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Hamsters are adorable and lovable pets. Plus, when compared to other pets, such as cats or dogs, hamsters are relatively cheap.

If you are on the lookout for a hamster, PetSmart may have been the first store you thought of. PetSmart has everything you need for owning a pet, including the pets themselves! But just how much do hamsters cost at PetSmart? Well, it depends on a few factors—more on that below.

How Much Do Hamsters at PetSmart Cost?

Two factors will determine the price of your hamster: the location where you make the purchase and the breed of the hamster.

The hamster breeds available at PetSmart include the short-haired hamster, the long-haired hamster, the winter white hamster, the Roborovski hamster, the Russian dwarf hamster, the Chinese dwarf hamster, and the Fancy Bear Hamster. Some locations may not carry all these breeds, and you must verify which species are available at your local PetSmart.

For the most part, all of PetSmart’s hamsters fall below $30. However, the fancy bear hamster is often priced a bit higher than the rest. On the low end, hamsters may be anywhere from $18 to $20. On the more expensive end, they may reach $23 or $25. So, even a “premium” hamster is relatively affordable.

Of course, purchasing the hamster will not be the only cost you need to account for. There will also be expenses associated with caring for your hamster both in the long term and in the short term, but we will go over that later.

Short-haired Hamster $18–$23
Long-haired Hamster $18–$23
Winter White Hamster $18–$23
Roborovski Hamster $18–$23
Russian Dwarf Hamster $18–$23
Chinese Dwarf Hamster $18–$23
Fancy Bear Hamster $20–$25
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Initial Costs to Anticipate

Some short-term expenses to prepare for include the initial items necessary for everyday care. These include objects such as the hamster’s habitat, the food dish, and the bedding.

You will also want to purchase an exercise wheel to meet your hamster’s activity needs. Other expenses include a hamster hide, nesting material, and a wooden chew.

Although this may sound like a lot of upfront expenses, many of these purchases will be one-time or infrequent. Thankfully, PetSmart makes small pet shopping easy by providing the materials you need to take your little furry friend home.

Regular Expenses to Budget

In addition to the infrequent purchases you will need to make, there are regular expenses you need to be prepared for.

Food is one of the regular expenses attached to owning any animal. Hamster food can range from $5 to $10 per bag, whereas treats can be found for as low as $3.

You should replace the bedding and nesting material often, but the cost of the material is reasonable. Likewise, scheduled veterinary appointments are important to your pet’s health. You should expect to pay for regular check-ups and may want to consider investing in some pet insurance.

A benefit to owning a hamster is that they are comparatively cheap. As mentioned, most pets are much more expensive to purchase or adopt. The same can be said about the price of caring for them. Caring for a dog or cat could cost pet owners thousands of dollars per year. When compared to that, the costs of caring for a hamster appear insignificant.

Potentially Unexpected Costs

Owning a pet is all about the unexpected, which sometimes means unanticipated medical emergencies. If your hamster suffers from an unexpected illness or accident, you should take it to a small-animal veterinarian.

Some hamster health issues may include skin diseases, abscesses, hair loss, scent gland tumors, digestive troubles, respiratory problems, diabetes, and dental complications. Naturally, aging comes with its own health concerns, and as your hamster grows older, the vet visits may become more frequent.

Medical emergencies can be a heft expense. To avoid bearing the brunt of such a high cost, you should consider pet insurance. While pet insurance will require regular payments, it will help protect you from being saddled with an expensive veterinarian bill that you cannot pay.


Hamsters make wonderful and loving companions, whether as a first pet for your responsible child or as a tiny friend for yourself. They are cheaper than most other pets at PetSmart, making them an excellent option for a pet owner on a budget. If you consider bringing a hamster home, research the specific breed and its needs. After all, there is more to owning a pet than just the expenses!

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