cat with mouth wide open

You are probably all too familiar with a cat’s rough, sandpaper-like tongue. Getting a kiss from the cat can make it feel like you’re getting your skin scraped off. That’s a huge difference from those slobbery, wet dog kisses. Have you ever stopped to wonder why cats have tongues with such a rough, uncomfortable texture?… Read More

Giant Schnauzer

There’s nothing quite as regal as the Giant Schnauzer. With their impressive size and stature, this breed is sure to capture anyone’s attention. Schnauzers are well known for being considered hypoallergenic dogs, which is an attractive characteristic for allergy sufferers that love large, loyal, devoted dogs.  Are they really hypoallergenic, though? While no dog is… Read More

English Springer Spaniel standing in field

When looking to add a new four-legged family member to a household with an allergy sufferer, it’s much easier to search for breeds deemed hypoallergenic. While no dog can be considered 100% hypoallergenic, some breeds produce much fewer allergens than others and these breeds are typically touted as being hypoallergenic. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, the… Read More