Bernese Mountain Dog lying on shore

Just because someone suffers from dog allergies doesn’t guarantee they’ll hate dogs. Many allergy sufferers couldn’t imagine a life without dogs, leaving them wondering if there’s something they can do to alleviate the suffering they experience when around their beloved family friends. Unfortunately, Bernese Mountain Dogs are not hypoallergenic. These dogs will trigger dog allergies… Read More

Belgian Malinois in the forest

Belgian Malinois is a famous dog for various K-9 unit forces from the municipal to the international level. They’ve been a feature of several high-profile raids in the war on terrorism, which can be suitable for a lesser-known breed like the Belgian Malinois by increasing the number of capable, interested owners. However, the surge that… Read More

tabby cat staring at the snake

You may have seen some comical videos of cats flying away from cucumbers floating around the internet. People have posited that this fear comes from a natural, biological aversion to things shaped like snakes, and veterinarians and other animal science experts have largely backed this conclusion. However, that doesn’t mean cats are afraid of snakes…. Read More

ginger cat with the owner

Dogs are well-known for being fiercely protective and devoted life companions, while cats are generally stereotyped as aloof and underemotional by comparison, perhaps even a bit standoffish with strangers. However, some cats have been observed to be just as protective as dogs in some cases. Cats love their families as much as their families love… Read More

Young maltese dog in a meadow

If you’ve been known to get itchy, sneeze, or have respiratory issues when you’re around dogs, you’re probably allergic to them. While such a condition might be relatively minor to some people, others may experience severe symptoms and complications when around dogs. Luckily, some dogs like the Maltese are touted as hypoallergenic—and by the technical… Read More


Chickpeas are a popular replacement for animal proteins in human diets. These fibrous, little legumes pack high amounts of fiber and protein, making them ideal for many plant-based diets. However, they don’t represent a replacement for animal proteins in a dog’s diet. They also shouldn’t be used to replace grain ingredients in a dog’s diet…. Read More

tabby cat paws on backrest of couch

Cats are remarkably clean creatures. So, cat parents rarely think to intervene and help their cats out with regular maintenance. That doesn’t mean our cats don’t need our help, though! While many people assume that their cats will clean up after themselves, they don’t think about how some cats may need the extra help. Older… Read More

rubber tree

People love rubber plants for their low-maintenance needs and thick, soft leaves that can add some love and green to the concrete jungles we live in. American rubber plants, scientifically known as the Peperomia obtusifolia, are considered non-toxic for cats. However, there is another classification of “rubber plants” known as Ficus elastica, which is considered… Read More