boxer on grass

Boxers are a super popular breed—and for good reason. These loyal, amiable dogs make wonderful playmates, companions, and guardians. They awe onlookers with their adorably smooshed faces and comical body language–but what about allergies? If you’re a dog lover who also suffers from allergies, would a Boxer be less irritating than other canines—or even hypoallergenic?… Read More

Paw Patrol Characters

Paw Patrol took the world by storm, making parents everywhere recite catchy songs. In this cute little cartoon, canine friends get together to fight crime and rescue those in distress as a team. If your kids love this show, you might be curious about what kinds of dogs these characters play. Most of them aren’t… Read More

tulips plant

Tulips are breathtakingly colorful, upright flowers with cupped vibrant blooms—they’re tough to miss. These little clustered beauties pop up in flowerbeds all over in the springtime. But are they safe for your feline friends if ingested? Absolutely not. In fact, tulips can be deadly to cats, dogs, and even horses—permitting enough is in their system…. Read More