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Kitties are experts at hiding any discomfort they may have, so it can be difficult for cat owners to know if their feline friend has a health issue until it has progressed to a serious situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell at a glance whether your cat might be starting to get sick? Pretty Litter is a product that can help you identify certain health issues just by taking a look in the litter box. It changes color in response to abnormalities in the pH level of your cat’s urine or if blood is present. In addition, it’s lighter than regular cat litter and it lasts a full month before you need to change it (with regular scooping, of course).

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Monitor your cat’s health at a glance

About Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a type of kitty litter that you use in place of the litter you are currently using. It is made of natural minerals, including silica gel. There’s less dust than there is in traditional litters, so if you tend to cough every time you change your cat’s litter box, this could be the solution. The main draw, however, is that it helps you monitor your cat’s health by changing color when kitty has too much acid, too much alkalinity, or blood in her urine.

Pretty Litter is delivered straight to your doorstep, so you don’t need to lug home a heavy bag or box. It’s lightweight, too. Each month, you’ll receive a new box of Pretty Litter. Simply empty it into your clean cat litter box and it’s ready to go. You will know when your cat uses the box because the litter will change colors based on the pH of your kitty’s urine. If something seems abnormal based on the colors showing up, you should contact your veterinarian. If your cat is acting normally and has no chronic health issues, it’s usually okay to wait 24 to 48 hours to see if the color change persists; if your cat has symptoms or any preexisting health conditions, you should call right away.

Solid waste should always be scooped promptly, but urine can simply be stirred into the litter once you note the color. The smell is absorbed by the silica, and the litter will not stay wet or clump up. Each month, you’ll fully empty the contents of the box into the trash, wash out your litter box like you normally do, dry it thoroughly, and replace the litter with a new package of Pretty Litter.

About Pretty Litter

Important Features

There are some features that make Pretty Litter stand above the rest of the kitty litters available on the market.

  • Delivered to your door every month
  • You can customize the amount delivered depending on how many cats you have
  • Lightweight and easy to pick up
  • Made of natural materials, including silica
  • Less dust than traditional litters
  • Monitors your cat’s urine health by changing colors
  • Does not hold urine odors
  • Less scooping needed

What We Liked

Here are some of the features we love about Pretty Litter.

  • Delivered monthly. There is no need to worry that you’ll forget to put cat litter on the grocery list or feel unsure if the store is out of the brand you usually buy. Once you sign up for a subscription, you can depend on it being delivered to your door on a regular basis.
  • Allows you to monitor your cat’s health. Several different health issues (urinary tract infections, inflammation in the body, kidney problems, digestive issues) can cause changes in your cat’s urine. You can detect these quickly, perhaps even before your cat starts showing symptoms, if you use this kitty litter.
  • Easy to clean. Just like you would with your current litter, you should scoop solid waste as soon as possible. For urine, however, you can just stir it around in the box and it will dissipate without causing odor. In addition, the monthly delivery will allow you to know when it’s time to completely change the cat’s litter box.
  • Excellent odor control. The silica gel is great at absorbing not only moisture but also odors, so you won’t smell your cat’s litter on day 3 or day 30.
  • Less dust. If the dust from your cat’s current cat litter bothers you when you change the box, this should be an improvement, because Pretty Litter is less dusty. Also, the litter is scentless, so you won’t have a strong fragrance to contend with.


Pretty Litter

What We Didn’t Like

Like all products, Pretty Litter is not perfect. Here are a couple of things we don’t like as much.

  • Does not clump. If you’re used to a clumping litter, this will be different and you might need to get used to the clump-free nature of this cat litter.
  • Might not last the full month. If your cat is a heavy wetter, you might find that you need to add or replace the litter more frequently than every 30 days. You can add an extra cat to your order to get an extra bag or two, then put your subscription back to the number of cats you actually have. That way, you’ll have a bag in reserve just in case.
  • More expensive than traditional kitty litter. This is going to be pricier than simply purchasing cat litter at the grocery store. It has the added health benefit of monitoring your cat’s urinary pH, though, and it’s delivered to your door, so you’re paying for those extra features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pretty Litter made of?

