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Baby wipes are a helpful tool to have around the home. You can easily use them to clean up your bathroom and keep your baby perfectly clean. But can you use baby wipes with your pets? More specifically, are baby wipes safe for dogs?

No. Baby wipes are not safe for dogs. You should not wipe down your dog with baby wipes since they aren’t formulated for your dog’s unique skin and fur. If your dog happens to eat a baby wipe, don’t panic. The dog will likely pass the baby wipes without any problems but contact an emergency clinic to be on the safe side.

To learn more about why you should not use baby wipes on your dog, keep reading. This article explains the dangers of baby wipes for dogs and tells you what to do in case your dog gets ahold of one. Scroll down for more.

Are Baby Wipes Safe to Use on Dogs?

Because baby wipes are specifically formulated to be safe on your child’s skin, you might believe that these wipes are also safe for your dog. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It is best to avoid using baby wipes on your dog at all times.

Even though baby wipes are safe for human skin, they aren’t formulated for your dog’s unique fur, skin, and oils. It’s better to opt for a gentle rag with clean water or specifically made pet wipes. These items effectively clean your dog without harming them in the process.

If you’ve used a baby wipe on your dog before, that’s OK. It’s unlikely that baby wipes will cause any lasting harm. Just change your method for cleaning your dog in the future.

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs to Consume?

If you are reading this article because your dog has consumed baby wipes, don’t panic just yet. Many dogs end up passing baby wipes without any problem.

Even so, baby wipes are not safe for dogs to consume. Fragrance, polypropylene glycol, and moisturizing ingredients are commonly found in baby wipes, and they are toxic for dogs to consume.

In other words, it’s not safe for dogs to consume baby wipes. Even if your dog is showing no outward signs of toxicity or discomfort, you still want to keep a close eye on your dog after consuming any baby wipes.

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What to Do if Your Dog Ate a Baby Wipe

If your dog has consumed baby wipes, there are some things you should do to ensure your dog gets the proper care it needs.

Inspect Your Dog’s Mouth

Firstly, look inside your dog’s mouth. Many dogs will squirrel paper products in their cheeks or in the back of their throat without actually swallowing them. If this is the case for your dog, simply remove the baby wipe. The dog should be perfectly safe if it did not swallow the wipe.

Investigate the Ingredients in the Baby Wipe

If the dog swallowed a wipe, look at the back of the ingredients on the wipe’s packaging. This will give you a better idea of the chemicals inside your dog’s body. Whenever you call the vet, you will be able to explain exactly what chemicals have been consumed.

Call a Vet or Emergency Clinic

Naturally, the next thing to do is talk to a vet or an emergency clinic. If your dog is a large breed and only swallowed a small piece, the vet may ask you to watch the dog’s behavior until it passes the baby wipe. For smaller dogs, your pet may need to be brought in and seen by a vet. No matter what your vet or emergency veterinarian recommends, follow their instructions.

Final Thoughts

Baby wipes are generally not safe to use on dogs. You shouldn’t wipe down their body with the wipes, and you shouldn’t allow your dog to swallow baby wipes either.

If your dog has consumed a baby wipe, call your vet to get recommendations based on your breed, the type of baby wipes it swallowed, and the number of baby wipes that were swallowed. Instructions will vary based on the breed and situation. More than likely, your dog will be perfectly fine.

For future reference, the best course of action is to prevent your dog from gaining access to baby wipes. Make sure to keep baby wipes in a safe location where your dog cannot get to them.

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