Best Dog Steps, Stairs, and Ramps

Sometimes, our furry friends need a little help getting around. It is not uncommon for small dogs or older dogs to have difficulty accessing high places. It can be heartbreaking to watch your pup attempt to jump up onto the couch with no success, and waking up to help your canine on the bed can get very tiring very quickly! Luckily, that’s where dog steps and stairs come in! These amazing inventions basically work as tiny steps that can be pushed against furniture or other high places to allow your pup easy access.

We reviewed dozens of dog steps and stairs while looking for the best of the best. We considered a product’s safety, ease of use, customer ratings, storability, visual appeal, and versatility to find the best possible product. After careful consideration, we narrowed to search down to 5 of the absolute best dog steps pet parents can buy.

Top Pick

Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus

The best pet stairs available on the market!

We decided that the Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus was the best dog stair available. It’s lightweight and extremely easy to store. It can be folded and tucked away in a matter of seconds when needed. It is also incredibly safe, with built-in side rails to keep less-than-graceful dogs from accidentally tumbling off. These dog stairs also feature a modern style, so you don’t have to worry about throwing off your room’s aesthetic.

The 5 Best Dog Steps and Stairs

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs 4.5
Runner Up Pet Gear Easy Step II 4.5
Best Budget Buy Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs 4.5
Best Dog Ramp Solvit PetSafe UltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp 4.1
Best for High Beds Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

1. Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus – Top Pick

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to give your pet’s access to high places, the Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus is the way to go. Our favorite feature of this product was its sheer versatility. These steps only weigh five pounds, making them extremely easy to move from room to room. However, they can hold over 120 pounds, which makes it possible for nearly every dog to use them safely. Despite the product’s lightweight, it is very durable. Customers praised the product for the durability of both the plastic and non-skid feet pads. In fact, the product comes with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured these steps won’t break under your pooch. They are also completely free-standing, which makes moving them from couch to bed possible in a matter of seconds.

Their ability to fold also makes it possible to use them on the go. Is your pet too short to jump into the car? These steps might be the answer to your problem. Customers also said that the folding feature made the stairs extremely easy to store. Many said that they loved the fact that they could fold the stairs and slide them under the bed whenever they needed to.

On top of this, it was very clear that safety was the manufacturer’s number one priority when designing these steps. They come with a built-in railing that prevents smaller pets from falling off the side while using the steps. Some customers also noted that the railing made their pets more confident in using the steps, which reduced the likelihood of the dog being fearful and refusing to use them. The steps also come with non-skid feet pads. These pads prevent the steps from sliding or slipping while in use and is particularly helpful for younger, excitable dogs who might use the stairs at a full sprint.

Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Key Features:

  • Folds down for easy storage and transportation
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Built-in safety rails and non-skid feet
  • Modern design and neutral color fits in with any design scheme

2. Pet Gear Easy Step II – Runner Up

Runner Up

Pet Gear Easy Step II

Meet the Easy Step II, an excellent option for owners of smaller dogs

The Pet Gear Easy Step II is uniquely designed with deep steps, giving smaller dogs the ability to use their entire body when climbing the stairs. Each step is also inclined, meaning that there are fewer steps your dog has to climb to reach the top. In fact, the design features only two steps but allows pets to climb onto most average-sized furniture. This product is advertised to work for dogs up to 150 pounds. But, customers commonly stated that the step tipped or fell over when their larger dogs attempted to use it.

These stairs also come with rubber grippers on the bottom, which help the stairs stay in place and secure. This feature is particularly helpful since the steps are deep and require more body momentum to use. The steps also come with a carpet tread. This carpet can make the stairs more inviting to your canine and encourage your pet to use them. After all, who wants to climb up cold, plastic stairs when you can use a carpeted one? Plus, the carpet tread is removable and machine washable, which makes clean up extremely simple.

Unlike the Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus, this product does require some assembly. But, customers stated that it snapped together very easily and was sturdy afterward. The manufacturer advertises that assembly can be completed with no tools whatsoever; everything simply snaps together.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Key Features:

  • Wide and deep stairs
  • Rubber grippers on the bottom to keep the steps in place
  • Removable and washable carpet treading
  • Easy, no-tools-required assembly

3. Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs – Best Budget Pick

Best for Budget

Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs

A great budget-friendly choice for any pet owner who’s small pup needs a little boost

Looking for something a little more budget friendly? These might be the steps for you. The Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs is priced far below the competition at under $30. But, you do get what you pay for. These stairs are only recommended for use by smaller dogs and may not be sturdy enough to survive under the weight of larger dogs. Despite this, they are the perfect budget options for pet owners looking to give their small dogs better access to high places. (There are larger sizes available, however, if you have a larger dog).

These stairs come with a soft comfort cover, which is removable and washable. The whole cover fits all the way around the stairs, including the sides. This feature allows you literally to throw the whole outside covering into the washer should you need to, and makes clean up effortless. It is also soft and very easy on your pet’s paws while also preventing them from sliding should they use the stairs at a sprint.

