Cats are curious pets, and they often are interested in the things we eat. But not everything good for humans is good for cats. If your cat likes to get into human food, you know it’s important to be vigilant about what foods are safe for cats to eat. If your cat eats a pistachio, though, there’s no need to freak out.

These nuts aren’t a very healthy food for cats, but they aren’t poisonous either. So, try your best to keep your kitty out, but don’t worry too much if you fail. If you want to know more about why they aren’t the healthiest treat, here are a few of the reasons.

Pistachios Are Hard to Digest

The biggest reason to avoid pistachios is that cats aren’t built to digest plants. Nuts can cause gas, bloating, and other minor digestive issues. You might notice signs of discomfort, but it usually isn’t enough to cause vomiting or severe distress.

Pistachios are also not the healthiest choice for cats because they are much higher in fat than is ideal. They aren’t a good balance of nutrients even if your cat does digest them well. All these factors mean that they aren’t a healthy treat, even if they aren’t poisonous.

Pistachios Can Contain Salt and Additives

Something else to consider is that many pistachios are salted or seasoned. Cats are very sensitive to salt—only a teaspoon or two can cause severe reactions. This means if your cat eats a lot of salted pistachios, you might see signs of sodium poisoning. Pistachios are also sometimes seasoned or have artificial preservatives added. If your cat eats pistachios, check the ingredient list for hazards. Even if pistachios themselves aren’t a problem, something else in them might be.

pistachios on table
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Pistachio Shells Are a Choking Hazard

Along with pistachios, you need to watch out for shells. These are big enough to be a choking hazard if swallowed, and you don’t want your cat to hurt himself trying to eat one. Shells can also get stuck in your cat’s intestinal tract. If a shell causes an obstruction, the consequences could be serious, and vet care or surgery might be required to fix it.

What If My Cat Eats Pistachios?

If your cat does eat pistachios, she’ll probably be fine. Check to make sure that there aren’t any other ingredients in the pistachios that might cause poisoning. If you think your cat may have eaten pistachio shells, watch for signs of distress due to digestive obstruction. Other than that, expect your cat to be safe and normal, except for maybe a little bit of an upset stomach.

Last Thoughts

Pistachios are definitely not a good food for cats to eat, but overall, this should be pretty low on your list of possible dangers. Most of the dangers that come from eating pistachios are pretty remote and unlikely. If your cat does develop a taste for these treats, though, you might want to keep the bag out of reach.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay