dog sniffing at the owner

A dog’s sixth sense is no secret. They’re deeply attuned to human moods and emotions and know exactly when to comfort us when we’ve got a case of the blues, can sniff out even the subtlest sign that something isn’t quite right, and even, in some cases, detect when a person is unwell. But can… Read More

dog staring at his sleeping owner

For thousands of years, dogs have been man’s best friend, evolving to intuitively cater to a human’s habits and emotions. If you’re wondering if your dog knows when you’re sleeping, we’ve got the answer you need! While it’s not an easy task to determine exactly how smart a dog is, many researchers believe that an… Read More

Dog barking through a fence at night

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as the feeling of your head hitting the pillow after a long day – that is until you’re woken up by your barking dog. A dog barking all night long creates a major problem for you as well as your family and possibly neighbors. If your pup is trying to… Read More

Dog barking in the grass

Nothing can sour your relationship with those across the fence faster than a barking dog, so you want to stop your dog from barking at the neighbors before it becomes a point of contention. After all, it becomes an annoyance for you, them, and often the entire neighborhood. If your dog is a little too… Read More

Puppy on a Leash

There are many important steps to take to make sure you and your puppy have fun, safe, and healthy adventures together. You probably already know about check-ups and vaccines. How about training? Leash training and other important training tips are some of the most imperative and long-lasting skills you need to learn. This article provides… Read More

Beagle dog playing fetch outdoors with a yellow ball

Interested in teaching your dog to play fetch? Fetch is not only a fantastic way to spend quality time with your dog, it’s also a simple and fun game you can play to help them stay in shape. Ensuring that dogs get enough exercise, attention, and mental stimulation is vital to their overall health and… Read More

Dog trying to escape their yard by jumping over a hurdle

Few things fill a dog owner’s mind with dread more than the thought of their dog running away. It’s unpleasant to even think about, let alone to experience in real life. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to prevent this from happening. In addition to keeping any fencing you have in good repair, you… Read More

Jack Russell Terrier walking on a loose leash

Help! My dog pulls on the leash and I’ve tried everything! I hear this comment frequently working as a veterinarian. It can be frustrating to teach a dog how to walk on a loose leash, but through my years of experience as a veterinarian, I have learned the best techniques to get dogs to stop… Read More

learn how much it costs to microchip your dog from a vet

Have you been contemplating getting your pet microchipped but want to know more details before you make that decision? Microchipping a dog is very affordable and a great idea for any pet. According to the American Humane Society, around 10 million pets are lost within the U.S. every year. If your pet is microchipped, this… Read More

a vet explains why dogs run away

If you have ever lost your dog, you will likely remember how scary that experience can be. Dogs run away for a variety of reasons including boredom, fear, or prey drive. In this article, we will review six common reasons why dogs run away. We will also offer tips on how to reduce the risk… Read More

Puppy sitting on a puppy training pad for potty training

All puppies have their own personality. Your puppy might be bold, shy, loving, protective, or some combination of these and other characteristics. Some puppies are particularly stubborn, especially when it comes to potty training. No matter how much you love your new little companion, potty training a stubborn puppy – and dealing with repeated potty… Read More

Dog walking outside next to flower bed carrying watering can

After all the time you’ve put in and all the dirt that’s gotten under your fingernails, there’s nothing worse than your dog spending a rambunctious five minutes destroying your flower beds. If you long for the day when you can enjoy the well-earned beauty of your prize blooms and the company of your dog simultaneously,… Read More

The Best Dog Repellent Sprays

If you’re struggling to maintain a training regimen that your dog will stick with, you may need to find help. There may not be a substitute that is as effective as consistent interaction with your dog, but the unfortunate reality is that people don’t often have that kind of time to spend with a new… Read More

The Best Cat Deterrent Sprays

As much we love our kitties, sometimes they do things we’re not so fond of, like scratching the furniture or chewing on the rug. Cat deterrent sprays can help you teach your cat not to engage in these activities. Another reason you might need a cat repellent spray is if you have stray cats coming… Read More

How to Properly Loose Leash Walk Your Dog

One very common reason why some owners hesitate to take their canine outdoors for exercise or for a walk is because their dog just pulls while on a leash. The pulling and tugging quickly get frustrating and can lead to tripping or even injury to your dog and yourself. Plus, the constant pulling and tugging… Read More

The Best Ultrasonic Bark Control Devices and Anti-Bark Deterrents

It’s no secret that excessive barking is annoying, especially if it’s loud or high pitched. The constant noise can cause headaches and stress, and since the sound carries, it can annoy your neighbors, too, potentially leading to conflict between even the friendliest neighbors. So how do you put a stop to it? That’s where ultrasonic… Read More

The Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes are becoming more and more popular with cat parents. Keeping your cat’s litter box clean and hygienic is vital to prevent messes and bad smells. A fresh litter box will also reduce the risk of you and your family coming into contact with pathogens that are present in urine and feces. Traditional… Read More

a dog eating treats

“Jump! Sit! Stay!” Training your dog the right way requires an investment of dedicated practice time, patience and perseverance. It can be a lot of hard work! To keep your dog engaged, it’s common to train with the help of a tasty treat. And who could say no to “the look”- that hungry, hypnotizing stare… Read More

The Best Cat Litter

While you may love living with your cat, there’s very likely one part that you’re not very keen on: cleaning up his potty habits. Unless you have an outdoor cat, there’s every reason to expect that your furry friend will leave you a mess to clean up several times a day and while there’s nothing… Read More

Puppy sitting on a puppy training pad for potty training

The ideal way to toilet train your puppy is with regular trips outdoors to eliminate and careful observation to watch for signs that he needs to go. However, puppy training pads can help avoid unfortunate accidents on the floor when you’re out of the house or can’t give your pup your full attention. Rather than… Read More

The Best Cat Urine Odor Removers

Nearly every cat owner has experienced it at one point or another – inappropriate marking. Almost every cat will have an accident outside the litter box at least once in their life whether it’s because of stress or simply because you accidentally locked them in the bathroom! No matter the reason, however, no one wants… Read More

The Best Pet Carpet Cleaners

We love our pets with all our hearts, but we don’t love the stains they leave on our carpets from muddy paws, urine, vomit, and who knows what else. However, you don’t have to choose between hard floors and a life of smelly, dirty carpets—a proper pet carpet cleaner can remove even the toughest of… Read More

101 Puppy Training Tips

Training a new puppy can be an incredibly difficult process. Between house training and behavior training, a new puppy is a lot like a full-time job. When you combine that job with your actual job, you may find yourself in dire need of some short cuts. Not to mention how much more difficult the process can… Read More

How to Train a Cat to Use a Litter Box

Having a cat live inside with you means a few big responsibilities. Probably the first priority is making sure they know how to use their facilities, and that means litter training them. Using a litter box is actually instinctual for most cats – a place where they can use the bathroom and easily bury it… Read More

Boxers are known for being curious, playful, and more energetic than most breeds. Being a large and imposing dog, once grown, makes them wonderful for family protection – but they may also exhibit potentially problematic behavior without proper training. Be sure to start training your boxer puppy early on to ensure he/she grows up to… Read More

You brought a new German Shepherd puppy into your home, and the bond is created from the moment you look into those big, beautiful brown eyes.  Puppies are adorable, gentle and loyal, but they do require a great deal of guidance and structure within the family unit. Training your German Shepherd puppy takes time, patience,… Read More

beagle puppy in the grass

Beagles. Adorable, low-maintenance and good-natured—beagles are small-ish dogs with a sense of humor. They’re great with kids, can live in an apartment, and you don’t need to groom them. It’s easy to see why beagles are an in-demand breed. But, it’s not all cuddles and rainbows. Beagles, especially beagle puppies have a reputation for being… Read More

Congratulations on your new Husky puppy! The Siberian Husky is known as an intelligent, headstrong dog. This means that to succeed in training your new puppy, you’re going to need to be diligent and consistent. You will need to establish yourself as the leader; if your Husky puppy does not respect you, it’s not going… Read More

French Bulldogs are popular pets for a wide variety of reasons: They’re friendly and affectionate, they’re bright and playful, and they do well in all kinds of living situations. From small city apartments to larger homes with outdoor space, the Frenchie will be perfectly happy and doesn’t just do well with other pets and children—it… Read More

You may have heard that Rottweilers are working dogs, and you’ve heard right. According to the American Kennel Club,  Rottweilers are naturally protective and a very trainable breed that loves to be given a job to do. They make great guard, police, herding, and service dogs. But not everyone realizes that Rottweilers can also be… Read More

Shih Tzus are a popular breed known for their small size and playful personality. But as puppies, Shih Tzus can be challenging to train. As adorable as this breed is, though, it’s important to start training as early as possible. Not only will this give you a break from weeks of cleaning up household accidents… Read More

As a new pet owner, you’re super excited about the joys of owning a Doberman puppy. There’s nothing cuter than a little dog with puppy breath and a huge sense of curiosity. But, puppies can be frustrating and tiring to deal with. They like to chew things, make messes in the house, and wake you… Read More

Dogs have a well-earned reputation as “man’s best friend,” but let’s face it: they can also be a pain in the butt! All canines require a lot of work, but an untrained dog can make your life more stressful and difficult. Responsible and rewarding dog ownership will require at least some level of training. If… Read More

Taking your dog on walks is one of your responsibilities as a pet owner. Even if you have a spacious backyard that he has free reign within, you’ll still need to have him on a leash occasionally – taking him to the vet, for example. And if nothing else, the walks you take with your… Read More

New puppy? Adopt a dog from the shelter? Training treats are about to be a must-have item. Training treats are often much like ordinary treats, but they’re much smaller in size, because training requires an ongoing effort and too many high-calorie treats can lead to weight gain and possible health conditions. Other treats suitable for… Read More