Cats having fun

Kittyo was an electronic cat toy with several interactive features specifically designed to keep cats entertained. It was developed by Lee Miller and his company, The Happy Pet People, LLC, in 2014. Miller introduced Kittyo on Kickstarter with the trademark slogan, “Playtime. Anytime.” This product lets cat owners play with their cats even when they… Read More

Dog in car

For some dogs, there’s no better treat than a road trip with their favorite humans. But for other pups, even short car rides can be extremely stressful. Do whining, drooling, panting, and even vomiting sound familiar? Your pup may be experiencing travel-related anxiety. While it’s certainly no fun—for dogs or their chauffeurs!—there’s plenty you can… Read More

A dog in a crate

Pets may be airlines’ most controversial passengers. In 2017, the use of emotional support animals on planes surged by 74 percent, causing uproar across the air travel industry. Horror stories of badly behaved animals abound, and some experts question the clinical necessity of flying with a pet companion for emotional support. Yet, owners may have… Read More