Tangerines are a tasty and nutritious snack for humans. They are also a kid-friendly snack, so many people keep them around when they’re in season. On top of being delicious, tangerines are a shape that might be eye-catching to your dog, especially if you’ve got a ball-obsessed hound. Are tangerines as safe and healthy for… Read More


Lilac is a gorgeous shrub plant that is exceptionally popular for its tendency to create flowing lengths of purple flowers in the spring. They are a uniquely beautiful plant that makes it easy to see why anyone would be interested in planting one or two lilacs. Unfortunately, pet owners must consider what’s safe before adding… Read More

spider plant on a wooden table

Spider plants are perennially a favorite houseplant due to their relatively easy care, fullness, and attractive appearance as both a hanging and potted plant. They reproduce readily via plantlet production. If you have cats, though, it’s important to know how safe spider plants may be for your furry friends. Cats are well known for their… Read More