pomeranian smiling

When it is time to buy a pet dog for your home or for your family, there are literally hundreds of breeds to choose from. Each breed has its own needs, so you should choose the one that you know you can take care of properly. From the size, diet, and shedding to its daily expenses, you should be able to consider all important aspects before bringing a dog into your house.

Now, one nice dog breed is the Pomeranian, which is a toy dog, having a diminutive size as one of its primary characteristics. Aside from that, Pomeranians are fluffy dogs and adored by many because of its cute facial features. But besides those inarguably irresistible assets, there are others reasons why owning this pooch is the best thing ever.

The 7 Fun Reasons to Adopt a Pomeranian

1. Their small size

Not all dog owners love small dogs. But because of its small size, a Pomeranian is a very good choice for people with smaller houses. Moreover, you do not need to have a large yard, which is something that many pet owners need to consider when getting a dog. Pomeranians can stay inside the house. But of course, you still have to make sure that you have enough space for the dog to walk around.

2. Their not-so-big food consumption

According to CostFigures, the cost to buy a Pomeranian dog is around $800 to $4000. The price is a bit high, but the good news is that they don’t eat a lot of food. Unlike bigger dogs that require more food intake to sustain their bodies’ needs, smaller breeds, like the Pomeranians, don’t need so much daily consumption. The usual diet of Pom puppies is two cups per day while adult Pomeranians need up to one a half cup for every pound of their weight.

3. The availability of Pomeranians

This type of dog is an easy breed to find. Many pet stores and adoption facilities have Pomeranians. They are not considered a rare dog, so you should not have any problems finding this cutesy tyke wherever you live.

4. Their friendliness

Pomeranians are active, playful, and extrovert dogs that can easily form a harmonious, platonic relationship with other pets. Although their friendliness is one great factor, these little pooches should not be around young children as they may not be handled gently.

5. Their endearing companionship

And they are great lap dogs. This breed is very caring and loving, and Pomeranians’ affection makes you feel that they really want to be your companion. Having this pooch around your house makes you feel relaxed while watching a movie or reading a book.

6. Watchful dogs

Yes, you’ve read that right; Pomeranians are very good watchdogs. They are attentive, bright, and vivacious. Don’t get fooled by their size because they pack a mean, loud bark when they sense something wrong in the house. They are also a clever dog that alerts you when someone is at your doorstep.

7. An athletic breed

Pomeranians are an energetic breed. They tend to have high energy levels and can compete in dog competitions or sports. They can excel in agility, freestyle, obedience training, and tracking.

Truth be told, Pomeranians are not exactly a top choice breed when it comes to pet dogs. Yes, they do have their share of undesirable traits, but you have seven reasons to outweigh those cons, and perhaps, make you love them even more.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay