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With an estimated 25% of households in the United States owning cats, it’s safe to say that felines are popular pet choices. Cats are cute, cuddly, and independent enough to take care of themselves while we are away from home, so their popularity makes sense. Every day, more and more people decide to get a cat, and they turn to places like PetSmart to help them find their new feline family member. So, how much do cats cost at PetSmart? Does the cost vary from state to state? Here are the answers to these questions.

A Little About PetSmart’s Cat Adoption Services

There are pet shops that sell cats and other animals from breeders, but that’s typically no longer the case. Many pet shops, including PetSmart, do not sell cats from breeders. Rather, PetSmart works with animal shelters and other animal adoption agencies to bring cats and prospective owners together.

PetSmart hosts adoption days at its stores, where cats from local shelters are featured and offered for adoption on the spot. The company also has a pet adoption tool on its website that enables you to find cats up for adoption in your area so you can arrange to meet the ones you’re interested in and plan for possible adoption. Some PetSmart stores do house kitties for adoption, but they all come from shelters, so the selection will vary on any given day.

The Cost of Adopting a Cat or Kitten Through PetSmart

There is not a set cost for adopting a cat or kitten through PetSmart’s adoption program. The price depends on the rescue organization the cat comes from, the age of the cat, the type of care that the cat has received, and the location where the adoption takes place. That said, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150 to adopt a cat through PetSmart, but remember that this is only a rough estimate.

To find out exactly how much it would cost you to adopt a cat through PetSmart’s adoption program, you should use the company’s pet adoption tool or contact your local PetSmart store to learn about pricing in your specific area. Keep in mind that adoption costs typically include spaying, neutering, and initial vaccinations. However, they usually don’t cover things like bedding, food, dishes, and toys.

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Why Adoption Is Such an Important Option to Consider

Unfortunately, there are many cats and kittens out there in need of good homes due to problems like overbreeding. About 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters every year! Adopting animals directly from rescue shelters or through programs like the ones that PetSmart uses is a great way to help save these needy cats and ensure that they have long, happy, and healthy lives.

A Quick Recap

Buying a cat through PetSmart is a great way to help the needy cat population and enjoy a bond with a new furry family member that you’re sure to appreciate for a lifetime. The cost of adopting a cat through PetSmart can vary from state to state and even store to store, so it’s important to contact your local store directly for accurate pricing information before you start budgeting to adopt a new kitty.

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