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Kittyo was an electronic cat toy with several interactive features specifically designed to keep cats entertained. It was developed by Lee Miller and his company, The Happy Pet People, LLC, in 2014. Miller introduced Kittyo on Kickstarter with the trademark slogan, “Playtime. Anytime.” This product lets cat owners play with their cats even when they are not at home. The target customers for the Kittyo were people who worked away from home, attended school or had other obligations that kept them out for most of the day.

Interactive Remote Control

Kittyo connects via WiFi to the owners’ smartphones through the app, allowing them to utilize several interactive features. Cat owners could watch their pets from their phones and even record their cats’ antics. Owners can also speak to their pets, a feature that gives many pet owners comfort.

The main purpose of Kittyo was to provide interaction and stimulation while the cat was alone. This was done with a laser that can be moved around the room where the Kittyo is set up, giving your cat a chance to play and bounce around. Another creative feature of the Kittyo toy was the treat dispenser. A few dry treats placed in the dispenser could be given out via the app. The owner had complete control over the toy’s features, thus providing attention, stimulation, exercise, and treats throughout the day.

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Insufficient Funding

Kittyo was featured on several news outlets, such as ABC News, Discovery Channel, and the New York Post, all giving positive reviews of the product. Kittyo was also available for purchase on Amazon until 2018. Four years after the product was developed, Miller announced that The Happy Pet People, LLC would no longer continue its operations due to insufficient funding. Miller made this formal announcement on Kickstarter on September 13, 2018. This lack of funding also led to the app not working, as there was no money to keep everything up-to-date and functioning.

Despite the discontinuation of Kittyo, cat owners are still able to find similar products that allow them to interact with their cats while they are out of the home, whether at work or school.

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