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If you are considering adopting a Poodle, you may have heard that they bark a lot. For many potential pet owners, that is a deal breaker. You may be wondering if the Poodle barks more than other breeds and if barking is in their nature. The answer to the first question is yes; Poodles tend to bark a lot. Is it in their nature? Maybe. We’ll discuss the Poodle’s temperament and what makes them bark below.

How Much Do Poodles Bark?

Standard Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Toy Poodles do not display many variations in their vocalization frequency. Each poodle type enjoys barking, but training can help reduce the frequency.

Most Poodles tend to bark when they see someone outside, when they want something, or when they’re bored. Poodles are very intelligent animals, and you need to not only physically stimulate them but keep them mentally busy.

One positive to Poodles barking at everything, from boredom to loud noises, is that they will quickly alert you to intruders on your property. However, Poodles do not make good guard dogs; they’re better at alerting than protecting.

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What Are the Triggers That Cause a Poodle to Bark?

While Poodles bark a lot, they are still considered moderate barkers, meaning some breeds bark less than Poodles, and some breeds bark more.

Poodles have a reputation as being a yappy breed, and you’ll want to know what triggers your canine pal to bark. Here are a few of the triggers:

Here are a few of the triggers:
  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loud noises
  • People walking by outside
  • Excitement
  • Visitors coming to the door or inside
  • Potential threats

These barking causes are not unique to Poodles; other breeds have the same triggers. A Poodle will also bark if injured or sick, and you might notice more barking in the Poodle as it ages.

What’s Making My Poodle’s Barking Worse?

If you’ve noticed that no matter how you try to train your Poodle, they just seem to be barking more, you might be making a few avoidable mistakes. We’ll go into those mistakes below.

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Yelling at Your Poodle

If you’re busy, have a headache, or just had a long, stressful day, sometimes your Poodle’s incessant barking can be the last straw, and you find yourself yelling at your beloved pet. This is a huge mistake, as yelling will make the Poodle bark even more. If the shouting continues, the Poodle will become scared of you, which is something no loving pet owner ever wants.

Ignoring The Poodle’s Barking

While you don’t want to encourage your Poodle to bark, you don’t want to ignore their barking either. Poodles have a stronger sense of smell, and they hear much better than humans, so they will alert you if an intruder comes onto your property or tries to come into your home. Make sure you learn the differences in the barks and don’t discourage your Poodle from barking when there’s a possible threat.

The 3 Tips for Training Your Poodle Not to Bark Excessively

There are a few ways that you can train your Poodle not to bark excessively.

1. Determine Your Poodle’s Triggers

Pay attention to what your dog starts barking at, and work to eliminate those triggers if at all possible. For example, if your dog barks every time someone walks past the window, try to block that window so the Poodle can’t see outside. If your Poodle barks at storms create a safe, quiet area for the dog to retreat to when storms are coming.

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2. Make Sure Your Poodle Gets Mental and Physical Exercise

Sometimes, Poodles bark because they’re bored or full of pent-up energy. Remember, Poodles are extremely intelligent, so they need to be exercised mentally as well as physically to be happy. Larger Poodles will need more exercise than the smaller breeds, but it’s still important to let your pet burn off that excess energy if you want to cut down on the excessive barking when the dog is bored.

3. Teach Commands

Teach your Poodles commands such as “quiet” and “speak” so that they know when to do both. Make sure that you use positive reinforcement to teach them these commands. When they listen to your commands, make sure to give your pet a treat and plenty of praise for the best results.

These are a few of the ways that you can teach your Poodle not to bark excessively for no reason, without stopping them from barking when they need to warn you of a threat. If these tips and tricks don’t work, it’s best to visit a professional trainer to ensure they behave properly.


Yes, Poodles bark a lot, and they often bark more than some other breeds but less than many. If you’re considering giving a Poodle a forever home, you should ensure that you don’t live somewhere where excessive barking will bother the neighbors or the landlord.

While there are ways to train your Poodle not to bark excessively, every Poodle is different, and there’s no guarantee that the training will be brief or easy. You have to have patience, determination, and a lot of love to train a Poodle, whether it’s a standard, a toy, or a miniature breed.

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