know more about the different types available to you. Here are some of the most common options for dogs.

  • Treats. If your dog is bad with taking medicine but will happily munch down any treat offered to her, this is a great option. We love the HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats +Joint & Mobility Care.
  • Oil. These products feature CBD oil in another type of oil as a base, such as ManaBotanics Pet Hemp Drops, which contain 300 mg CBD oil in a coconut oil base.
  • Tincture. Technically, a tincture is a mix of CBD oil in an alcohol base, but most dog CBD products labelled as tinctures are really oils. Dogs shouldn’t consume alcohol, so if you do find any alcohol-based CBD tinctures for pets, it’s best to avoid them.
  • Topical products. These are products such as creams and salves, like CannaCare Topical CBD for Dogs. They’re generally used for external problems, such as skin irritation, inflammation, and bites, but may offer some relief from joint pain if rubbed on the affected area.

How Quickly Does CBD Work for Dogs?

Two women laughing and cuddling their husky dogs

This depends on the type of products given and the problem that you’re looking to solve. For anxiety and fears, you might start to see some calming results within around 20 to 40 minutes for oils, such as Joy Organics CBD Oil Pet Formula. Whereas treats, such as Petly CBD Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats, take more like 60 to 90 minute to work.

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If you’re giving your dog CBD to treat chronic pain, such as arthritis, you may notice some small improvements right away, but it’s likely to take 2 to 4 weeks of daily use to notice a marked improvement.

Finding the correct CBD dosage for your dog is simple using your their weight. No matter why your dog needs CBD there’s a product out there for you. If joint pain is an issue for your dog, you might also want to check out our top glucosamine for dogs.

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