Blow drying a dog after a bath

Dog groomers do it, but can you blow dry a dog at home? Is it safe, and should dog groomers be doing it in the first place? The short answer is yes to all of those questions. But there’s more to it than just turning on the blow dryer and pointing it in the dog’s… Read More

Happy dog being pet by owner

Dogs have physical, mental, and emotional needs that, when consistently met, result in a furry, four-footed companion who happily lives life alongside you. Those needs include the obvious like food and shelter and somethings that could be forgotten, like regular grooming and time spent with his favorite people. A little rundown on the basics with… Read More

Yorkshire Terrier being shaved by a groomer

A well-groomed dog looks healthy and attractive, but many pet owners aren’t sure how to shave a dog. However, grooming is more than a way to keep your dog pretty. Regular grooming maintains the dog’s health and is vitally important for long-hair breeds. If you’re having a hard time getting to the groomer, it’s out of… Read More

Small dog on ramp next to bed

Though a healthy diet and good grooming habits can keep your dog’s skin and coat looking good, several pet owners prefer to give their dog a skin and coat supplement that will make their skin more supple, cut down on shedding, and help relieve allergies that cause itching and fur loss. Our vet advisor, Dr…. Read More