dog barking at the vacuum cleaner

Most dogs are naturally afraid of vacuum cleaners, but individual dogs may react differently depending on the dog’s personality and past experiences with vacuums. Some dogs become frightened and aggressive if they see or hear a vacuum cleaner, whereas others will just hide or try to escape. Vacuums are one of the most common noisy… Read More

Poppy Seeds from bottle

The poppy plant has been used as a traditional remedy for centuries and is found in many different baking goods and dishes. The plant’s seeds and oil can offer a variety of health benefits, including pain relief, protection from cardiovascular disease, and improved fertility. So, if you’ve taken a liking to baking with poppy seeds,… Read More

wolf spider in the garden

Cats are known for killing and even eating spiders. And while wolf spiders don’t necessarily look like wolves, they’re just as dangerous. These hairy, medium-sized spiders are different from other species as they can’t actually spin webs. Instead of spinning webs, they actually hunt down their prey and pounce on them, paralyzing them with their… Read More

a scared cat on couch

Passing gas goes by many names—tooting, farting, and letting one rip—and it’s something all people and animals do, including cats. Sure, cats are graceful and sophisticated animals known for keeping themselves clean and tidy, but like any other animal, a cat can get flatulence. While not common, cat farts do happen. This flatulence occurs in… Read More

Siberian Huskies sometimes get a bad rap due to their appearance, as their permanent expression can seem aggressive. However, with a second look, their faces are actually quite calm, with bright eyes behind their “mask” that are always playful but watchful over their pack. These two traits, instinctive to Huskies through their breeding, make them… Read More

shetland sheepdog lying on a trunk

Shetland sheepdogs are a cousin breed of the border collie and share many of their most striking characteristics. The most recognizable of which is their long, thick coat. While beautiful, that coat causes a lot of shedding. You may be thinking, “Well, that’s fine! I’ll take them to the groomers!” Regular trips to the groomers… Read More

Bernese Mountain Dog standing on water

Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely versatile working dogs that came from the alpine farmlands of Switzerland. They were developed to herd and work cattle, pull carts, and act as guard dogs and companions to their families. But are Bernese Mountain Dogs smart? Yes, Bernese Mountain Dogs are smart. They’re suited to obedience, tracking, herding, and… Read More

labrador service dog guiding a disabled person

Dogs are people’s best friends for more reasons than just their friendly, adoring natures. They also have the unique ability to keep us safe and help if we have mental, emotional, or physical health conditions. Service dogs enable many people to manage their disabilities and take part in everyday activities. If you’ve decided that a… Read More

Arches National Park during summer

Arches National Park is in Grand County, Utah, and has over 75,000 acres of hills, valleys, trails, and beautiful rock formations. This red-rocked wonderland brings in thousands of tourists each year and its eye-catching colors and long-running trails make it the perfect place for dogs. One of the biggest benefits of taking your dog to… Read More

portuguese water dog in the forest

Many people believe Portuguese Water Dogs are hypoallergenic because of their fluffy coats and cute looks. However, this is not the case. Portuguese water dogs are not truly hypoallergenic, contrary to popular belief. Portuguese Water Dogs are actually considered to be moderately allergenic, which is why they should not ordinarily be housed with people who… Read More