Puppy eating a wedge of watermelon

Have you ever wondered if it is safe to give your dog a small bite of watermelon? It is often tempting to want to offer your dog a little piece of what you are eating, but it is important to first ensure that the food you would like to feed is safe for your pup…. Read More

Sick cat refusing a few pieces of food

Getting a sick cat to eat can be extremely challenging. Cats can be very finicky eaters, and they can be even more finicky when they are sick. As a veterinarian, I often have to entice sick cats to eat again. This article will cover a few tips and tricks that I have learned during my… Read More

Cat scratching itself on a bed

If your cat has been sneezing, scratching, or coughing, this may be a sign that they have allergies. While it can be tempting to reach into the medicine cabinet to relieve their symptoms, it is always a good idea to speak with your veterinarian before giving your cat any human medications. In this article, I… Read More

First time dog owners welcome their new dog

If you are a first time dog owner, there is a lot to learn. Getting a dog is a very exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming at first. As a veterinarian, I often get questions from new pet owners about how to best care for a new dog. These are the 12… Read More

Jack Russell Terrier walking on a loose leash

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learn how much it costs to microchip your dog from a vet

Have you been contemplating getting your pet microchipped but want to know more details before you make that decision? Microchipping a dog is very affordable and a great idea for any pet. According to the American Humane Society, around 10 million pets are lost within the U.S. every year. If your pet is microchipped, this… Read More

a vet explains why dogs run away

If you have ever lost your dog, you will likely remember how scary that experience can be. Dogs run away for a variety of reasons including boredom, fear, or prey drive. In this article, we will review six common reasons why dogs run away. We will also offer tips on how to reduce the risk… Read More

dog drinking water from bowl

Question: Why is my dog drinking excessive water and drooling a lot, and what can I do to help her? My dog has been acting differently, drinking a lot more water than usual, drooling a lot (she’s never drooled before), and sleeping a lot more. Her nose is also running. She’s seven years old. I’m… Read More

Dog on Training Pads

Question: Why is my housebroken dog urinating in my house still? I have a 5 and a half month old Cavoodle. We crate-trained her for the first few months. Then we placed a pen fence around her crate but gave her access to the doggy door to go outside. She picked up toilet training well…. Read More

yorkie opening its mouth

Question: My dog has a black mole in his mouth that is growing. Should I be concerned? My dog Maverick has a mole in his mouth that is increasing in size as he grows older. Should I have it checked out? -Michael Answer: Dear Michael, Thank you for submitting your question about Maverick! Anytime that… Read More

Cats fighting

Question: My cats no longer get along after getting into a fight. What is causing this and what can I do? I have two cats. They have been living with each other for about 10 years. One of them noticed another cat outside and attacked my other cat. Now, my other cat is very aggressive… Read More

Dog lost tooth

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Cat and PIlls

Question: My hyperthyroid cat won’t take his medicine, which is in pill form. Can you tell me how to give a cat a pill? My 15-year-old cat has hyperthyroid, and he’s supposed to take medicine. I’m having major issues giving him the pill. I tried to crush it in food, and now he won’t even… Read More

shetland sheepdog lying on a trunk

Question: Why does my female dog hump me? After being alone for a couple of hours or being around other people and excited, my female dog humps me just like a male dog would do. I have never heard of or seen a female do this before. Why is she doing this? -Maribeth Answer: Dear… Read More

Cat meowing

Question: Why is my kitten’s voice hoarse, and what can I do about it? I adopted a stray cat when he was 6 weeks old now he is 7 weeks old. His name is Leo. He has had a hoarse voice since this morning, he is quite playful and active though. Can you help me… Read More

The Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes are becoming more and more popular with cat parents. Keeping your cat’s litter box clean and hygienic is vital to prevent messes and bad smells. A fresh litter box will also reduce the risk of you and your family coming into contact with pathogens that are present in urine and feces. Traditional… Read More

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The Best GPS Dog Trackers

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