Pretty Litter is made of dehydrated silica gel. It also contains the ingredients needed to show changes in your cat’s urine pH and to detect blood in the urine.

Is Pretty Litter flushable?

You should not flush Pretty Litter. Instead, dispose of it in a garbage bag. You can, however, flush your cat’s solid waste because the amount of Pretty Litter that sticks to it will not be significant enough to cause plumbing issues in most cases. If you’re unsure (if you have older pipes or a septic system, for example), it’s best to check with your plumber before flushing your cat’s waste or simply dispose of it in a trash bag to be safe.

Can you mix Pretty Litter with regular litter?

No, you should not mix Pretty Litter with regular litter. You won’t be able to see the color changes if you mix it with another type of litter. Also, if the other litter clumps, it will create a mess when mixed with the Pretty Litter, which does not clump.

Is Pretty Litter scoopable?

Solid waste is scoopable, but urine does not clump up in Pretty Litter. It will disintegrate back into powder after the moisture evaporates. Simply stir it to help it dissipate, and you won’t see or smell it.

is pretty litter scoopable

Customer Reviews

It’s a good idea to look at both positive and negative customer reviews when you consider making any type of purchase. We’ve compiled a few informative reviews of each to get you started.

Positive Reviews
The positive reviews for Pretty Litter tended to focus on the lack of odor and the ease of use.

I have two cats and I’m obsessed with pretty litter. There is no odor unless I wait too long to clean it. I use a bit more than they recommend though so it lasts a full month. I add a bag and a half to each litter box (two boxes, two cats). People on here are complaining that urine pools in the bottom, but if you stir the litter once a day it doesn’t pool at all. The only downside to this litter is that it tracks pretty bad. But I have a robot vacuum though that picks it up easily every day. I’m never going back to a different litter. – Mjb, 1/1/2019, Amazon

I didn’t want it like this cat litter mostly because it was expensive and I didn’t think that I had enough to fill up a litter box. So I used it for the upstairs litter box and the downstairs litter box is regular cat litter. The downstairs cat litter smells bad and has to be scooped daily. The pretty litter I haven’t had to change it at all since putting it down. It’s actually very good and there is hardly any smell. I figured it’s worth the money not having to worry about people going into my bathroom and smelling “cat.” Also if you do the math I would spend about 20 bucks or so about every week and a half for the regular litter. – Rochelle, 6/29/2019, Amazon

Negative Reviews
Unfortunately, not everyone who used Pretty Litter was happy. The main issues tend to be that it can be tracked around the house and that one bag might not last a whole month.

I ordered Pretty Litter and then realized that I would need to buy more than one bag of litter in order to continue with this product, which just isn’t feasible. I was not given the option to cancel the order and I can’t get a refund now that it has shipped. Given how expensive this litter is and all of the amazing reviews on the website, I expected better customer satisfaction guarantees from this company. Never again. -Miranda, 11/4/2019, Better Business Bureau

I like the concept and I really wanted it to work. The positives are that this is a really low-dust and this litter doesn’t track like clay litter. It’s also a lot less maintenance if it works.


I just don’t see how this can last a month. I have 2 cats and I had 2 liter boxes when I bought this liter, but they only used the one box. So I went to 1 box because they weren’t touching the second box. Anyway, the litter doesn’t last 1 week for 2 cats. It averages about 5 days. So for me to use this litter with 2 cats, I had to buy 5 bags to get me through 1 month. After a few days it just gets way too saturated. And my god, does it smell once it’s saturated.

I mean, certainly give it a try, but be aware you will probably need more than what they recommend. – Jenny, 3/26/2020, Amazon

Final Verdict

Overall, Pretty Litter is a great product to use if you’re looking for a way to keep an eye on your cat’s health. It’s also very convenient, as it will arrive on your doorstep each month with your continued subscription. The litter itself absorbs odors well and is easy to use and keep clean. Unfortunately, it does tend to get tracked around the house more than traditional litter, and you might need more than what the company delivers each month. We think it’s worth trying out to see if it’s the right choice for you and your furry friend.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your kitty litter box clean, check out our list of The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes as well as The Best Cat Litters.

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