The steps are extremely light as well, weighing in at only 2 pounds. They are completely freestanding as well, so they do not need to be anchored to furniture to be used. This feature makes moving the stairs from area to area extremely easy. They’re so light and easy to move that even a child can do it! If you only have small dogs in your household and are looking for a budget-friendly option, this product is a perfect choice.

Zinus Step Comfort Pet Stairs Key Features:

  • Machine washable cover that covers the entire stair base
  • No assembly required
  • Designed for smaller pets
  • Extremely light at only 2 pounds

4. PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp – Best Dog Ramp

Best Dog Ramp

PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp

Extremely lightweight with a safety latch makes transportation a breeze.

The PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp easily won as the best ramp out there for your pooch. This ramp is extremely lightweight and durable; it weighs in at only 10 pounds, but can hold over 150 pounds of canine! This means that almost any canine can get away with using it. Customers praised the ramp for being able to support even the largest dogs. I don’t know about you, but we’ve never met a dog that weighed over 150 pounds!

On top of its light weight, this ramp is optimized for transportation. It has indentions beneath the railing that provide a useful handhold for carrying. It also has a safety release latch to prevent the ramp from accidentally opening while being transported. Plus, its durability means that it can be stored outside or in a truck bed without getting worn down or breaking, and it easily folds in half for simply carrying and storage. There is no reason to worry about transportation or storage with this ramp.

Customers also praised this ramp for its ease of use. It comes outfitted with a textured tread to prevent your dog from slipping, and it features four rubber feet to keep the ramp in place while in use. It has very short guard rails that are advertised to provide a sense of security to your furry friend. We also loved the ramp’s versatility. While the ramp was originally design for SUV and truck use, side door adapters are available that make this ramp suitable for all sorts of cars.

PetSafe Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp Key Features:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Supports over 150 pounds
  • High-traction walking surface to prevent slipping
  • Rubber feet to prevent movement while in use
  • Safety latch to prevent accidental opening

5. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs – Best Dog Stairs for High Beds

Best for High Beds

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs

Reaching 22.5″ high, these steps are bound to reach the top of even the tallest beds.

Unlike our other top picks, the Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs are made of foam. This material makes them extremely unique. Only the highest quality, USA-made foam is used for this product. The premium foam makes these stairs extremely gentle on your pup’s joints and paws, making it a perfect choice for older pets. The foam also makes these stairs extremely light and allows for easy movement from room to room. Perhaps most importantly, the foam provides maximum durability. You don’t have to worry about a leg falling off or a screw coming loose. It’s all one piece of foam!

Much like the Tobbi Animals Pet Stairs, these foam stairs come with a soft, fleece-like cover that surrounds the whole base. The cover is machine washable, which allows for extremely easy clean-ups. These steps are also one of the most stylish pet stairs on the market; the cover comes in a wide variety of colors, shades, and patterns. You can get it in everything from grey linen to brown lattice to beige paw prints! The best part is that the company provides free replacement covers. Switching up your home décor or decide that you don’t like the style you originally picked? No worries! The company will replace the cover free.

The foam design also gives these stairs a level of safety that is hard to come by. Because the stairs are completely made out of soft foam, they automatically provide great traction without any add-ons or accessories. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally stubbing your toe or hitting your ankle in the middle of the night. On top of all this, the stairs are available in a number of heights so that you can pick the perfect one!

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs Key Features:

  • 5-step option reaches 22.5 inches
  • Anti-slip bottom to prevent accidents
  • Premium foam for optimal comfort
  • Removeable, machine-washable cover

Who Should Buy Dog Steps and Stairs

It is not uncommon for some smaller dogs to be uh… vertically challenged. They might have a strong desire to cuddle with you at night or even when you’re just sitting on the couch but might find it impossible to make upwards leap. This problem will often lead to barking or whining, which can be especially troublesome in the middle of the night. This is where dog steps and stairs come in. If you’re finding it tiresome to continuously lift your pooch up and down and up and down off of the bed or couch, then it might be time to invest in a good set of dog stairs.

Other owners might need to purchase a set of dog stairs for a very different reason. As dogs get older, it is not very rare for them to develop joint or back problems. Just like people, a life of running and jumping can create wear and tear on a dog’s joints and bones. These disorders can make it hard or painful for even a once athletic dog to jump onto the sofa or your bed. These diseases are especially common in dogs with long backs and short legs, who are often prone to back and spine problems. Dog stairs can provide these older dogs with the assistance they need to reach the higher surfaces they once loved. Owners of older dogs should consider purchasing a set of dog steps, even if their dogs aren’t necessarily showing symptoms of joint problems. Dog stairs are also useful at preventing joint problems in dogs with predispositions since they encourage the dog not to jump excessively.

Top Pick

Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus

The best pet stairs available on the market!

