Dog barking through a fence at night

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as the feeling of your head hitting the pillow after a long day – that is until you’re woken up by your barking dog. A dog barking all night long creates a major problem for you as well as your family and possibly neighbors. If your pup is trying to… Read More

Dog barking in the grass

Nothing can sour your relationship with those across the fence faster than a barking dog, so you want to stop your dog from barking at the neighbors before it becomes a point of contention. After all, it becomes an annoyance for you, them, and often the entire neighborhood. If your dog is a little too… Read More

Jack Russell terrier puppy getting attention in owner's lap

You want your new puppy to grow into a healthy, well-mannered, and loveable constant companion, but it’s not something that just happens without effort. Raising a puppy is hard work, takes time and patience, and is also well worth the effort you put in. If you’re not sure where to start or are having some… Read More

Senior dog lying on a dog bed

Until we figure out how to keep our beloved pups from aging, it’s something that we’ll have to deal with as dog parents. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in nutrition and medicine, our canine companions are living longer than ever before. How we care for them as they get older will determine how healthy, comfortable, and… Read More

Puppy sitting on a puppy training pad for potty training

All puppies have their own personality. Your puppy might be bold, shy, loving, protective, or some combination of these and other characteristics. Some puppies are particularly stubborn, especially when it comes to potty training. No matter how much you love your new little companion, potty training a stubborn puppy – and dealing with repeated potty… Read More

Dog walking outside next to flower bed carrying watering can

After all the time you’ve put in and all the dirt that’s gotten under your fingernails, there’s nothing worse than your dog spending a rambunctious five minutes destroying your flower beds. If you long for the day when you can enjoy the well-earned beauty of your prize blooms and the company of your dog simultaneously,… Read More

A Calm Dog

Whether your pup is a mile-a-minute, hyperactive Energizer battery on four legs or they just can’t handle those car rides or unexpected visitors, getting them to calm down is an invaluable skill. Keeping or getting your dog calm has many benefits, such as preventing possible accidents, fear-related behaviors, and reducing blood pressure. When a dog… Read More

CBD products

With all of the information floating around out there about CBD and dogs, it’s easy to get confused or to know what is correct or inaccurate. After all, you don’t want to give anything to your canine companion that could possibly do harm in anyway. So, rather than cover what CBD is, let’s instead focus… Read More

Charlottes web CBD products for pets

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of veterinary hemp or CBD products. We weren’t versed on it in veterinary school and I work in a clinic that leans more towards the traditional side. However, I also happen to have an “old lady” dog and a one-year old that wants nothing more than to frenzy… Read More

hungarian vizsla dog poops in the green park

There’s nothing that summons a crummy day quite like a 3 am ‘I’ve made a mess on the floor’ whine from your diarrheal dog. Not only do you have a mess to clean up, but you also have the worry that something isn’t right with your canine companion. For long term or severe diarrhea, nothing… Read More

The Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog grooming clippers will eliminate the need for weekly or monthly trips to the groomer while simultaneously keeping nervous pets calm, thanks to low-noise, low-vibration, low-heat, and other nerve-soothing technologies. You can find grooming clippers that get the job done without the bells and whistles, as well as clippers with all the features professional groomers… Read More

The Best Wireless Dog Fences

If you’re in the market for a simple solution to your canine escape artist, your strangely shaped property, or your other backyard woes, you’re probably in the market for a wireless dog fence.