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Cat parents automatically think their cats are the cutest things to walk the planet. Some cats have their owners wrapped around their paws, and they know it. Sometimes, cats seem to “perform” for us by leaping in the air or playing with their favorite cat toy.

But do cats know that they’re cute?  The answer is: probably. There’s no real conclusive evidence to answer this question with a resounding yes, but we can at least explain why cats may think they’re cute and what they do to ensure we notice their cuteness.

Why Do Cats Act So Cute?

A better question here is this: Why do we think our cats are cute? Well, there is science behind this question, so let’s dive in.

Humans are drawn to animals that resemble babies, and kittens and puppies fit this bill. As cat parents, we love when our cats lay with us while we pet them, and when they purr, well, that melts our hearts. So when our cats purr, we think it’s cute. Since humans are drawn to babies, they can be drawn to kittens and puppies due to their cuddly features, large eyes, and little paws.

How Do Cats Communicate With Humans?

When our cats meow, they are communicating with us. Maybe they want to be fed or simply want your attention, or maybe the meow is a simple greeting. Of course, we think their meows are cute no matter the reason, and because of this, it provokes a response, which is what they were going for. Perhaps cats think their meows are cute because it results in action from their humans. We think it’s plausible.

Mother cats also meow at their kittens—an action most humans will find adorable. Is the mother doing this to be cute? No, she’s simply interacting with her kittens. Cats also meow (and hiss) at other cats and animals, which is not so cute.

young woman with ragdoll cat on couch
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Do Cats Know They’re Loved?

Cats have the ability to feel emotions, but not in the same way as humans. In fact, cats can sometimes be hard to read. They can be aloof, and independent, and only seem to want your attention if they need something. Some cats hardly come out and interact with their humans at all, which begs the question: Do cats know they’re loved? Do they even care?

Studies have shown that cats are sensitive to human emotion signals, but not in the same way as canines. However, cats are sensitive to human moods, and they may interact more with someone who is depressed or distressed. In short, it seems that cats do care about human emotions, which, in turn, we think is pretty cute.

As far as cats knowing if they’re loved, they can feel love from you when you feed them, show them affection, or, worst-case scenario, if you’re no longer around them, as they may go through a grieving process.

Some cats may be more affectionate than others, but rest assured that your cat appreciates you feeding it, petting it, and just being around.


While we couldn’t conclusively answer the question of if cats think that they’re cute, we were at least able to explain how they feel emotions and that they have the ability to pick up on our feelings. Cats can feel joy and excitement, so when they do something that provokes that emotion in us, they may continue whatever it is that is drawing that emotion out of us.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Pixabay