The Best LED Dog Harnesses

Visibility is hugely important when you walk your dog before the sun’s come up or after dark. You need motorists to be able to see you to keep you and your four-legged friend safe, plus you need to be able to see your dog if you choose to let him off the leash in a secure area. LED dog harnesses feature LED lights so your pooch is brightly lit up for everyone to see.

We reviewed dozens of LED dog harnesses to identify the best of the best. To sort the best from the rest, we examined features such as battery life, brightness, comfort, ease of fitting, adjustability, and average customer reviews.

Top Pick

noxgear LightHound

Both comfortable and effective, the LightHound is visible from up to half a mile away.

After careful consideration, it was clear that the noxgear LightHound should take the “top pick” crown. It’s extremely bright and feature-rich, making your canine companion highly visible to motorists and other road-users.

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The 5 Top-Rated LED Dog Harnesses

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall noxgear LightHound 4.7
Runner Up WINSEE LED Illuminated Dog Harness 4.1
Best Budget Buy Domi LED Dog Harnes 4.0
Best LED Dog Harness for Small Dogs Dog-E-Glow Light Up LED Dog Comfort Harness 4.1
Best LED Dog Harness for Large Dogs Ezier Glowing LED Dog Harness 4.5

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: noxgear LightHound

With over 1,000 positive reviews at the time of writing, the noxgear LightHound stands head and shoulders above the competition. This is a truly durable harness with super-bright LEDs that can be seen at a distance of half a mile in optimum conditions. With color changing capabilities, you can choose between eight solid colors and six flashing/fading color-changing modes. In addition to lightly up, this harness is also reflective and fluorescent for extra visibility.

You don’t need to change the batteries in this LED dog harness, just recharge it using a standard USB cable and get 12 hours of use on each charge, which is several days to over a week of walkies, depending on how much exercise your dog needs. The two-buckle design makes the harness quick and easy to put on and suitable for nervous dogs who don’t like to step into a harness of have it put over their head.

It comes in four sizes, small to extra-large, and retails at $60. This makes it one of the most expensive LED dog harnesses on the market, but we think it’s worth the outlay, as do hundreds of satisfied customers.

noxgear LightHound Key Features: 

  • Provides exceptional visibility from all angles
  • Easy to adjust to fit your pooch perfectly
  • Rainproof and machine-washable

Our Runner Up Pick: WINSEE LED Illuminated Dog Harness

Runner Up

WINSEE LED Illuminated Dog Harness

Comfy and heavy duty to hold even the largest of dogs.

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable choice than our top pick, consider our runner up choice, the WINSEE LED Illuminated Dog Harness. It might not have all the features of the LightHound, but it’s still an extremely respectable choice that will serve most dogs well. With highly padded top and front straps, it’s comfortable for your dog. It has a highly durable build and a strong D-ring to attach their leash to, so you don’t need to worry about it failing or breaking.

This harness features four LED light straps, which give great 360-degree visibility. It also features 7 light modes as well as a total of 8 colors. You’ll only need a few hours to fully charge this LED dog harness. It comes in one size that is fully adjustable to suit almost every breed of dog.

WINSEE LED Illuminated Dog Harness Key Features: 

  • Charges via USB cable (included)
  • Includes 8 color options
  • Seven light settings to choose from

Best Budget Pick: Domi LED Dog Harness

Best for Budget

Domi LED Dog Harness

This affordable LED harness is surprisingly effective for the price.

The Domi LED Dog Harness might not be as durable as our top two choices and is unlikely to stand up to extra-strong pullers or heavy wear and tear, but it’s a bargain at less than $12. If you only occasionally need an LED harness for the odd late night or pre-dawn walk, this is an excellent choice that won’t leave a dent in your bank balance. It’s comfortably padded across the top with breathable material for year-round use. The thick straps provide even weight distribution and the two buckles make it extremely easy to put on your dog, as well as being simple to adjust.

The LEDs are positioned at the top of the harness, which doesn’t give the best visibility from the front but they are bright enough to be seen. You can remove the part containing the battery to recharge it and so you can wash the rest of the harness. You can also choose between two light modes: fast flashing and steady glowing.

Domi LED Dog Harness Key Features: 

  • Three size and four color choices
  • Won’t pull your dog’s neck
  • Can be used in light rain

Best LED Dog Harness for Small Dogs: Dog-E-Glow Light Up LED Dog Comfort Harness

Best for Small Dogs

Dog-E-Glow Light Up LED Dog Comfort Harness

Padded to provide maximum comfort for your small dog.

