Dracaena Plant closeup shot

If you notice that your cat is chewing on one of your houseplants, it’s important to check if the plant is toxic to your cat. Many people might not know that different plants and flowers can cause negative and volatile reactions in your cat. One popular houseplant that is toxic to cats is Dracaena. Continue reading to learn more about this toxic plant and what to do if your cat eats it..

What are the Symptoms of Dracaena Poisoning?

The cause for concern with your cat ingesting a Dracaena plant is that the symptoms can be quite harmful. You might notice that your cat is trying to get the plant out of its body with symptoms such as vomiting, drooling, and diarrhea. The issue with these symptoms is that they can cause dehydration in your cat. Dehydration should never be left untreated for too longso it’s important to get your cat to a vet if dehydration is an issue. .

When Should I Call a Vet?

If you notice your cat has ingested one of your Dracaena plants, keep an eye out for the symptoms mentioned. Your cat may throw up a small amount depending on how much they’ve eaten. Continue to monitor your cat for the symptoms they are experiencing to ensure they don’t last for a long time.

Call your veterinarian if your cat is becoming increasingly dehydrated. They can help with getting your cat back on its feet quickly. If your cat is throwing up constantly or excessively, especially if the vomit is tinged with blood, it’s a good idea to call your vet as soon as possible.

veterinarian checks mouth of maine coon cat
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How Can I Keep Toxic Plants Away from My Cat?

Other than refraining from buying plants that have chemical compounds toxic to cats, there are a few things you can do in your home to keep them away from your cat.

There are several hanging options to keep plants affixed to your ceiling. This will keep them out of your cat’s reach and therefore they will be too difficult to nibble on. You can use hanging ropes, ceiling hooks, or tall plant stands.

If you really feel drawn to them or it was a gift, put up a high shelf or watch your cat for the first week or so to see if they’re even interested. Other options include researching the plants before you buy them with a quick Google search! There are a few different plants that will keep your cat from getting sick, and a little nibble won’t hurt them much.

Keep Toxic Houseplants Away from Cats

If you buy a dracaena houseplant and you want to keep your cats from getting sick, there are many ways to have both! Of course, the best option is to research different plants or flowers before you buy them to avoid putting toxic ones within your cat’s reach.

Make sure you keep an eye out for any missing leaves on your plants and check them regularly for any bite marks. Keep an eye on your kitties to make sure they aren’t experiencing any symptoms. Don’t leave it too long if you do notice symptoms and give your vet a call as soon as possible.


All in all, try not to buy Dracaenas if you have cats and show some love to other plant strains. If you must, place them up high on wall shelves or plant stands. Dracaenas are toxic to cats and can cause serious symptoms depending on how much your cat ate. If you’re concerned about your cat eating a Dracaena, don’t hesitate to call your vet especially if your cat is showing symptoms.

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