The Best Dog Repellents for Lawns

Do you have a problem with dogs – whether stray or leashed – coming onto your property to do their business, chase the birds away, or frighten your dog? An ultrasonic dog repellent might be just the product you need to keep unwanted animals, including dogs, off your lawn. Dog repellents for lawns can also be helpful for preventing dogs from walking across your newly planted garden or grass and keeping them out of your prized flowerbeds. 

We reviewed dozens of dog repellents for lawns to identify the best of the best based on factors like Amazon reviews, performance, and affordability. We then narrowed our search to bring you the top 5 repellent devices to keep dogs off your lawn. 

Top Pick

Clever sprouts Dog Repellent

Meet the Clever sprouts Dog Repellent, a device powered by solar energy that keeps unwanted dogs and other animals off the lawn.

The Clever sprouts Dog Repellent stood out as a clear winner in our search for the best dog repellents for lawns. This compact device is powered by the sun, waterproof to withstand rain, and features a sensor that detects dogs and other small animals to trigger an ultrasonic sound that humanely keeps them away from your yard.


The 5 Top-Rated Dog Repellents for Lawns

Editor Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Clever sprouts Dog Repellent 4.7
Runner Up DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller 3.8
Best Budget Buy Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent 4.8
Best Anti-Bark Ultrasonic Dog Repellent Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent 4.6
Best Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Repellent MODUS Bark Control Device 4.1

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: Clever sprouts Dog Repellent

The Clever sprouts Dog Repellent is a compact, affordable, and humane solution for keeping dogs and other small animals off your lawn. You can use this dog ultrasonic repellent alone on small yards or in conjunction with more of them for larger yards. With its included garden stake, you can install the Clever sprouts Dog Repellent within seconds. After charging in the sun, the device will be able to detect movement and then trigger its ultrasonic noise only detectable by animals. 

This device also includes a mount to hang on a wall or fence if it works better with your yard, which is one feature customers appreciate. Its waterproof case will keep its insides protected from rain and sprinkler sprays. You can also easily clean the housing using a mild soap and water to ensure the sensor can effectively detect animals.

Clever sprouts Dog Repellent Key Features:

  • Motion-activated
  • Waterproof
  • Solar-powered
  • Easy installation

Our Runner Up Pick: DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Runner Up

DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

The DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller keeps dogs away with sound and flashing lights.

The DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller is more than just a yard decoration shaped like an owl’s head. Although its unique design is sure to add a special touch to your lawn, the device can also keep unwanted animals, including dogs, off your beautiful grass. This repellent emits a humane ultrasonic sound to ward off dogs when motion gets picked up by the sensor. Then, the top of this device will also flash bright LED lights to add another repelling element to the device, which is especially helpful at night.

With the DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, you can choose between five range frequencies. While smaller animals, like mice and moles, might be scared off by a low frequency, most dogs might need high-frequency sounds to prevent them from coming to your yard. You can experiment to see what frequency works best for the dogs in your neighborhood.

DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Key Features:

  • Flashing LED lights
  • Solar-powered
  • Long-lasting batteries 

Best Budget Pick: Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Best for Budget

Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Keep dogs away from your yard with the compact, Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent.

If you’re looking for a dog repellent device that won’t take up much space in your yard, look out of place, or put a big hole in your wallet, the Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent might be a good choice. This compact repellent is just over $20 and has many of the same features as higher-priced models, like solar power and motion detection. 

With its ultrasonic noise, the Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent will humanely scare away most dogs and smaller animals, like cats, mice, bats, skunks, and squirrels, to prevent them from harming your yard. You can install this repellent quickly and easily by staking it into the ground where you need extra protection. It’s waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about it not working during rain or snow storms. 

Luckkya Ultrasonic Dog Repellent Key Features:

  • Works on dogs and other small animals
  • Easy to install
  • Saves energy with solar power
  • Waterproof casing

Best Anti-Bark Ultrasonic Dog Repellent: Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent 

Best Anti-Bark Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent

Use the Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent to minimize your dog’s barking.

If you have a dog who loves to be outside but also loves to bark, you know how challenging it can be to get them to stop. The Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent is a helpful tool for you if you’re the fur-parent of a barking pooch. Like some other dog repellent devices, this house-shaped repellent can hang on a tree out of the way, triggering an ultrasonic sound when it detects barking within its hearing range. The sound works to stop your dog from barking, eventually training them to reduce their barking altogether. 

You can also use the Vicvol Mini Bark Control Device to help control your neighbors’ dog’s bark since it offers up to 50 feet of hearing range to detect barks. The ultrasonic noise may also keep other stubborn small animals, like moles or cats, from entering your property.

Ankuwa Ultrasonic Anti Barking Dog Repellent Key Features:

  • Long battery life
  • Includes a test button 
  • Up to a 50-foot range
  • Three noise levels

Best Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Repellent: MODUS Bark Control Device

Best Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

MODUS Bark Control Device

The MODUS Bark Control Device is a portable repellent that’s easy to use.