Although the Dog-E-Glow Light Up LED Dog Comfort Harness comes in a range of sizes, we’re focusing on the small size, which is suited to dogs with a girth of 16 to 19 inches, which should suit dogs such as Yorkshire terriers, French bulldogs, and dachshunds, although some buyers state the sizing comes up small, so it may suit even smaller toy breeds, too. The girth sizing is adjustable, so you can fine tune the fit to suit your pooch.

The LED lights are positioned on the front, sides, and around the neck of the harness, so they’re visible from almost every angle. The lights can be seen from up to 1,000 feet away in the dark. The small size costs less than $20, which is very reasonable for such a well-made harness.

Dog-E-Glow Light Up LED Dog Comfort Harness Key Features: 

  • Three color choices
  • Spare batteries included
  • Also available in medium and large sizes

Best LED Dog Harness for Large Dogs: Ezier Glowing LED Dog Harness

Best for Large Dogs

Ezier Glowing LED Dog Harness

The LED front light provides excellent visibility head on for larger dogs.

The Ezier Glowing LED Dog Harness is an excellent choice for larger dogs. It features six LED lights that are evenly distributed throughout the harness, as well as two light modes. The body of the harness is made with a breathable, comfortable mesh. Other features it offers include two adjustable buckles and a D-ring for your dog’s leash.

We’re featuring the large size of this harness, which fits dogs with girths of 28.5 to 42.5 inches and neck sizes of 20.5 to 28.5 inches. This makes it  suitable for the majority of large breed dogs. It is designed to be no-pull and choke-free. (We’ve covered more dog harnesses to stop pulling in a separate post.) The $26 price tag is relatively affordable, especially when you consider the quality.

Ezier Glowing LED Dog Harness Key Features: 

  • Two adjustable buckles
  • Six LED lights
  • Breathable mesh body

Who Should Buy an LED Dog Harness

If you walk your dog while it’s dark out, you should definitely consider buying an LED dog harness. When it’s dark or dusky out, motorists can’t see you or your dog until they get close, which can lead to accidents. You also might not be able to spot your dog if you let her run off leash.

Sure, you could opt for an LED dog collar, but an LED harness generally has more lights covering a greater amount of your dog, which increases visibility. Plus, we’d generally recommend walking your dog on a harness, rather than a collar, particularly if she pulls on the leash, since pulling against a collar can damage the neck and trachea. That said, you could choose to use both an LED collar and harness to make your dog even more visible.

Top Pick

noxgear LightHound

Both comfortable and effective, the LightHound is visible from up to half a mile away.

Important Features to Consider

An LED dog harness should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting an LED harness for your dog:

  • Brightness. How bright are the LED light on the harness? How far can they be seen from? The best LED dog harnesses lets your dog be seen from more than half a mile away.
  • LED placement. Where on the harness are the LED lights positioned? Ideally, they should be on the front, back, and sides so your dog is visible from every direction.
  • Battery life. Consider how long the batteries last on a single charge. Anywhere between 10 and 20 hours is fairly decent. Alternatively, some models run on standard batteries, rather than a rechargeable battery pack. These tend to last much longer (often several months), but you will have the expense of replacing them.
  • Reflective strips. Some LED dog harnesses also feature reflective strips of stitching for extra visibility. This is an excellent feature when walking near roads.
  • Comfort. Is your chosen LED harness comfortable or will it rub or make your dog too hot? Look out for well-padded harnesses made from breathable materials.
  • Front leash attachment. Some LED dog harnesses feature a leash attachment on the front of the harness, in addition to the standard back one. Attaching a leash to the front of the harness makes it easier to control dogs who pull.
  • Adjustablity. Ideally, you should be able to adjust your LED dog harness to get a better fit. It should be quick and simple to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LED dog harness and how does it work?

An LED dog harness is a harness that includes LED lights in its design so your dog can be seen when it’s dark outside. LED dog harnesses generally include some kind of battery pack, which powers the LED lights.

What size LED dog harness does my dog need?

You should measure your dog to find the right harness to fit him. The majority of harnesses are fitted according to the girth measurement. If the girth is the correct size, the rest of the harness should fit. You can find your dog’s girth size by measuring him with a cloth measuring tape around the circumference of his body just behind his front legs.

Do LED dog harnesses work in cold temperatures?

LED lights aren’t particularly affected by cold temperatures, so your LED dog harness will work year-round, even in temperatures well below the freezing point.

Are LED dog harnesses washable?

The majority of LED dog harnesses let you remove the battery pack so that you can wash them in a machine. However, some don’t offer this feature, so your harness will become dirty and smelly before long. We’d highly recommend opting for a washable model.