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The DreamWorks animation movie called Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a favorite in many households. This movie features an anthropomorphic dog that goes on adventures with his adopted son Sherman. Mr. Peabody isn’t your average dog, and many fans of this movie have been wondering what type of dog Mr. Peabody is.

The movie got great ratings, with Mr. Peabody being one of the most influential characters in the movie. There’s no doubt Mr. Peabody is a loveable character, but what kind of dog is he? Let’s see what the director has to say in this article.

Is Mr. Peabody a Dog?

Yes, Mr. Peabody is indeed a dog originating from a series in the 1960s which consisted of segments known as Peabody’s Improbably History, which is part of the adventures from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends that aired on television.

The entertaining 2014 movie was then created using the same characters, where a white dog with floppy ears known as Mr. Peabody plays the main role. The animation was produced by DreamWorks animations and directed by Rob Minkoff. The unusual appearance of Mr. Peabody along with his admirable traits that the audience loved has led to many questions and controversies as to what type of dog breed Mr. Peabody is.

Even though Mr. Peabody is a dog, he is not your average dog. Mr. Peabody is considered an anthropomorphic dog that has human qualities. He can walk on two legs and carry out normal human activities. Many movies show easily identifiable dogs as the main characters in movies, such as golden retrievers, terriers, or even sheepdogs. However, Mr. Peabody’s exact dog breed has baffled many viewers.

Mr. Peabody’s Dog Breed

According to Director Rob Minkoff, Mr. Peabody is an unusual mix, most likely a beagle-ish breed, but he is not a purebred. It is uncommon for a beagle to go around looking dapper with a bow tie and glasses, nor is it common to see a beagle portrayed as the main character. We are so used to seeing identifiable dog breeds on the big screen that Mr. Peabody is quite refreshing.

Beagles are one of the most loveable and loyal dog breeds, and Mr. Peabody is a great example of this breed, even though he has more human characteristics than dog ones. Whether Mr. Peabody is a full beagle or mixed with something else, not even the creator is sure.

Some tell-tale sign that Mr. Peabody is a beagle is his small size, as beagles are considered a medium-sized dog breed. The floppy ears and long, squared snout are other indications that Mr. Peabody is a beagle. The only characteristic that might confuse viewers that Mr. Peabody isn’t a beagle would be his solid white coat.

white beagle puppy sitting outdoor
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Can Beagles Be White?

What likely confuses people as to whether Mr. Peabody is truly a beagle or not is his lack of typical beagle markings. White and lemon beagles are born entirely white, but once they start to mature at only a few weeks old, they lemon patches of fur that blend into the white coat.

There is a possibility that beagles can be entirely white, but this solid coloration is not considered a “true” beagle variety. This is because beagles should have true hound colors in hound patterns, like tricolors with black, tan, and white.

Beagle mix dogs can have genes for white coats that happen when the beagle is crossbred with another dog breed to create an all-white beagle. This could be what director Rob Minkoff was saying when he said Mr. Peabody is a beagle-ish dog breed. Some piebald beagle mixes can also have predominantly white coats, along with beagles that have albinism.

White beagles are quite rare, and since they are hound dogs, a solid coat doesn’t meet the breed standards.


Mr. Peabody is a beagle mix breed dog with a white coat, long floppy ears, glasses, and a bow tie. You will find that he is a great example of a father figure to Sherman, who is his adopted human son. Even though it can be difficult to determine what type of dog breed Mr. Peabody is in the movies, his physical traits are signs that he is a beagle, but his coloration likely comes from being mixed with another dog breed.

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