If you’re like most cat parents, you’ll find it hard to resist giving your cat a tasty treat every so often (or even on the regular). Whether you use treats to reward good behavior or simply just because, there’s no doubt that cat treats are handy to have on hand. The thing is, many cat treats aren’t that healthy for your beloved puss. In fact, many are packed with questionable ingredients that are downright unhealthy for them. So why not make the switch to a cat treat that can actually boost your cat’s health? This is precisely what CBD cat treats offer. They combine the numerous health benefits that CBD offers cats in the form of a tasty treat. CBD has been shown to help cats with a whole hoard of health issues, from stress and anxiety, to aggressiveness and loss of appetite.

Not just any packet will do, however. You’ll need to find one that is carefully formulated to support their health and is also tempting enough for your cat to eat. To offer you some solid options, we looked at dozens of CBD treats for cats to identify the best of the best. In our search, we considered factors like the type of CBD, the combination of ingredients used as well as their quality, flavors offered, and more.

Best CBD Cat Treats Overall

MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor)

With 10mg of third party tested CBD per treat, giving your cat a dose of CBD goodness couldn’t be easier.

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After our analysis, it was evident that MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor) were the clear winner. These treats are not only formulated with a powerful combination of healthy ingredients, your kitty will also find them super tasty. If you’d like to learn more about this product, as well as our other top recommendations, keep reading.

The 5 Top-Rated CBD Cat Treats

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best CBD Cat Treats Overall MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor) 5.0
Best CBD Cat Treats With Full Spectrum CBD CBD American Shaman Cat Food Kitty Nugs (Chicken Flavor) n/a
Best Budget CBD Cat Treats Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Salmon Flavor) n/a
Best Uniquely Flavored CBD Cat Treats MedTerra CBD Joint Support Soft Chews (Peanut Butter Flavor) 5.0
Best CBD Cat Treats for Tartar Control MediPets CBD Cat Treats (Chicken Flavor) 4.5

*Ratings are current at the time of publication and can change

Best CBD Cat Treats Overall: MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor)

If we were to list all of the qualities a packet of CBD cat treats should have, it would end up looking something like MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor). Take a look at this option for yourself, and you’ll see that they tick all of the boxes a cat parent could hope.

For starters, the CBD used is grown and extracted in the USA. What’s more, MedTerra even boasts a certification from the U.S. Hemp Authority. This product, like the rest of the company’s excellent line of CBD products, is also lab tested by a third party, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your cat only the best of the best CBD for cats that money can buy.

Each delicious bacon flavored chew has 10mg of CBD, as well as a variety of other calming ingredients to ease any symptoms of stress and anxiety you cat is experiencing. For example, you’ll not only find valerian root in this product’s ingredients list, but also L-tryptophan. MedTerra is so confident that your cat will love these CBD chews that they’ve put a 30-day money back guarantee on the table for all customers. So if you’ve been keen to try out CBD treats on your cat for a while or your interest is now piqued, keep in mind that you can try this option out without a worry.

MedTerra CBD Calming Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor) Key Features:

  • 10mg of CBD per chew
  • CBD is third party tested
  • Valerian root and L-tryptophan
  • Tasty bacon flavor

Best CBD Cat Treats With Full Spectrum CBD: CBD American Shaman Cat Food Kitty Nugs (Chicken Flavor)

Best CBD Cat Treats With Full Spectrum CBD

CBD American Shaman Cat Food Kitty Nugs (Chicken Flavor)

With 10mg of full spectrum CBD in every cup, these vitamin-rich CBD cat treats sure pack a lot in!

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CBD American Shaman Cat Food Kitty Nugs (Chicken Flavor) is an excellent choice for anyone who’s on the hunt for CBD cat treats that use full spectrum CBD. If the name CBD American Shaman sounds familiar, it’s because this company has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy company that speciailizes in high-quality CBD products.

In our opinion, this offering from the company is one of their standout products. Each cup of these chicken flavored treats contains 10mg of lab tested, full spectrum CBD that’s been grown here in the USA. Other notable ingredients these treats boast include vitamin B12, D3, E supplements, riboflavin supplement, and biotin.

