European deer with antlers

Deer antlers may sound like the perfect treat—they’re natural, long-lasting, and tough enough to keep even the most powerful chewers occupied. However, the same features that make deer antlers appealing to dog owners can also make them dangerous for dogs. Read on to learn why you may want to skip antlers altogether. Why Deer Antlers… Read More

chrysanthemum plant

Mums (or chrysanthemums) are part of the Asteraceae family which also includes daisies and chrysanthemums. While the plant itself isn’t poisonous, the stem, leaves, and flowers contain a substance called pyrethrin which is toxic to cats. Continue reading to learn more about this as well as what to do if your cat eats a mum…. Read More

siberian cat lying on the floor

Introduction Did you know there’s really no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat? Humans who suffer from cat allergies are actually allergic to a protein called Fel-d1. This chemical is found in a feline’s saliva, dander, and urine—not directly from their fur.  Though they have medium-long hair and actually molt twice a year, the Siberian… Read More

daffodils in flower vase

Introduction Daffodils are part of the Amaryllidaceae family—a category of plants that are mostly toxic to cats. Other plants in this family include Amaryllis, all types of lilies, most bulbed flowers, and allium vegetables such as onions, leeks, and shallots. All of these plants are harmful for felines and some can be toxic even in… Read More

black bombay cat sitting on grass

Often associated with Halloween, magic, and numerous superstitions, black cats are easy to recognize. They’re not a breed themselves, though. Since black is a coat color rather than an actual breed, black cats are included in the breed standard for many purebred felines. They can be crossbreeds too. Since several recognized breeds include black as… Read More

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

Most Australian Shepherds have wonderful, outgoing personalities. Some are a little shy around strangers, but they love spending time with their family members. They generally get along well with young children and other dogs that live in their households. They usually aren’t aggressive when meeting dogs in public places either. If Australian Shepherds can get… Read More

grey sphynx cat lying on bed

Hairless cats are truly unique. These cats have genetic mutations that have made them bald. Some people might think that not having any hair makes these cats easier to care for, but they actually require more care than furry cats. They are usually covered in wrinkly skin that feels fuzzy and warm. They look like… Read More

cat neutered

The healthcare of our felines is one of the most important responsibilities that we cat owners take on. This includes any potential surgeries that they might need to undergo. One of the most common procedures for male cats is neutering. While many pet owners understand that neutering is a surgical procedure to sterilize cats, not… Read More

black and white cat bites the woman's hand

Cats are highly intelligent pets that have a range of senses that help them to understand their owners. If you are sick, having your feline companion by your side can help you through the recovery process. For the most part, cats can detect when their owners are feeling under the weather, which is why some… Read More

red and white tabby cat sitting in a dark background

Many pet owners suffer from allergies, and cats that are considered hypoallergenic can help to alleviate some of the symptoms. While no cat is completely hypoallergenic, certain breeds are less likely to cause a reaction in people with allergies. With their distinctive striped coats, tabbies are among the most popular cats for cat lovers. When… Read More

savannah cat lying outdoor

Spotted or striped coats go a long way toward giving certain felines an exotic look. It’s not just the spotted fur and muscular body that make the Savannah cat wild at heart, though. The breed is a result of pairing a Siamese with a wild cat known as the Serval. Depending on the generation —… Read More

a majesty palm plant indoor

Despite being obligate carnivores, cats always seem to nibble on things that they shouldn’t. This can include house plants. Depending on the plant, this can lead to upset tummies and sometimes, serious poisoning. Majesty Palms are common in many households due to their hardiness and easy-to-care-for nature. Their popularity doesn’t just extend to humans. These… Read More