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Bringing home a new cat is a big decision. Cats, no matter their age, need lots of attention. Of course, there are diva kitties out there who’d prefer you didn’t shower them with tons of hugs and kisses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to know they’re loved and in their minds, worshipped. When the time comes to choose the perfect kitty to make your home complete, the big question is, where to get one? For many people, the first thing that pops into their minds is a local pet store. One of the most popular pet stores is Petco. But how much are cats at Petco? Does the price vary from state to state? The answers to those questions are a bit tricky.

The beautiful kitties you see when you visit your local Petco aren’t actually for sale, they are up for adoption. Whether it’s from a local Humane Society, animal shelter, or rescue determines how much you’ll be paying to bring one of these bundles of purrs home. In most cases, the cost ranges from $50 and can go upward of $300 depending on adoption fees, age of the cat, and even the breed.

Let’s learn more about cats at Petco and what’s involved when you decide to bring one home as part of your family.

The Importance of Adoption

Whether we want to face the truth or not, there are far too many dogs and cats in the world looking for a home. Most Humane Societies, rescues, and shelters are simply overrun. While these agencies do their best to provide the animals there with a loving environment and everything they need to be happy, it’s not the same as being part of a family. This is why so many animal lovers and activist groups beg people who are looking for cats and dogs to “adopt don’t shop” in hopes of helping these pets find the home of their dreams.

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What’s Included in an Adoption Fee

While you may be asking why these pets can’t simply be given away, the answer is relatively simple. The organizations that care for all of these abandoned pets need money to ensure the animals they house get the best care possible. The dogs and cats need to eat, be spayed and neutered, visit the vet, have proper bedding, and receive toys to keep them happy. For these reasons, most places where pets can be adopted ask for a fee of $50 or up, no matter which state you’re in, to help cover the costs of proper animal care.

The cost for the cat you choose at Petco will have adoption fees involved. These fees cover your kitty’s spaying or neutering, applicable vaccines and health checkups with a veterinarian, and in most cases, a microchip in case your pet ever becomes lost or stolen. These fees aren’t necessarily determined by the state, however. Normally, it is the independent organization Petco is hosting the cat for that determines how much the adoption will cost.

Where Petco Comes In

The team at Petco are obviously animal lovers. Why else would they offer so much in their stores to keep pets, and pet parents, happy and well taken care of? To help with the growing need for pet adoption, Petco often hosts cats in select stores for visitors to view and interact with. Why? They’re hoping a family will fall in love when they look at the cute bundle and realize that cat is perfect for their home. Let’s learn a bit more about what Petco is doing for the homeless animals in our communities.

Petco Adoption Events

Often you’ll find Petco Adoption Events taking place. This is where local rescues and shelters come together with the company to help find homes for pets. At these events, you’ll meet cats, dogs, and even rabbits that are ready for their forever home.

Petco’s Website

Unfortunately, not every Petco store hosts adoptable pets. That doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their part. Petco also has a section on its website dedicated to helping animals find a home. By visiting you are linked to hundreds of rescues and shelters to see the animals they have. This is done to help potential adopters connect with animals they may have never had the chance to learn about.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, adopting a cat at Petco can cost you anywhere from $50 to $300, but that isn’t determined by the store or the state. Instead, you’re being connected with and helping local rescues in desperate need of your assistance. Always remember, when it’s time to bring a new pet into your home, adoption saves lives and will introduce you to a cat that will love you unconditionally.

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