Still umming and ahhing about whether to give it a try? You may be swayed by the fact that CBD American Shaman offers a 45 day money back guarantee if you buy these treats from their website.

CBD American Shaman Cat Food Kitty Nugs (Chicken Flavor) Key Features:

  • Full spectrum CBD
  • 10mg of CBD per cup
  • Vitamin rich
  • Net weight 3lb

Best Budget CBD Cat Treats: Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Salmon Flavor)

Best Budget CBD Cat Treats

Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Salmon Flavor)

Holista Pet’s GMO-free CBD cat treats show that you shouldn’t need to compromise on quality even with an affordably priced product.

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There’s no getting around the fact that many CBD products for cats can be on the pricier side. But that doesn’t mean that high-quality budget products don’t exist! You just need to know where to look. If you’re after an affordable CBD treat for your cat, you’ll be over the moon to discover Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Salmon Flavor).

These crunchy treats are made just as well as pricier options. Every treat contains 2mg of full spectrum CBD in addition to other cannabinoids. They’re not only completely free from GMOs, gluten, grains, and dairy, but also from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Moreover, the salmon flavor is just as delicious as the flavors found in more high-end options. Did we mention that each packet contains 75 treats but will only set you back $25?

So what exactly is the catch? Well, the only explanation we can offer is that the amount of CBD per treat is relatively less than some pricier options. Apart from that, we can only hazard a guess that Holistapet simply wants to offer cat owners a fairly priced CBD product that doesn’t cut corners. In any case, we’re certainly not complaining!

Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Salmon Flavor) Key Features:

  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • GMO-free
  • 75 treats per packet
  • No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

Best Uniquely Flavored CBD Cat Treats: MedTerra CBD Joint Support Soft Chews (Peanut Butter Flavor)

Best Uniquely Flavored CBD Cat Treats

MedTerra CBD Joint Support Soft Chews (Peanut Butter Flavor)

Want to offer your feline a gourmet experience? These peanut butter flavored treats not only taste fantastic, they also support their joint health.

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If a standard of flavor of cat treat won’t cut it for your adventurous cat, why not treat them to a more unique flavor? We strongly recommend MedTerra CBD Joint Support Soft Chews (Peanut Butter Flavor). Yes, you saw correctly: these tasty morsels really are peanut butter flavored! But there’s so much more to them than just their amazing flavor.

As is the case with the bacon flavored variety of this product that we reviewed above (as our #1 rated CBD cat treats, no less!), these treats certainly pack a punch in terms of features. Both varieties contain 10mg of CBD and boast features such as being lab tested, THC free, and non-GMO.

But while the bacon flavored variety focuses on calming your cat, this variety is formulated to support their joint health. To this end, each packet of 30 treats contains 400mg of glucosamine, 200mg of MSM, and 300mg of chondroitin.

Holistapet CBD Cat Treats (Peanut Butter Flavor) Key Features:

  • Formulated to support joint health
  • Lab tested
  • Zero THC
  • 5 star customer rating

Best CBD Cat Treats for Tartar Control: MediPets CBD Cat Treats (Chicken Flavor)

Best CBD Cat Treats for Tartar Control

MediPets CBD Cat Treats (Chicken Flavor)

A two-in-one product that acts both as a yummy treat for you cat and as a means of reducing their tartar.

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As a cat parent, you’ll know that multi-functional products can be incredibly useful. Not only can you kill two birds with one stone, you’ll also save time and money in the process. This is why we can’t recommend MediPets CBD Cat Treats (Chicken Flavor) enough. These CBD cat treats simultaneously offer your cat a yummy treat and a way to reduce their tartar.

Each container features 100mg of full spectrum lab tested CBD. The other ingredients this product is formulated with are just as impressive, not least because of the generous amount of vitamins and minerals included. There are plenty of organic ingredients too, such as organic flax seeds, hemp heart seeds, and parsley. In fact, even the CBD oil itself is grown in an organic hemp farm!

MediPets CBD Cat Treats (Chicken Flavor) Key Features:

  • Formulated to reduce tartar
  • 100mg of CBD per container
  • Organically grown CBD
  • Chicken flavored

Who Should Buy CBD Cat Treats

If your cat suffers from a problem that CBD products can help with, you may wish to give your cat CBD cat treats. CBD has been shown to treat a range of ailments in cats including, but not limited to: achy joints, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and loss of appetite.

