white maine coon cat in gray background

The Maine Coons is a large and beautiful cat with a sweet, quiet disposition. They’re not known for being the most demanding or loud cats. So, does this mean Maine Coons don’t purr, meow, chirp, and trill like other cats? Absolutely not. Just because Maine Coons aren’t typically that loud, they certainly can purr—and loudly,… Read More


The result of a Blue Heeler and Australian Shepherd cattle dog mix is the very striking Texas Heeler, which was named after the state the breed originates from. A pastoral breed, Texas Heelers—like both their parent breeds—are known for their high intelligence, herding abilities, and strong work ethic. Though not officially recognized as a breed… Read More

dog sniffing at the owner

A dog’s sixth sense is no secret. They’re deeply attuned to human moods and emotions and know exactly when to comfort us when we’ve got a case of the blues, can sniff out even the subtlest sign that something isn’t quite right, and even, in some cases, detect when a person is unwell. But can… Read More

dog drinking water from bowl

Until we found out about a study by Sunghwan Jung of the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University and a team of scientists on how exactly dogs drink water, we assumed that they were simply scooping up water and swallowing. We were completely wrong. In short, dogs drink the water that splashes… Read More

white dog lying outdoor

Dogs are renowned for their acute sense of hearing. It makes them sensitive to even faraway noises, like thunder and fireworks—noises that you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at. But how far can dogs actually hear on average? In short, dogs can hear certain sounds 4–5 times further away than humans on average. In this… Read More

German Shorthaired Pointer standing on grass

German Shorthaired Pointers—called “GSPs” for short—are some of the most distinctive dogs you’ll ever meet. They’re also very affectionate and great fun to be around, so it’s no surprise that they made it onto the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds. If you suffer from allergies, though, and are wondering if GSPs… Read More

border collie outdoors

The sweet Border Collie is a popular family dog and for good reason—these gentle-natured dogs live to make their humans happy and, in general, get along beautifully with kids. If you’re wondering whether or not Border Collies are hypoallergenic, the short answer is no, they’re not hypoallergenic. There’s a lot more to the term “hypoallergenic”,… Read More

Alaskan Malamute in the snow

If you’ve been contemplating inviting an Alaskan Malamute into your life, we totally get the appeal. Not only are Alaskan Malamutes stunning to look at, but they’re also big softies that are, for the most part, affectionate towards family and super friendly with new people. But if you’ve got allergies, you’ll need to carefully consider… Read More

rottweiler wearing a choke collar outdoors

Rottweilers—affectionately known as “Rotties”—are sometimes unfairly subject to a bad reputation. Though some believe that Rottweilers are loose cannons that can’t be trusted around children, a well-socialized Rottweiler is actually one of the most loyal, loving, and protective family dogs you could hope to have. In this post, we’ll address some common misconceptions and questions… Read More

chrysanthemum flowers

Mums—also known as chrysanthemums and daisies—are flowers for all occasions. They’re simple, pretty, and come in a variety of colors, some of which even have symbolic meaning for those interested in the language of flowers. Unfortunately, the effect they can have on dogs isn’t so pretty. According to the ASPCA, mums are poisonous to dogs…. Read More

bombay cat sitting on a table

Black cats have been the unfortunate subjects of an age-old superstition that they bring misfortune. This reputation means that we often see Halloween decorations in the shape of black cats and some people are still wary about crossing paths with one. When you meet a black cat, though, you may ponder the question “how on… Read More

tabby cat and german shepherd

German Shepherds are dogs known for their big personalities—they’re big-hearted, hardworking, and fiercely loyal to the right people. But how do German Shepherds get along with cats? There’s no clear-cut answer to this question because every dog is different. We can make generalizations about a breed’s temperament, but there are many other factors to consider…. Read More

calico cat

Calico cats’ coloring patterns are so unique and eye-catching that it’s easy to assume that these cats must be rare. This is only partly true. While female calico cats aren’t so unusual, male calicoes are incredibly rare—a genetic anomaly, even! 99.9% of calico cats are female, so the chance of coming across a male calico… Read More