dog pee on ground

Has your previously house-trained dog started peeing inside right in front of you? It can be a little alarming for pet owners to see digression in their pet’s behavior, especially with destructive behaviors like aggression or inappropriate toileting. Your dog may be urinating indoors due to medical or behavioral reasons. It’s essential to determine the… Read More

lots of pine cones

Every pet owner has once said, “What are you eating!?” exasperatedly to their dog. Dogs are chewers by nature, so it’s completely natural for them to explore their environment with their mouths. This can be dangerous, however, as many things in their environment can pose risks if ingested. One thing your dog may enjoy chewing… Read More

Spiderwort plant

Spiderwort plants (Tradescantia zebrina) are amongst the most beautiful and statement-making houseplants you can grow. They’re also incredibly easy to take care of and pretty hard to kill, making them a great pick for new plant owners and green thumbs alike. If you’re a plant aficionado and a cat owner, you might be wondering if… Read More