Cat owners who are looking for a healthier way to treat their cats should also consider buying CBD cat treats. CBD cat treats are often formulated with relatively more health-focused ingredients than regular cat treats. In addition to CBD itself, these treats tend to have a variety of ingredients known to support cats’ health, such as coconut oil, vitamins, and minerals. Keep in mind, however, that just because cat treats have CBD as an ingredient, doesn’t make them inherently healthy. Always check the ingredients label to see for yourself just how healthy each option is for your cat!

Best CBD Cat Treats Overall

MedTerra CBD Joint Support Soft Chews (Bacon Flavor)

With 10mg of third party tested CBD per treat, giving your cat a dose of CBD goodness couldn’t be easier.

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Important Features to Consider

CBD cat treats should have a few important features. Here’s what you should consider when selecting CBD cat treats for your feline:

  • The amount of CBD per serving. When you’re on the hunt for these treats, make sure to check how much CBD is included in a single serving (i.e. each individual treat). As you can imagine, the more CBD there is per serving, the more likely your cat will feel its effects.
  • Ingredients. You should also be mindful of which ingredients are used. Reading a product’s ingredients label will shed a light on which other ingredients are included in addition to CBD. Keep a particular eye out for any other ingredients that will support your cat’s health, from ingredients known to ease anxiety, to those associated with greater joint mobility.
  • What it doesn’t have. In addition to looking at a product’s ingredients, be sure to take note of what it’s free from. Top quality options are usually free from GMOs, artificial color, flavors, and preservatives. Depending on your cat’s health needs, you may also want to look for a product that’s also free from gluten, grains, and dairy.
  • Flavor. Does your cat prefer meat or fish flavored treats? Or perhaps they are more adventurous? Whatever flavor your cat has a penchant for, there’s a good chance you can find it accommodated for in a packet of CBD cat treats.
  • Servings per packet. Don’t just look at price and quality when determining if you’re getting value for money. Look at how many servings there are in a packet. Generally speaking, you can give your cat up to two treats per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats have CBD treats?

Yes, cats can definitely have CBD treats, as long as they have been specially formulated for consumption by cats. Cat CBD treats (as well as CBD treats made for consumption by both cats and dogs) have been made in a way which supports cats’ particular health needs. CBD treats for dogs and CBD snacks for humans may make cats sick due to the greater potency of the CBD in them as well as the inclusion of other cat-unfriendly ingredients. So make sure not to give them to your feline under any circumstances.

Does CBD help aggressive cats?

Yes, CBD can help aggressive cats. Thanks to CBD’s calming properties, it can help to reduce both stress and anxiety in cats, and in turn dampen their aggressive tendencies. Needless to say, just like any other treatment or aid you offer your cat, there’s no guarantee CBD will help aggressive cats. However, many cat owners have been able to reduce aggressiveness in their cats after giving them CBD, whether in a treat form or otherwise.

Are calming treats safe for cats?

Calming treats with CBD are considered perfectly safe for cats to consume. That being said, you should make sure to follow any usage instructions given by the manufacturer and to buy a well-made product from a reputable company.

It’s also a wise idea to carefully read the ingredients label to ensure you’re buying a quality product. Keep in mind that CBD calming treats (or any CBD treats for your cat) should not contain any THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana. THC would in fact make them hyperactive rather than calm, while also potentially compromising their health. Fortunately, CBD calming treats for cats should be free of THC anyway, but it’s well worth double checking this for peace of mind. If in doubt, remember you can always consult your veterinarian for expert advice.

Do cats like the taste of CBD oil?

The taste of CBD oil won’t cause any issues with most cats. However, some may not like the distinct grassy taste that characterizes full spectrum CBD oil. In any case, this taste doesn’t tend to be overpowering in well-made CBD cat treats. After all, they’re formulated with cats’ tastes in mind, so you shouldn’t find any that have too strong of a CBD oil taste. If you know your cat doesn’t like the taste of CBD oil, stick to flavored CBD cat treats that are known to be absent of this typical taste.

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