Having a handheld dog repellent at your side when you bring your dog on a walk can safely deter other dogs from scaring or bothering your pooch. The MODUS Bark Control Device is one of the best ones of its kind. It’s small enough to fit discreetly in your pocket or hand to keep ready at a moment’s notice when you sense a dog might be unfriendly. Just like the devices you place in your yard, this one emits an ultrasonic noise that dogs don’t like to prevent oncoming dogs from approaching.

With this handheld device, you can deter dogs up to over 16 feet away, thanks to its 25KHZ frequency noise. Simply press the “On” button to trigger the noise quickly. You can use this device on any dog from six months to eight years, at least (depending on your pup’s health).

MODUS Bark Control Device Key Features:

  • 3 color options
  • One-button activation
  • LED lights

Who Should Buy Dog Repellents for Lawns

Is your neighborhood a common place for stray dogs to roam and take full advantage of playing with your garden beds? Do your neighbors allow their dogs to do their business on your lawn routinely? If you want to stop random dogs from using your yard as their potty or play area, then you might need to invest in a dog repellent.

Dog repellents come in a few forms, like sprays with dog-repelling odors or flashing lights meant to scare dogs away. An ultrasonic dog repellent detects motion from nearby dogs and emits a high-frequency sound that dogs try to avoid, encouraging them to turn around and find a different place to go. If you’ve tried other types of repellents that haven’t worked, or you have a large yard, you might want to consider using an ultrasonic repellent, which consistently works to detect motion and has a decent range of detection.  

Top Pick

Clever sprouts Dog Repellent

Meet the Clever sprouts Dog Repellent, a device powered by solar energy that keeps unwanted dogs and other animals off the lawn.

Important Features to Consider

A dog repellent for lawns should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting an ultrasonic dog repellent for your lawn:

  • Adjustable frequency. Not all dogs will be bothered by the same sound. Small dogs might be more sensitive to low frequencies than large dogs, for example. Some ultrasonic dog repellents come with adjustable frequencies so that you can find the sound that deters most dogs from your yard.
  • Out-of-the-box installation. A dog repellent should be one of the easiest things to install in your yard. Most of them come with stakes to stick the device into the ground. Others have a hold for mounting on a wall or fence. The setup process should take you no more than a couple of minutes.
  • Type of power. A dog repellent device can be powered by battery, electricity, or solar power. Solar-powered units tend to be the most convenient because you won’t need to switch the unit on or mess with power cords or frequent battery changes. They’ll need batteries to make the repellent function, but these batteries get recharged by the sun and usually last for months before needing to be replaced.
  • Detection range. Dog repellents have different ranges in which they’re able to detect animals. The longer the range, the more effective the device typically is for keeping unwanted dogs off your lawn. Some of the best ultrasonic dog repellents have a detection range of close to 50 feet or more.
  • Design. If you’re going to put a dog repellent device in your yard, you probably don’t want it to ruin the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Most dog repellents are designed to be small and green in color to blend right into the grass, but others might be larger or a different color, putting the attention on them. Think about where you’ll place the device and how it will look there before making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ultrasonic dog repellents and how do they work?

An ultrasonic dog repellent is a device that works similarly to a wireless dog fence, except that it’s meant to keep dogs away from your yard instead of contained to an area. This device deters dogs from coming near you or your lawn by detecting animal movement and releasing an ultrasonic high-frequency noise that only dogs don’t like. Humans can’t hear the noise, but most dogs and smaller animals can. An ultrasonic dog repellent usually includes a stake to place it into the ground to protect your yard. It uses motion detection technology that signals when an animal is close, triggering the device to make its noise. Some of these devices also have flashing LED lights designed to scare away animals that might not be bothered by the sound.

Are ultrasonic dog repellents safe for dogs?

Yes. In fact, they’re one of the most humane ways to repel dogs who bother your lawn or your family. Ultrasonic dog repellents, unlike other types of dog repellents, don’t have unpleasant smells, sprays, or anything that might cause pain to a dog. They only emit an ultrasonic noise that dogs don’t enjoy to prevent them from coming closer to you or your property.

Do ultrasonic dog repellents work for other animals?

Yes, most ultrasonic repellents designed for dogs can also work on other animals who are sensitive to the noise. Small animals, especially, like squirrels, foxes, raccoons, cats, and mice are very sensitive to high-frequency sounds, so they might quickly choose to stay away from your yard when they hear the noise. 

How far do ultrasonic dog repellents reach?

Most ultrasonic dog repellents have a detection range of about 50 feet. That means that they can sense animals up to 50 feet away and start emitting the deterring noise. Coverage areas of noise emission for these devices can range anywhere from 500 to 3,000 square feet. Depending on how large your lawn is and the coverage area of a device, you might need to purchase two or more of them to keep your whole yard secure.