Siberian Huskies sometimes get a bad rap due to their appearance, as their permanent expression can seem aggressive. However, with a second look, their faces are actually quite calm, with bright eyes behind their “mask” that are always playful but watchful over their pack. These two traits, instinctive to Huskies through their breeding, make them… Read More

shetland sheepdog lying on a trunk

Shetland sheepdogs are a cousin breed of the border collie and share many of their most striking characteristics. The most recognizable of which is their long, thick coat. While beautiful, that coat causes a lot of shedding. You may be thinking, “Well, that’s fine! I’ll take them to the groomers!” Regular trips to the groomers… Read More

irish wolfhound is standing on a green grass

The Irish wolfhounds are a unique breed. The AKC recognizes it as the tallest breed in the world, averaging 105–120 pounds as adults, and they have a distinctive appearance, with a wiry coat in various shades of grey. Because of their stately stature and kind nature, many potential pet owners turn to the Irish wolfhound…. Read More