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Have you been thinking about adding a dog to your family? If you have a Petland in your state, you may be wondering how much a dog will cost you if you buy from that particular store.

You may want to brace yourself because dogs and puppies from Petland stores are not cheap. Not to mention, these stores have a bit of a controversial reputation when it comes to selling dogs. Join us to find out the scoop on the price of dogs at Petland and other useful information.

How Much Are Dogs at Petland?

If you want to purchase a dog from Petland, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500–$10,000. The price will vary depending on the breed. If you’re looking at a purebred pup, you’re going to pay more versus buying a mixed breed. You may be able to negotiate the price, but that will depend on that particular store.

Contrary to what most people believe, Petland is not a chain, but rather privately owned, with each store running under its own private owner. With that said, each store has its own protocols.

Why Are Puppies at Petland So Expensive?

Petland is a retail store with price markups due to interest rates, credit card services, veterinary care of the animals in their care, breeder costs, and labor costs. Every dog owner knows that taking your dog to the vet can be costly, and Petland racks up a lot of vet bills trying to keep each dog healthy. Some believe that the dogs in their care do not receive adequate veterinary care due to the costs, which is part of the controversial issues with these stores.

With the high prices, some people buy their dogs or puppies on credit, and Petland even offers lending options. Of course, you have to pay the store back with interest, which can be as high as over 2%. They also offer a line of credit through the store, but the interest rate on such cards can be as high as 29.99%. Ouch.

Petland has to pay the breeders they acquire the dogs from, which is costly. In order to make a profit, they have to markup the prices to accumulate some of the money back.

Lastly, they have kennel technicians and other store employees that are on the payroll, as well as keeping the store’s climate within proper conditions for the animals, which all costs money.

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Is Petland a Puppy Mill?

We couldn’t avoid this question because a lot of people ask it. As we’ve stated, Petland stores have a controversial reputation when it comes to the care of the animals, but each store is privately owned with its own procedures and practices. While we can’t confirm a yes or no on this question, you’ll have to use your best judgment on the particular store in your state.

Each store claims they acquire the dogs from reputable breeders across the country and not puppy mills. They claim some dogs may become sick simply because they are around so many other dogs in the store, sort of like a daycare, if you will. If one kid is sick, others will get sick, too.

The problem with the store buying from breeders is that it doesn’t give the potential owner a chance to check out the breeders for themselves. If you buy directly from a breeder, we suggest a few things to check out, such as home checks of the breeder’s home or facility where they keep the dogs, their knowledge and expertise of the breed, meeting the parents of the dog, and relevant paperwork on a clean bill of health. When you buy from Petland, you have no idea who the breeder is or where they came from.

The Bottom Line

In all honesty, your best option is to adopt from a rescue. Costs will be significantly lower, and you’ll get a dog with a clean bill of health. All dogs, regardless of breed, can become ill, but a positive side of adopting from a rescue or animal shelter is that these folks only care about placing the dog with the right family rather than making a profit. The dog will have all of its shots, and the dogs receive personal care from the staff.

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