Dog beside christmas tree

With Christmas approaching, many dog owners want to put up a beautiful tree to enjoy the festive season. However, some dogs can see the Christmas tree as a chew toy— dogs and a tree decorated in sparkly lights aren’t always a good mix. Dogs may take an interest in both artificial or real Christmas trees,… Read More

white beagle puppy sitting on grass

The DreamWorks animation movie called Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a favorite in many households. This movie features an anthropomorphic dog that goes on adventures with his adopted son Sherman. Mr. Peabody isn’t your average dog, and many fans of this movie have been wondering what type of dog Mr. Peabody is. The movie got… Read More

sled dog racing

Dog sledding has been around for decades, and it was originally intended as a form of transport for indigenous people during winter travels. It has since been used as a form of entertainment and in its modernity, lost its indigenous roots. This has led to cruel practices within the dog sledding community, making dog lovers… Read More

Tiliqua scincoides scincoides

These popular pet lizards are rapidly gaining population and recognition as advanced exotic pets. The most common pet skink is the Northern, blue tongued skink. They are ideal for beginners and have special personalities and quirky behaviors. These skinks are also great for advanced hobbyists who typically dedicate their time to breeding and producing better… Read More

a welsh corgi pembroke dog taking a bath with shampoo

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer as to how often you should bathe your dog because it will depend on the type of dog breed you have, their fur quality and length, along with any health issues they may have. However, most dog owners will bathe their canine companions every 2–3 months. Some will bathe… Read More

a dozen of eggs on a tray

Dogs should generally not be consuming more than one boiled and deshelled egg a day. Eggs are not harmful to dogs; however, they should be fed in moderation like all foods. Most dog owners will offer eggs to dogs who are fed a raw and homemade diet instead of commercial dog food. Some recipes will… Read More

german shepherd dog lying on wooden table outdoors

It can be easy to tell if your dog is a puppy, however, it becomes far more difficult to determine how old your dog is once they are mature and fully grown. Although there is no definite way to tell how old your dog is, there are certain factors that you can look at to… Read More

bloodhound dog on the porch

If you or someone in your household have an allergy to dogs, it is typically caused by their fur, dander, and saliva proteins. This can make choosing a dog breed difficult because you want to look for a dog breed that does not shed often. Even hypoallergenic dog breeds can cause minor allergy symptoms in… Read More

Weimaraner in the woods

The Weimaraner is a popular large dog breed with a beautiful shiny coat and distinctive eyes, and was primarily designed for hunting. This athletic dog breed is a common favorite amongst dog owners and due to their relatively short coat, many dog owners assume that the Weimaraner is a hypoallergenic dog breed. However, the Weimaraner… Read More

close up of a white cat

Most cat owners assume that when cats purr, they are feeling happy in that moment. However, you may be surprised to find out that this is not always true. When it comes to purring in cats, not all purring implies that a cat is content or feeling affectionate, it could also mean that your cat… Read More

String Of Pearls in a pot

The string of pearls is a beautiful cascading succulent plant that is toxic to cats if ingested or the sap meets their sensitive skin. Most cat owners are familiar with succulent plants being potentially toxic to cats, so if you are looking to grow this plant with your cat or if your cat has already… Read More

siberian cat in the woods

As almost any cat owner will tell you, cats like to keep to themselves and enjoy solitude, which shows that they are not pack animals. Cats will form loose social groups with other cats and pets in the household, however, they do not seek company and protection from a group of cats like many other… Read More


There is concern over what types of nuts are safe for dogs to eat due to the potential health issues in dogs that a variety of common nuts we consume may cause them. Cashew nuts are generally safe for dogs to consume and are not toxic. As a dog owner, you might be considering adding… Read More

aloe plant in black pot

Succulents make a great addition to gardens or as house plants and come in a range of different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. The beauty of the succulent plant is becoming more popular amongst pet owners, however, certain species are poisonous to dogs and can cause mildly fatal poisoning in dogs if ingested. Whether you… Read More


If your cat has recently eaten this beautiful plant or if you are wondering if begonias are a safe addition to add to your home or garden when you own a cat, it is important to know that this flowering plant is mildly toxic to cats. Begonias are a variety of flowering plants that are… Read More