Looking for ticks on dog

Summer is here! For many people with furry companions that means it’s time to take their pets out on fun-filled hiking excursions or more walks around the park or in the neighborhood. Although summer is the perfect time to enjoy more outdoor activities with your pet, it’s also the time to take some cautionary measures when taking your dog out. There has been a boom in the number of ticks in the US and with more ticks comes more disease, such as Lyme disease. Ticks aren’t just an issue for pets, they can also cause problems for humans. Ticks may be lurking outdoors, and the last thing you want is your dog to come back home with a tick infestation.

TickZapper® is an innovative product that provides no-touch or chemical tick removal for pets. The device stuns and removes ticks (and their mouthparts) without any chemicals, batteries, or human contact. Here’s a great guide TickZapper created on how to properly identify ticks, which will help you keep your pets safe:

TickZapper Identification-Guide---V2

Infographic from TickZapper

Featured Image Credit: Zivica Kerkez, Shutterstock