If you’ve kept freshwater fish at any point, you’ve heard of Betta fish. These fish are coveted for their elegant fins and attractive colors. Males, in particular, are extremely eye-catching and can be the perfect centerpiece of your room if you’re willing to provide appropriate care. There are many things people don’t realize about Bettas,… Read More

Iris Flower Close up

Irises are beautiful flowers popular in flower beds and arrangements. These flowers are extremely popular for their beauty and ease of care, so they are frequently found in areas where cats may come into contact with them. It’s important to thoroughly understand the potential for toxicity with any flowers you have in an area where… Read More

japanese chin dog standing on grass

The Japanese Chin is an elegant and playful dog breed that is beloved by many for its temperament, cute appearance, and manageable size. If you’re interested in the Japanese Chin breed, but you suffer from allergies to dogs, it can be discouraging. Many allergy sufferers don’t believe they can successfully own a dog without symptoms,… Read More

cairn terrier in the woods

If you’re allergic to dogs but also love dogs, you may have been desperately searching for a hypoallergenic dog. There are a variety of breeds that many people believe are hypoallergenic, but it’s important to understand what causes allergies to dogs before you decide on a breed. One breed that may be less likely to… Read More

a female great dane standing on long grass

While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, Great Danes don’t belong to that category because they shed. However, since they have short hair and a single coat, they do shed less than long-haired, double-coated dogs such as the Golden Retriever. If you plan accordingly, moderate allergy sufferers should still be able to care for this breed…. Read More


Tangerines are a tasty and nutritious snack for humans. They are also a kid-friendly snack, so many people keep them around when they’re in season. On top of being delicious, tangerines are a shape that might be eye-catching to your dog, especially if you’ve got a ball-obsessed hound. Are tangerines as safe and healthy for… Read More


Lilac is a gorgeous shrub plant that is exceptionally popular for its tendency to create flowing lengths of purple flowers in the spring. They are a uniquely beautiful plant that makes it easy to see why anyone would be interested in planting one or two lilacs. Unfortunately, pet owners must consider what’s safe before adding… Read More

Pharaoh Hound in beautiful autumn park

Many dog owners love the outdoors, and many love nothing more than spending time outdoors with their canine companions. National parks are a great option for getting out and exploring nature, and they cover such a broad range of environments that you’ll never get bored exploring the national parks of the United States. But are… Read More

spider plant on a wooden table

Spider plants are perennially a favorite houseplant due to their relatively easy care, fullness, and attractive appearance as both a hanging and potted plant. They reproduce readily via plantlet production. If you have cats, though, it’s important to know how safe spider plants may be for your furry friends. Cats are well known for their… Read More

boston fern plant

Ferns are, inexplicably, a favorite houseplant. Well, it’s probably because they’re full, lush plants that bring an air of exotic interest to your home. Anyone who’s ever attempted to keep a fern will tell you, though, they can be quite picky plants that are rarely easy to keep due to their high humidity and indirect… Read More