The Best Dog Treat Pouches and Bags

Whether you’re training or out for a day in the park, a dog treat bag provides a hands-free way to relax and enjoy time with your dog. The most basic models are simply a pouch with a belt loop or carabiner that can be attached to a belt or leash. For the more serious trainer, there are bags that can be worn as a belt, carried over the shoulder, or clipped onto a pocket. These models may include pockets for toys and treats as well as a built-in poop bag dispenser. Where you plan to go and what you plan to do with your dog will help you determine the right model for you.

We reviewed dozens of dog treat pouches/bags to find and narrow down which ones are the best of the best. The bags we chose stood out for the quality of their construction as well as the brilliance of their design. From the bags with all the bells and whistles to the simplest of belt pouches, we’ve found the models that simplify a day with your dog.

Top Pick

Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

A fantastic dog treat pouch with all the bells and whistles, including three carrying options.

We couldn’t help but love the Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch. It’s got everything you could ask for, including extra storage, dog poop bag dispenser, and multiple wearing options. It looks great and makes rewarding your dog easy no matter where your travels take you.

The Top 5-Rated Dog Treat Pouches/Bags

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch 4.7
Runner Up PetSafe Treat Pouch Mini 4.2
Best Budget Buy AOKLANT Dog Treat Pouch 4.7
Best Silicone Dog Treat Pouch RoyalCare 2-Piece Dog Treat Pouch 4.3
Best Dog Treat Pouch for Leash “>TreatPod Treat Container 4.8

Our Top Pick: Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch

The Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch does more than hold treats. It keeps everything you need within reach while walking or training your dog. This dog treat pouch can be worn in three different ways. It has a shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder or cross body, a 48-inch adjustable waistband, or a metal belt clip. All three options are made with quality materials so it won’t fray or come loose while wearing it. The three options work well for families with several different people who may walk the dog as each can wear the pouch in the way that’s most comfortable for them.

The Paw Lifestyle is designed for your dog’s convenience as well. The pouch has a drawstring top to protect treats during rainy walks. While it’s not airtight, it will certainly keep them dry for a daily romping. Are you working on training your dog? There are D-rings on either side of the pouch where you can clip on a clicker or another toy. It gives you quick access to all your training tools in one place.

A mesh front pocket is large enough for a dog toy or your cell phone if you need to stay in touch. There’s also a front zipper pocket for ID or keys, which means you can leave your wallet or purse at home. One of our favorite features is the poop bag dispenser on the back of the pouch. The bags are loaded through a side zipper and are then pulled through the dispenser where it’s easy to tear them off as you need them. Finally, the exterior of the pouch is made of lightweight, water-resistant nylon that’s easy to keep clean.

Paw Lifestyle Dog Treat Training Pouch Key Features:

  • Three (3) wearing options: shoulder strap, waist belt, belt clip
  • Drawstring closure
  • Dog poop bag dispenser
  • Two (2) storage pockets—one zippered, one mesh
  • Two (2) D-rings

Our Runner Up Pick: PetSafe Treat Pouch Mini

Runner Up

PetSafe Treat Pouch Mini

A hinge opening provides easy one-handed access along with great storage options. Plus, it’s machine washable.

The PetSafe Treat Pouch Mini has a unique opening mechanism that holds it open until you’re ready to close it. We love this feature enough that it had to be our runner up because of the controllable access. Once closed, the pouch protects treats from the elements so your dog doesn’t get a soggy treat. That quick one-handed access provides you with the power to reward your dog without any delays. Plus, once the hinge is closed, you don’t have to worry about treats falling out while you play fetch or other active games together. The interior is divided into spaces, which lets you separate different kinds of treats or use one side for dog poop dispenser bags or a toy.

Want to leave your purse or wallet at home? The front pocket is large enough for a cellphone and a side carabiner can hold your keys or a training clicker. An additional front loop can also be used as an attachment point for a clicker or keys. You’ll just have to provide your own carabiner on this one.

It has two wearing options—a 48-inch adjustable waist belt or belt clip. Both options leave your hands free to train, play, or reward your dog. The fact that it’s machine washable gave it a huge boost on our list because as careful as you are soggy treats or friendly dog slobber sometimes happen. Finally, it comes in three colors—blue, red, black—so you can match it to your dog’s collar or simply pick a color that you love.

PetSafe Treat Pouch Mini Key Features:

  • Hinge opening
  • One-handed treat access
  • Interior divider
  • Side carabiner and front loop
  • Storage pocket
  • Machine washable

Best Budget Pick: AOKLANT Dog Treat Pouch

Best for Budget

AOKLANT Dog Treat Pouch

This pouch will house both your dog’s treats and your every essentials.

The AOKLANT Dog Treat Pouch provides a long list of extras at a very affordable price of $10. Let’s start with the drawstring closure that keeps treats protected from your dog and dry in the rain. That’s the most basic function and this pouch does it well.

There’s also a zippered pocket as well as a mesh pocket for any extra items you’d like to bring along. Plus, it comes with a D-ring that you can attach your training device to. One of the best things about this budget option is that it’s waterproof and built for durability.

There are three carrying options you can make use of, including an adjustable shoulder strap, waist belt, and belt clip. You can go for a run, walk in the park, or a quick jaunt around the block and not have to worry about how you’re going to lug your dog treats along too.

AOKLANT Dog Treat Pouch Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Three (3) carrying options: shoulder strap, waist belt, belt clip
  • One (1) zippered and one (1) mesh storage pocket
  • Choice of gray or black color
  • D-ring

Best Silicone Dog Treat Pouch: RoyalCare 2-Piece Dog Treat Pouch

Best Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

RoyalCare 2-Piece Dog Treat Pouch

Easy, fast access to treats and durable silicone make this two-pack well worth the price.

