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With all of the information floating around out there about CBD and dogs, it’s easy to get confused or to know what is correct or inaccurate. After all, you don’t want to give anything to your canine companion that could possibly do harm in anyway. So, rather than cover what CBD is, let’s instead focus on some frequently asked questions about products formulated for dogs, the safety, and efficacy of CBD products.

What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

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As you may already know, all mammals are equipped with an internal endocannabinoid system that responds to cannibinoids that are made in the body and to those that are given. This system is involved in homeostasis, which means it helps the body maintain its business as usual status even in the face of stressors that may try to throw it out of whack. With this in mind, it would make sense that providing plant-based cannibinoids to the system would increase your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

CBD products mainly focus on recovery from exercise-induced inflammation associated with exercise, supporting healthy sleep cycles, supporting a sense of calm for focus and managing everyday stresses.

There are many possibilities for the use of CBD that haven’t yet been thoroughly researched.

Can You Give CBD Oil to Dogs Every day?

CBD is an unregulated supplement, meaning the FDA hasn’t done extensive research to determine the efficacy and safety of it. However, various studies by Cornell and Colorado State University have shown that low serving sizes of CBD can be used every day, even twice a day in some situations.

Can You Give a Dog Too Much CBD Oil?

Toxic levels of CBD have not been established. This is what makes it important to speak with your veterinarian before giving any CBD products to your dog.

The main side effects seen with higher doses of CBD include drowsiness, a drop in blood pressure, diarrhea, and dry mouth. CBD is also metabolized by the liver, so dogs with existing liver disease may have increased difficulty clearing the substance and require smaller serving sizes.

CBD can also interact with certain medications, such as anticonvulsants, which can alter the toxic dose levels as well.

It’s also important to know that CBD products meant for humans should not be given to your dog. They contain different levels of CBD, and in some products could have other potentially toxic ingredients, like xylitol, that could harm your dog.

Can Dogs Take CBD Oil to Calm Them Down?

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CBD oil is marketed as having a calming effect on dogs that experience anxiousness or stress due to loud noises, separation, or social situations. Again, there aren’t any FDA-accepted products that are labeled for this use, but it hasn’t stopped people from trying.

Considering that CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid receptors in a dog’s nervous system, it would seem to reason that it could help to literally calm those nerves.

Most supplements formulated to help calm a dog also contain a combination of other natural substances, such as chamomile, to help contribute to a calming effect. As with any supplement, it works well for some dogs and may have no effect on others.

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil For Dogs?

You may have a hard time finding a veterinarian who will freely recommend or maybe even discuss the use of CBD oil in dogs, especially depending on what state you live in. That being said, CBD oil that’s derived from hemp isn’t illegal and it’s the safest type to use on dogs . It still contains all of the benefits without the potentially harmful and toxic THC that CBD derived from marijuana may contain. Depending on where your state stands in the legalization of marijuana, CBD from the marijuana plant may or may not be illegal. But it’s important to note that even in states where marijuana for human consumption is legal, it isn’t legal for pets.

Even though hemp CBD may not be illegal, it’s still not federally regulated. That’s why it’s so important to stick with a manufacturer who has excellent quality control and testing standards. This combination of gray areas has many veterinarians staying closemouthed about CBD product use, especially because laws are constantly changing.

If you are curious about using CBD oil in dogs, a holistic vet may be more insightful, as most veterinarians that practice more traditional methods have tried to steer clear of the subject. Also, veterinary researchers at university hospitals may have the latest and greatest information that vets in general practice won’t have. My dogs recently tried three Charlotte’s Web products: the Hemp Extract Liquid, the Hip & Joint Chews, and the Hemp Infused Balm, and they enjoyed them!

There are still many questions surrounding the use of CBD oil in our canine companions, but more research is being done all of the time to try to answer some of those questions. Always speak to your veterinarian before giving your dog any CBD products, and do your research on how and from where the oil is derived.