Orvis Dog Waders

With summer approaching, many dogs enjoy splashing through lakes and ponds, going to the beach with their humans, hiking through what may be muddy woods, and otherwise getting themselves into wet, mucky messes. Up until now, dog owners have had to deal with lots of dirt and mud in their cars as well as washing their dogs before they could be allowed indoors on the furniture. Orvis pulls off a stellar April Fool’s joke by announcing a new product, called Orvis PRO Dog Waders, that can save you time and your dog the indignity of having frequent baths.

Orvis PRO Floatation
Photo Courtesy: Orvis.com

In addition, these waders serve as a personal floatation device for your dog, thanks to an inflatable floatation ring and a separate pump. Simply pump it up and feel secure that your dog won’t drown if he gets into water over his head or if he tires while swimming.

The waders feature rubberized booties that protect your dog’s feet and toenails. They have good traction to allow for hikes in slippery conditions. Your pup will also be able to climb out of water surrounded by slippery rocks with this extra foot protection.

From your dog’s ankles all the way up to his belly, he’ll be covered with waterproof wading material that will keep dirt, mud, and water from getting into his fur. These five-layer waders also protect against abrasions and injuries from walking or swimming through areas with rocks or sharp shells. This is a great way to keep sensitive legs bruise- and scratch-free while enjoying the pleasures of nature.

One of the best features about that layer is that there’s a potty door included. Since a dog who is trained to potty outside won’t typically go while wearing waders that cover the belly, there is a zippered section that you can open up and fasten at your dog’s chest to allow him to take care of his personal business. When he’s done, simply undo the chest fastener, zip it back up, and resume the fun.

Pro Waders Features
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The upper section that covers your dog’s sides is breathable and made from four-layer fabric. This part is sturdy and made for your dog’s comfort.

The top section has various features, including pockets for storage, the inflatable floatation ring, and even a handle for you to use in case your dog paddles too far away or to help lift smaller dogs out of the water. There is also an attachment system that will allow you to fasten your dog to your own waders. This is a great feature to have if you need to cross a stream or navigate some other tricky situation with your dog. It allows you to keep your hands free while also making sure that your best furry friend is as safe as possible.

Once the adventure is over, you can easily remove the waders from your dog, exposing clean and dry fur that will not ruin your car upholstery. Your dog will also be happy to know that he won’t need to have his legs hosed off or washed in order to enjoy sprawling out on the couch for a well-deserved nap.

Looking for more tips on keeping your car in good condition even when you are taking Rover on regular rides? Here are a few:

  • Keep your dog in the back section. If you have a car with a hatchback and cargo area or a minivan, consider keeping your dog in that area while driving. You may need to add safety features, such as a cage to prevent him from flying forward in the case of sudden braking.  You could also keep him just in the backseat with a proper safety harness. This will minimize the amount of fur and dirt that your dog can spread around the vehicle because he will be limited to one section.
  • Cover the seat with a towel, blanket, sheet, or drop cloth of some sort. Then you can just remove that for washing rather than spend time trying to get sand or fur out of your car’s upholstery.
  • Consider getting a car with leather or vinyl seats. This won’t work if you are using the car you already have, but if you are in the market for a new one, these easy-to-clean materials are more pet-friendly in general.
  • Clean up any messes right away. By keeping paper towels, a few old rags, and a cleaner that’s safe for your car’s interior, you can take care of any messes right when they happen. You can also plan to vacuum the car at least weekly (or immediately after returning from a particularly messy destination, like the beach or a muddy field) to keep any sand or fur from working its way into seat crevices and other hard-to-reach areas.

Yes, you can have your car look nice and let your dog enjoy outdoor adventures! Consider Orvis PRO Dog Waders if you are looking for some equipment to make your summer more fun and less of a hassle. But don’t get too excited, because when you click that “buy” link, you’ll discover that it was all an (epic) April Fool’s joke.

Orvis April Fool's joke

Photo Courtesy: Orvis.com

Good one, Orvis. Now our furniture will forever suffer the wrath of our water-loving dogs!

Featured Photo Courtesy: Orvis.com