Adorable tabby kitten on bed looking curiously at the camera

When you have a new kitten in your home, it can be an exciting time, but you might not be sure how to take care of a kitten. Kittens are naturally curious and playful little beings. However, learning how to care for them can be stressful for first-time owners. Before adopting a kitten, it helps… Read More

Man cuddling his adult cat

Cats can be a wonderful addition to your home. They are playful and active, yet they enjoy a good cuddle on the sofa from time to time. Best of all, no two cats are alike. Each seems to have its own unique personality and traits. There are plenty of rescues and shelters that offer up… Read More

Hairless Dog

A dog’s hair coat is one of the first things that another person may notice about a dog. If your canine companion has a healthy, shiny coat, you’ve probably received lots of compliments from strangers or from the staff at your vet’s office. But what happens when your dog starts to lose hair in some… Read More

Finding quality dog food for puppies is more crucial to your dog’s lifelong health than you may think. Nutrition is one of the most important ways that we can keep our puppies healthy. You might not think much of the small dry kibble that is in your dog’s bowl, but each piece contains essential vitamins… Read More