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If you’re interested in sharing your life with a pet bird, PetSmart has a variety of different birds for sale, including finches, parakeets, conures, and more. Whether you’re on the hunt for a small or large bird, you can find what you’re looking for at your nearest PetSmart. This retail giant also carries a wide variety of bird supplies so you can get your cage, bowls, toys, and perches all in one place.

The Importance of Buying a Bird From a Reputable Source

There are lots of people in the United States selling birds and, frankly, some of them shouldn’t be doing so. For some sellers, a bird is nothing more than an object to make a quick buck from.

For a pet bird to live a happy and healthy life, it needs to spend time around humans so it becomes familiar with people, giving it a chance to bond with its new owner. When you buy a bird from a reputable source that cares about the birds they sell, it’s likely the bird has been handled, played with, and talked to by humans, giving the bird wonderful pet potential. So, stay away from any bird seller that only seems to be out to make money.

The last place you want to get a bird from is a breeder that’s running a large-scale operation. This type of breeder likely has no idea or any concern about what bird is breeding with whom and the birds’ overall state of health. A big breeder like this is focused solely on getting birds hatched so they can pack them up and sell them as quickly as possible.

PetSmart is a good place to get a bird. Not only does PetSmart care about the birds it sells, but it also takes good care of them. Plus, all birds and other live pets purchased at PetSmart are part of the company’s Vet Assured program, which was designed by veterinarians to improve the health and well-being of its pets. This program includes specific pet care standards that must be adhered to in its stores.

How Much Do Birds Cost at PetSmart?

PetSmart sells a variety of birds including:

  • Finches
  • Parakeets
  • Canaries
  • Conures
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If you want to buy a bird species that PetSmart doesn’t commonly carry, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find one there. In this case, get in touch with your local PetSmart to find out what birds are available for sale and whether they plan on offering the particular species you want.

The cost of a bird from PetSmart varies, according to several factors, like the bird species, its age, and whether or not PetSmart is running a sale on the species you want. Some birds at PetSmart cost between $25–$50, others cost between $125–$150, while some will run you  $500–$1,000.

One thing to keep in mind is that live animals including birds cannot be purchased online from PetSmart, as they’re only sold in their brick-and-mortar stores. This means you may have to look elsewhere for a bird if there is no PetSmart store near you.

When you’ve decided you want a new feathered BFF, be realistic about how much money you can spend on a bird and what type of bird is best for you. Once you’ve set your budget and decided what type of bird to get, you also have to figure in the extra costs associated with being a bird parent like bird supplies and food.

We’ve broken down the cost of birds at Petco below, so you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay to become a new bird owner.

Cost of Finches at PetSmart

PetSmart charges $49.99 for finches. The retailer sells Society Finches and Zebra Finches. If you’ve never owned a bird before, a Society Finch is a good pick. While this beautiful little bird is a bit shy around humans, it’s easy to care for and it loves singing and chirping.

The Zebra Finch is also a good choice for a beginner, and it, too, is a big singer! One thing to keep in mind about a Zebra Finch is that the bird has a very active metabolism, which means it could starve to death within 24 hours if not given food.

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Cost of Parakeets at PetSmart

Parakeets are gorgeous birds that enjoy bonding with their human owners, and they can even learn a few tricks.

If you have your heart set on owning a pretty little parakeet, PetSmart sells three types: the Fancy Parakeet, the Blue Parakeet, and the Green Parakeet. At the time of this writing, all the parakeets on PetSmart’s website were on sale. All three types of parakeets originally cost $44.99 but are marked down to $31.49.

Cost of Canaries at PetSmart

PetSmart charges $149 for the gorgeous canary that hails from the Canary Islands. Known for its pretty coloring and singing voice, a canary is a social bird that makes a fun and fascinating pet. A canary isn’t crazy about being handled but it does enjoy being talked to and whistled at. If you’re interested in canary, don’t plan on handling it but do plan on giving it plenty of attention, chatter, and love.

Cost of Conures at PetSmart

PetSmart charges $679.99 for a Green Cheek Conure and $899.99 for a Fancy Conure. Both birds are about the same size, which is around 10 inches long, and both are primarily green. Both types will demand your attention, although the Fancy Conure is more affectionate while the Green Cheek Conure is more active.

conure birds
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

On top of having to pay for your bird, you’ll also need to budget for some necessary supplies. We’ve put together a list of the supplies you’ll need for your bird below, along with some general information about the items.

  • A Cage: Unless you have the money and space available to build an aviary, you’ll need a safe and roomy cage for your bird to live in. The size of the cage you need depends on the species of bird you have and how many you’ll house inside it.

A quality small bird cage adequate for a finch, canary, or parakeet will run you well over $100. A medium to large bird cage adequate for a conure will cost more simply because it’s larger.

  • Cage Accessories: You’ll need several accessories for the inside of the cage to make your bird feel safe and to keep it entertained. Get at least one perch, food and water dishes, and a bird toy or two to keep your feathered friend occupied.
  • Bird Food: You’ll need to get some bird food that’s made for the type of bird you have. On top of feeding your bird good all-around bird food, you can also give your bird some fresh fruits and vegetables to vary its diet a bit.
  • Grooming Tools: If you plan on bathing your bird, pick up an empty spray bottle you can fill with water to spritz on your bird’s feathers. A pair of nail trimmers would come in handy if you plan on doing your own nail trimming. And don’t forget to pick up some styptic powder just in case you trim too close to the nail bed and draw blood.

How Much You Can Expect to Spend on Bird Supplies

When you take into consideration the necessities you’ll need for your pet bird like a cage, items to go inside the cage, food, and grooming tools, you should plan on spending at least $150 on bird supplies.

By the time you buy your bird from PetSmart and shop for the necessities you’ll need for your new pet, you’ll probably spend well over $250—maybe much more, depending on what species of bird you get and where you shop for bird supplies.

As you can see, it costs money to buy a pet bird and to shop for all the bird supplies you’ll need to make your new pet feel right at home. But your bird will repay you by providing you with hours and hours of entertainment and company.

How to Save Money on Bird Supplies

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t feel like you can afford to spend over $250 for a bird and supplies, consider looking at second-hand cages and even used items like bird toys, food dishes, etc. It’s common for people who used to own birds to sell the supplies they have and often at amazing prices.

If you do decide to shop for used bird supplies, make sure that the items you buy are in tip-top shape and clean. If you’re not into second-hand shopping, do some price checking online and around town. You may get lucky and find all the items you need on sale, so be sure to look.

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Tips for Making Your New Bird Feel at Home

Your new bird will need about 2 weeks to get used to living in his new home. To ensure your bird adapts well to his new environment, place his cage where there are some usual family activities going on like in your living room or kitchen, so he gets used to the sights and sounds.

At first, talk quietly around your bird and take things slow so you don’t startle your little friend. Offer your bird a tasty treat now and then like a piece of fruit or vegetable. Before you know it, your bird will feel right at home and start singing, chirping, and playing.


The price of birds at PetSmart varies, depending on what type of bird you want to buy and whether or not your local store is running a sale. All in all, by the time you’ve purchased your bird and all the supplies you need to make him feel right at home, you’ll be spending well over $250, give or take a few bucks.

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