Freshpet Review: Are There Better, Healthier Options?

If you are looking for a way to feed your pet fresh, healthy food, there are several companies to choose from. One popular brand is Freshpet. Freshpet wants to bring healthy, delicious food to your cat or dog. They take pride in their social responsibility and the quality of their food.

About Freshpet

Seeing that many pets were fed food that had been stored for a long time, Freshpet decided to make a difference by developing a fresh food that pets would happily eat. Their food is refrigerated and available in a variety of online stores. They don’t use additives, preservatives, powders, or other unnatural ingredients, and they partner with shelters to help homeless pets get the nutrition they need.

A Look at Freshpet’s Products

Freshpet carries a range of products, including treats and food. Some of the ingredients include beef, chicken, salmon, bison, and turkey. Some of the formulas contain vegetables that are healthy for cats and dogs. There are grain-free options available for pets who have trouble digesting grains.

Reviews: What Do Pet Owners Say About Freshpet?

As with any pet food, not all pets will enjoy the flavor of a particular food. In the case of Freshpet, some reviewers say their dogs or cats hated it, while others say it’s one of the only foods their picky eaters will eat.  Cats can be finicky, so it makes sense to buy food that you know your cat likes. Trying a small amount of the food before purchasing a large quantity is a good idea to avoid wasting food and money.

Freshpet comes in a multitude of varieties for cats and dogs, including some in roll-style packaging (similar to some packaging used for sausages). A few pet owners say that unwrapping and slicing open these packages is an inconvenience, while others don’t mind.

Some pet owners reviewing Freshpet say that it has a strong garlic-like odor; others say their dogs experienced gastrointestinal symptoms – such as vomiting and diarrhea – after switching to this food. It’s worth noting that GI upset can result from sudden changes to a dog’s diet, so veterinarians recommend that dietary changes are introduced gradually to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

A few pet owners say that Freshpet dog food develops a grayish color (which they attribute to mold) prior to the expiration date. While Freshpet pasteurizes its recipes to destroy bacteria and packages foods under strict hygienic conditions, damaged packaging can allow air to enter, which can result in the formation of mold. Additionally, proper storage (in the refrigerator) by both vendors selling the brand and consumers after purchase is key to maintaining freshness. Freshpet is responsive on review sites like ConsumerAffairs, readily responding to concerns posted by customers, offering suggestions and additional support.

A Better, Healthier Alternative

Because it can be a hassle to switch your pet’s food, it is important that you find one that you think your pet will like and that won’t have any issues with quality or freshness. Making homemade food is one possibility, but you might inadvertently leave out vital nutrients that your pet needs or add in too many of a nutrient that could be dangerous or not beneficial for your furry family member.

NomNomNow prepares fresh, ready-to-order food for dogs and cats. The foods are shipped directly from the company, so you don’t have to worry about different vendors storing the food incorrectly or selling expired products. Each meal is packed individually, so there is no worry of contamination and the food will stay fresh until you open it. Every pet owner reports whether their pet needs to gain or lose weight, how their activity level is, if they have health issues, and so on, so the diet can be made with the correct number of calories and nutrients for the best health.

Choosing a fresh food for your pet can be a challenge, and we want to provide the information you need to make the best decision possible. You can read a full NomNomNow review written by a veterinarian to help you decide whether it is the best food for your cat or dog.

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