The RoyalCare 2-Piece Dog Treat Pouch brings the benefits of silicone in the convenience of a pouch. Silicone allows you to use wet treats like chicken scraps and other wet foods that fabric pouches simply can’t handle. The silicone of this pouch is easy to wipe clean and dries quickly so you’re not harboring any harmful bacteria. It truly opens up your reward options to the treats that will bring out the best in your dog.

A magnetic opening keeps everything safe but also provides one-handed access so you’re attention can stay with your pet. It attaches to your waistband or belt with a built-in belt clip. We love this two-pack because it gives you the option of using one for dry and one for wet treats. What dog wouldn’t love options and choices of the foods that motivate them most?

RoyalCare 2-Piece Dog Treat Pouch Key Features:

  • Two (2) silicone pouches included
  • Magnetic opening
  • Built-in belt clip
  • Two fun colors

Best Dog Treat Pouch for Leash: TreatPod Treat Container

Best Dog Treat Pouch for Leash

TreatPod Treat Container

This dog bone-shaped treat container is small enough to attach to your dog’s leash without adding too much weight or getting the way.

The TreatPod Treat Container skips the complicated for compact simplicity and easy access. The fun bone-shaped container has a carabiner that can attach to the handle of your leash or attach to a belt loop if you’re going leash free. The carabiner is designed to be compatible with most plastic leash handles. Durable plastic and a screw-on lid protect treats so they don’t get soggy or snuck by a persistent pup. The plastic is also easy to clean in case of over enthusiastic slobber. We love the lightweight, compact design. Fatigue won’t be an issue here. At the same time, it means you don’t have to shove treats in your pockets while you’re out.

TreatPod Treat Container Key Features:

  • Screw-on lid
  • Built-in carabiner clip
  • Durable plastic
  • Bone shape

Who Should Buy a Dog Treat Pouch or Bag

At the park, in your backyard, on the trail—the places you can use a treat pouch are almost unlimited. If you’re looking for an easy way to carry everything you need for a walk with your dog or for training, one of these pouches should be on your list. Most people would rather not stuff their pockets with dog treats, especially if your dog prefers wet treats. These pouches give you a place to stash treats for fast access while training and rewarding your dog. They’re designed with several carrying options so you can find one that fits your lifestyle and needs. Many models can also replace a purse or wallet to cut down on bulk while you’re taking a quick walk.

Fill your dog treat pouch with some healthy dog treats from our picks for the best healthy training treats for dogs.

Top Pick

Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

A fantastic dog treat pouch with all the bells and whistles, including three carrying options.

Important Features to Consider

A dog treat pouch needs to meet a few fundamental needs and should have the basic features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a dog treat pouch for your dog:

  • Carrying options. At the very least, a dog treat pouch should be able to attach to your belt, waistband, or pocket via a clip, Velcro strap or belt loop. Their portability is one of their greatest features and the carrying options should reflect how you’d like to use the pouch. Higher end models may have a shoulder strap, attached belt or waist strap, and a belt clip, giving you several carrying options. Multiple carrying options work well for families where the dog may be trained or walked by several different people.
  • Storage pockets. Treats aren’t the only thing you might want to bring along. Pouches with extra storage pockets provide space for dog poop bags, extra treats, your keys, or even a cellphone. They may be zippered, elastic closure, Velcro, or drawstring.
  • Pouch/Bag closure. Some pouches are simply an open pouch. That does give you quick access to treats but it’s also open for a hungry dog or rain. Models with a drawstring, magnetic, or other types of closures protect treats and make sure a sneaky dog doesn’t eat them all at once.
  • Poop bag dispensers. This is one of those extras that makes your life easier and eases the load on your pockets. These dispensers are typically located on the back or side of the pouch and can easily be reloaded via a zippered pocket.
  • Water resistant material. Whether they’re fabric or silicone, dog treat pouches should be somewhat water resistant. After all, you have to walk your dog come rain or shine.
  • Washability. No matter how you try, chances are you’ll need to wash the treat bag once in a while. Machine washable fabric models and silicone models are definitely the easiest to clean. Most others will need to be hand washed or spot cleaned.
  • Pouch dividers. Some pouches have a divider in the main pouch, which allows you to carry two types of treats or to carry treats and toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog treat pouch? 

A dog treat pouch is a small bag for dog treats that can be attached to your belt, waistband, or carried over the shoulder. They’re designed to hold the treats necessary for a dog training or a walk. Some have only one pouch while others have a divided pouch with storage pockets, D-rings, and poop bag dispensers. The models with extra storage can often hold your cellphone, keys, and a few extras so you can leave your purse or backpack at home.

What size treats should I carry in a dog treat pouch for training? 

Since you want to reward your dog every time he obeys your commands, you could go through a lot of treats. Small to mid-sized treats are best. They’ll allow your training session to last longer and they’re easier to grab out of the pouch.

Can I carry dog poop bags in a dog treat pouch along with treats? 

Some dog treat pouches have a special dog poop bag dispenser built into the pouch. You load the bags in through a zippered pocket and the bags come apart as they’re pulled out of the dispenser. Even models that don’t have a dog poop bag dispenser may have room to carry bags in a separate pocket. Others have a big enough treat pocket that you can store the bags with the treats.

Are dog treat bags washable?

Some dog treat bags are machine washable while others are spot clean or hand wash only. Silicone dog treat bags can be submerged under water for cleaning and left to air dry.