Important Features to Consider

A set of dog stairs or steps should have a number of important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a set of dog stairs for your pooch:

  • Safety. Safety should always be your number one priority. Because dog stairs help your pet reach high areas, there is always the chance that they’ll take a tumble. This problem can be especially troubling in older dogs, who might be predispositioned to fall injuries and who might be less graceful than they once were. It is extremely important to consider the safety of a set of stairs before making your purchase.
  • Mobility. Simply put, can you move the stairs from one place to another? Often, you will want to use a set of dog stairs in more than one location. After all, dogs who need help getting up on one piece of furniture probably need help getting onto another as well. It is important that the stairs are light and mobile enough to allow for transportation between rooms.
  • Stability. When your dog decides to take off running up the stairs, they need to stay in place. If the stairs move, the chance of injury increases and the overall usefulness of the stairs gravely decreases. If you have to get up and reposition the stairs every time your pup uses them, that ruins the point of having them in the first place.
  • Ease of cleaning. As with every pet product, dog stairs can and will get dirty. It’s only a matter of time before your pooch tramps up the steps with muddy feet, or one of their human companion spills something un-delightfully sticky all over the stairs. Being able to easily clean the steps off by simply whipping it down or throwing the cover in the washer can be life-saving and prevent hours of work scrubbing and trying to remove stains.
  • Aesthetic. While our pets surely don’t care what their stairs look like, we do. While it isn’t necessary for the stairs to completely match the room décor, I don’t think anyone wants a fuzzy, pink set of dog stairs in a farmhouse style room. Having choices of design and color are always helpful, and can help prevent the stairs from becoming an eyesore.
  • Assembly. Nobody likes hard assemblies. In a perfect world, everything we bought would come to our house already fully assembled. However, we all know this isn’t how the world works. More times than not, anytime we purchase a larger item, some assembly is going to be required. Dog stairs are no different. We can, though, chose dog stairs that have an easier assembly than others. Snap together, tool-free assemblies are great, as is the absences of an assembly altogether. It might not be that big of the deal in the long run, but a fast, easy assembly can save you hours of headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my dog needs stairs?

Dog stairs are great for dogs who need them but can be extremely useless for a dog who simply doesn’t. Of course, no one wants to waste money on a product that they don’t need, so figuring out if your dog NEEDS a set of stairs or not is important. The easiest way to figure out if your pup needs stairs is to simply observe them. Can they jump up on the couch by themselves? Do they need help getting into the car? Stairs can help your pet reach higher up places that they don’t have access to, but you do need to figure out if there are any high up places you want your pet to have access to in the first place.

A talk with your vet can also help you decide if you should purchase a set of dog stairs or not. This is particularly true if you have an older canine. Your vet might suggest getting a set of stairs if your pup has joint or bone problems, or is otherwise prone to disorders that are agitated by jumping.

What’s the best slope for a dog ramp?

The answer to this question depends a lot on your dog and what you plan to use the dog steps for. Older dogs will need a more gradual slope, while younger dogs could probably get away with a set of steeper stairs. The lower the slope, the longer the steps will have to be to reach a certain height. If you live in a small apartment or have other space constraints, getting a longer set of stairs with a more gradual slope might not be an option. The same could be said if you have a smaller car and are purchasing a ramp to allow your dog easier access to the back seat. If you don’t have much room to store a longer ramp in your car, you should probably go with a steeper, shorter ramp. It just depends on your specific dog or situation. It is usually a good rule of thumb to purchase a set of stairs with the most gradual slope you possibly can. It is always better to purchase a ramp with a slope that is more gradual than you need it to be than to purchase a ramp that is steeper than your dog can use.

Does my dog need stairs or a ramp?

Many dogs who use standard household stairs will usually have no problem using their pet stairs. Stairs are great for canines that have the mobility and confidence to use the steps without difficulty. This makes them a great choice for younger dogs who have no issue with the full-body movement necessary to climb stairs. Furthermore, stairs also tend to be shorter than ramps, so they also work well for owners who have space constraints.

On the other hand, if your dog has trouble using stairs regularly or does not use stairs on a regular basis, a ramp is probably your best bet. Older dogs with joint problems might have difficulty using steps due to the greater mobility needed. Extremely small dogs might also benefit from a ramp if averagely sized steps are too tall for them.

How do I teach my dog to use doggy steps?

Teaching your pup to use dog stairs requires a lot of patience and praise. Firstly, you should place the dog steps wherever you’re planning on your dog using them. For a day or two, allow your dog to get used to their presence. If your dog is used to steps, they might begin using them by themselves during this period. If your dog ignores the steps or remains fearful, don’t worry. This situation is normal and is correctable with the proper training. Anytime your dog approaches the steps positively, give them a treat and praise. You want them to associate the steps with happiness and comfort.

Once your pet appears used to the steps, begin guiding them up the stairs with a treat or toy. Anytime they make progress by touching the steps or going up a step, praise them and give them a treat. Often, dogs will catch onto going up the stairs pretty quickly. However, going down the stairs can take more time and practice. To encourage them, try coaxing them down the stairs with a treat whenever they are sitting at the top. When they attempt to come down the stairs, give them plenty of space to figure it out. Attempting to help them or physically coax them can cause them to become fearful. When they successfully make it to the bottom, give them a couple of treats and some praise.