orange tabby cat

Orange tabby cats seem to have gained a reputation for being extremely affectionate and loving. Some people think that it’s due to their genetics, while others think that it is just a coincidence. It’s important to note that orange tabbies are not a breed. Many breeds can include orange tabbies.

The truth is that orange tabbies aren’t particularly more affectionate than other cats. However, there are a couple of reasons why it seems that way.

The Reasons Why Orange Tabby Cats Are So Affectionate

1.  There Are More Males

One reason orange tabby cats might be more affectionate than cats of other colors is that the gene responsible for the development of an orange coat is related to sex. There is a much greater chance that an orange kitten will be born male rather than female.

There is research, although it’s not definitive, that shows a correlation between male cats and friendliness. It seems that male cats (at least orange ones) are less aggressive than females. Therefore, since there are more male orange cats than there are females, it makes sense that orange cats might appear to be so affectionate.

2.  Tabbies Are Typically Social

Tabby cats are social and affectionate in general, and orange tabbies are no different. So, it’s not a surprise that an orange tabby enjoys meeting new people and hanging out near their human family members. As such, many people tend to think that orange tabby cats are more affectionate than other cats. However, this is not the case.

Orange tabby cats tend to stick out from other colored cats, so when they do something cute or cuddly, people tend to take notice. This has created a reputation for orange cats that they are more lovable and affectionate overall. While orange tabbies are indeed loving and affectionate, that doesn’t set them apart from cats of other colors.

orange tabby cat looking up
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Ensuring That Your Orange Tabby Is Affectionate

There are a few things that you can do to help ensure that your orange tabby kitten grows into an affectionate and loving cat. First, you should always handle them with gentleness and care. This will help them trust humans and see them as beings that they can safely interact with. You can also reward your kitty for being affectionate as they grow older. Offering treats are not the only way to reward your feline family member. You can also reward them with pets and kisses and by participating in their favorite activity with them. After a while, your cat will show affection to receive attention, which will help you bond better. Another thing that you can do is encourage friends and family members to be affectionate with your kitty whenever they see each other.


Orange tabby cats are cute, cuddly, and affectionate. There may be a couple of reasons for their affection, but in general, they are not any more affectionate than most other cats. That said, orange tabbies do have unique features that help set them apart from other cats, which are worth learning about as a potential orange tabby owner.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay