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When you think of a speakeasy, you typically think of an unofficial bar serving drinks despite alcoholic prohibitions. However, in the dog world, Home Depot seems to be a speakeasy who has an official stance against dogs, but we see them in the store all the time. If you want to take your dog to the place where doers get more done, it seems like you’ve got to know your local store’s policy and ease into the scene. As long as your dog is well-behaved and on a leash, they don’t seem to care. Continue reading to learn more about Home Depot’s dog policy.

Does Home Depot Allow Dogs?

Although we see no publicly posted corporate policies prohibiting pets, the general opinion in the internet world is that dogs are officially not allowed in Home Depot unless they’re service animals. However, we’ve frequently seen dogs in the stores. Also, most other hardware stores such as Lowes not only allow dogs but encourage them to come.

Unless there’s a sign posted on the door or the website, it’s generally safe to assume your dog is allowed in a hardware store, but you should always check with the individual store first because it could depend on the manager. It could also depend on who’s working that day, so if you do get a yes, be sure your dog is on their best behavior when they arrive. Not all employees may welcome your dog or know that they’re allowed—especially if they’re incessantly barking.

At the very least, most Home Depot stores probably won’t have a problem with your dog sniffing around the Garden Center but they might not allow them to come indoors. Of course, under all circumstances your dog will need to be well-behaved and on a leash or in the cart.

HomeDepotCanada2 (Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons CC0 1.0 Universal)

Service Dogs are Accepted

Under federal law, service dogs and their handlers must be accepted into all public areas with the exception of places of worship and a few very specific places where safety and sanitation is a high concern, such as a restaurant kitchen or hospital operating room. Home Depot readily complies with this law, as do most establishments.

As the definition of service dog progresses, there have been some struggles, as with emotional support dogs who are not always treated equally or welcomed into places where seeing-eye dogs may be. Service dog documentation is available for proof, but handlers don’t always have these papers on them, and under federal law a person with disabilities can’t be denied entrance even without proof.


Whether or not your dog can come into Home Depot largely depends on the individual store. If they’re well-behaved and don’t cause a scene, it will more than likely be fine, but always check the store first just to make sure.

Featured Image Credit: Home Depot Manteca, California, Wikimedia Commons CC0 4.0 International